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  • You know, you have a knack for not responding to things.
    You're just like our dear Melkor.
    *sigh* Nevermind, after writing that it occurred to me that I should be actively explaining nihilism, duty before desire and all that crap (which is actually sage advice about living a fulfilling life).

    If I start sounding like Da Blob, shoot me, please.
    If that doesn’t resolve it I'll do the whole song & dance, pick at his values one by one until there's nothing left, push him through the existential horror threshold then root out any instabilities in his brand new non-self-biased nihilistic mindset.

    Call me lazy, but I don’t do it unless I believe they’re ready.
    And There’s much to be said for taking the long way.
    In your avatar, which I assume is either something beyond my comprehension, an inkblot, or a peice of art (Made by blotting ink):

    I see a dragon with a rather curious snout looking directly at the viewer with dilated pupils, shrouded by small plumes of smoke.

    After looking some more, I also see two twin vipers, their tongues curled inwards in mimicry of each other, and their bodies oddly contorted and shaped, some sort of liquid seeping from below their maws, giving the impression they are underwater.


    It also looks remotely like that odd little creature for the latest Zelda adventure which I barely got to play.
    lor told me that you had issues with the forum before; only being able to access it by proxy. How did you manage to fix it?
    Why has jesin got no comments?

    This is weird.

    You'd think that a respectable intelligent fellow such as yourself would be more popular than a sneaky deviant fool like myself.

    Isn't society fucked up?
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