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  • Vision because, as strange as it may seem, that would be the most difficult challenge for me. What would you choose and why?
    Um, was it blown up? Or is it just that all the condensed enlightenment made it rise up into the sky?
    Yeah it was definitely me...I had to mute my mic a lot because I my roommate randomly started arguing with me and then my mom just kind of came over- two things that never happen but did because I happened to be interacting with another human being. So I would be cool with giving it another try lol.
    Sorry for the awkwardness today. I had a lot of unexpected things going on in the background :slashnew:
    I also fall into the research trap. As a general rule if I don't know what I am talking about I don't say anything. So if there is something that I want to say I always have to go and double check my facts but then I get lost just researching about the topic and by the time I realize it I don't really want to post about it anymore. But I think a lot of us fall into these traps because we don't generate many posts despite at least 50 people being on at all times. Maybe we should invite some ENTPs.

    I used to play exclusively with British & Irish people, for some reason my xbox wouldn't match me with any Americans and we usually had a good connection. I'm quiet too but I think I'll be able to come up with some sort of conversation since this is the first opportunity I have had in a while to gain a possible friend lol. I am pathetically lonely :slashnew:
    Games are a great way to zone out although I often find myself feeling anxious to do something else, something of value. However, I don't really have anything else to do so I just keep playing which leads to me getting bored and opting to get lost in my head. We should play some time, I would love to have intellectual company for once.

    Very true. My biggest problem with forums is that I tend to be a lurker. I read everything and suck in all the information and then I start to feel like I know everyone and that I am part of the community but its just an illusion. Then I feel like I don't have anything of value to say so I rarely post lol. I love this forum but at the same time I find it very frustrating.
    I'm slighty addicted to COD as well but I don't always play good. I tend to play the game and use it as something to physically do while I go get lost in my head. But then again I do get really into the game sometimes it just depends on how bored I am with COD I guess.

    I don't mind the stalking lol, I like to "investigate" people as well. But its nice to know you find me interesting, I was beginning to feel like I repel my own kind.
    COD World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and Fable 2 & 3. I have a lot of other games but those are what I mostly play.
    Sorry babe. If you want I'll make it up to you with lots of drink. <3
    Thank you kindly sir, and godspeed towards yours!
    Aw bless, still not bright eyed and bushy tailed? I'm perfectly placed to do something horrible to you then.>:}
    You had damn well better like it.
    Is it? It seems to me like the nieghbours of Libya aren't being rather responsible, and the West isn't exactly going about it well.. I still don't really understand how supporting a rebel insurrection counts as 'protecting civillians'... Seems more like they're more concerned with getting on the good terms of a new government, seeing as how the old one is never going to forgive them now...

    Yes. it seems like we've had a lot this decade... Floods in Pakistan, Australia, earthquakes, oil spills, nuclear disasters and now we have tornadoes...
    How wonderful.
    Well done Jezebell!:D

    I'm so very proud of you.

    Maybe you could comment on current affairs?
    The turmoil in the east, the tragedy in Japan , the global recession?
    You did it again Jesse.


    Jeez, learn how to visitor message, will ya!?

    You must read it, it'll change your life, or at the very least your late afternoons.

    Don't mock me ser'!:(

    Psh, well I'll out-do your killbot with an ENFP bot!

    I have to watch/read/see that one day. It' on my list but I routinely ignore it. I am amazed you saw through my impenetrable barrier of darkness and mystique.(sarcasm)

    I resent you using the term hugbot. It's a killbot with problems.

    Your attempts at debauchery are amusing to one so evil and wicked as me.:)

    Shit. A hugbot?D:
    I'll counteract with my vacant glare socially angsty bot!
    I mean what I say and I say what I mean!

    *Cough-cough, staying with your current theme*


    You aren't at all menacing.:)
    You posted on your own profile? Ya dumb bish.:P

    Aw, well if it makes you feel any better, I've never met anyone named Melkor.:3

    (Have you considered injecting menaing into your avatar yet?)
    That's not hard to imagine, here in Aus I have met a few female Jessie's but quite a few male Jesse's. Such a common name :(
    Bah,I'm omnisexual anyway, it matters little!

    In Ireland, Jessie is a girls name, you wicked trickster. :o
    I like the negativityi

    It nourishes the Darkness within us. Rawr.

    Do tell me what's the matter though Ma'am:(
    Because I read a snide, cold cutting post by you and it's negativity made me fall for you.

    Yes... I think when you've suffered the glare of a few social systems and the backhanding of would be do-gooders trying to place you on a higher path... and when you spend the majority of your childhood trying to analyse and compensate for your blatant and much mocked differences... you really start to look to the bad guys, don't you?

    I mean, the villians are always better, they have greater intelligence, more illustrious goals , and yet they are often rejected and loathed.

    An insecure retreat perhaps, but an amusing one to an outsider, I'll bet.
    FAT ARM! It is not sexy.

    I am a member of a different
    forum and I changed my avatar
    there so I changed it here. I
    like to be the same in all my

    INFJ. As you could have known
    had you read my information (;

    So do you want to get to know
    me better because you think
    I'm sexy in this photo and you
    are drunk?

    I don't want to automatically
    assume this about you. I
    really want to know.

    What do you find fascinating about me?

    What did you get drunk off of?
    I have never met someone online in person before.

    Have I ever "clicked" with someone?
    I'm not sure. I'm very closed-off and
    guarded with most.

    I am a girl but I am not an INTP.

    Do I want to know more about you?
    Feel free to share whatever you'd
    like (:
    It looks more organized.

    Oh you're welcome. Because
    freaking you out was my intention.
    Thanks for trying to make me
    feel guilty.

    I have had several major injuries.
    It is apparent that you wish not
    to know of them, though.
    It was a big spider but it bled a lot
    because it gave me an infection in
    my blood stream and I had to take
    this medicine where it bled non-stop
    for like a week. It was really disgusting.
    Whenever I would change my band
    aids blood would literally pour out of
    it and just cascade all over my floor.
    And it wasn't like normal blood. It
    was pale and some of it was kinda
    clotty. It was really gross. But cool.

    I was thinking about changing my
    avatar to be honest.

    And it's not a piece of bone coming
    out. All I did was skin myself shaving.
    You didn't?

    Oh, I never do really, I just pick something that I feel reflects or resembles me.
    Thanks, I like yours too, it seems to be a cry against industrialism for it's own sake.

    Mine is Kuja obviously, taken from Dissidia, with a few add ons.
    Hmm. I moved from Springvale at like age 6 so my memories of it consist of a feel for the atmosphere rather than many detailed specifics that I would observe at this age. I'd say Springvale (and maybe SE suburbs in general, or not) is more vibrant. Very varied, very busy, full of life. Northern suburbs, not so much. It's not dead, but life is restricted more to shopping centres and people taking walks/jogs in suburban streets, etc. Also, I remember Springvale as red while I'd remember Epping as green. Go figure :P
    Same with me I guess! Have you ever travelled?
    I used to live in the SE suburbs, Springvale to be exact (actually is that even SE?), but am now in the north! Quite a big change of scene :P
    Hallo! I'd seen you around but only just noticed that you're also from Melbourne :P This is normally where I'd ensue with questions on which area you live in, what you like to do what you think of the city...but I think I'll wait for a reply first. ^__^
    And I thought it was crap. Thanks, I picked it because the theme of this place is pro Robot for some reason.
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