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  • That's ok.. either way, I still think it would be inaccurate to say that any specific type tends to ascribe to any specific philosophy. That is my personal opinion as well as my best educated guess. However, there could be a correlation between type and tendency toward monistic belief that I am unaware of. To know for sure, it would take conducting an empirical study of philosophical ideology that included large numbers of people from each psychological type. *knows this isn't the answer you wanted.. >.<*
    As far as I know, a monistic belief is one that states that everything comes from one source, therefore all things are one. It sounds like you are speaking of two specific types of monism, priority monism and spiritual monism. If you are saying that your definition of a single monistic philosophy is that there is both matter and spirit and they exist separately, then this would actually be a type of dualism rather than monism. Perhaps you can clarify your definition?
    Hi, actually I think it would be unrealistic to say that certain psychological types are prone to certain philosophies. I have known a lot of different types of people who ascribe to monistic beliefs.. some ENTJs, some INFJs, some ENFPs.. even I (INTP) have a type of monistic view of the universe. Carl Jung himself wrote about his monistic beliefs, suggesting that all things come from a single source. There may be a correlation between the prevalence of intuitive functions and overall tendency to see intrinsic unity in the cosmos. It seems like people who have Ne or Ni over their Si or Se are more tended to see things in this way.
    You say the word "Bronies" as if you've never heard it before. You aren't one of those isolated Bronies unacquainted with the ways of the internet who doesn't know about the internet fandom, right?

    What draws me to the show? The fact that the writers created one of the few fantasy world which has a believable social/political structure.
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