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  • No.


    It would probably stress me out being happy too often.

    So, what have you been up to exactly, or who, I should say...

    With whom!?

    W'what about US!?

    Almost over...and entirely void of Jaico, yes...
    *Is bitter and deprived*

    Unless you count my sixteenth birthday!

    I didn't get a single present because my mother just didn't buy me any, because frankly, she doesn't really like me.

    I didn't get a cake neither!
    Uhm..it's raped me like most other years.

    But my birthday hasn't arrived yet, so give it time to say sorry.:D
    It's so dark and horrible and I want someone to bring me home.

    Do you have a light sir?
    Your current signature is interesting. I've found that if I need to see something from another person's perspective it helps to imitate them in some manner. Apparently others feel the same way. Also its just plain fun!
    Halloween is for heathens!

    I refuse to partake.

    You haven't been on msn much I see.

    This is a very bad development.

    Lemme know how schools going.
    I know.

    It's awful.

    Why did you have to be in stupid *insert Jaico's country of origin* anyway?


    How have you been keeping and all that cac?
    Not that often,but we might cross paths every now and then.

    I am still severely saddened by your need for sneakiness and deception.


    Or at least, on the internet it is.:P
    Yes,and if we know people have little choice over their own mindset and world interaction, then we can barely blame them for their actions.
    Guess I'm never going to get to know you better.

    Does this mean you're a sixty-five year old serial killer with five kids and a husband?

    I can only assume so.


    Uni hasn't been much fun.

    My whole class seems beautiful and intelligent, and whats more they're all in their own social circles already.

    I feel inferior and slightly lonely.
    And I don't just think the nature/nuture opinion of ours is limted to crime.
    I'd say it functioned in general too, such as with intelligence, fer xamples.

    I see the mind as a sponge, it can only give out what is absorbed into it, BUT, there are always those with larger or smaller pores, that absorb more or less,or absorb only certain things in relation to past absorption or original shape.
    So an 'intelligent sponge' if you like.
    My first day was only bad because of my own fault.

    I missed the first 'intro' day because I was at the dentists and my mother took the call without letting me know I'd missed it.
    I missed the second day because my mother took another call, and noted down the wrong time .XD So I had to 'manually' enrol myself. Sorting each individual stage myself instead of getting help like the ones who where on time.i.e-register form,registering online,acquiring a timetable and student pass as well as a learners pack.Then on to the office to confirm I was me.Each thing required a journey across the massive bloody place with nothing but the last sections advice and a room number.

    I'm actually severely dissapointed.

    It's not often I connect with someone so well, and I just thought if you had msn, we could talk more often.
    -I don't get on a computer much,( I'm actually using my dsi right now) or onto the forum everyday,but my phone has a quite pathetic msn application, meaning we could have spoken and made discussion that way.

    I guess I was just trying to make things more convenient for myself.
    Just being selfish.:(

    I respect your decision,but I blame you for being so intriguing.:P
    First day was dreadful, I feel much better now thats it's over. Yeah, or Criminology and criminal law to be exact! Good to find a kindred soul of deviance obssession,-sends mild happy vibes-Thats the best I've got I'm afraid.I'm in the middle...Nature is highly important in certain cases,mental illness, but overall nuture is the true killer variable, and I believe the most perfect nuture can overcome the worst of nature.oh, if you have msn add me:} midgard.serpent@hotmail.co.uk
    A criminal is led to a crime because of how he has developed into his current personality, and that is largely through the envrioment and how he responded to it.

    i.e. A frequent thief may have been forced to steal occassionally as a child, or could have experienced and enviroment which encouraged stealing. i.e father figure, or any example of a person who was a good survivor.

    And if anyone can be born into the 'wrong' enviroment and/or circumstance, whats to stop ANYONE being a cirminal?

    Oh...didn't I say?

    I'm studying Criminology...:3

    Wanna help?

    I start tomorrow.

    I'm frankly quite petrified.
    Pffttt.... You have no choice in this matter.

    You will suffer my huggles or die trying.

    Well of course, Criminals are only one part of crime as a whole, but that doesn't mean a specific type of person is exempt from any type of crime.

    If there was a formula, one would only have to tweak the enviroment and circumstance to accomodate for an unlikely criminal.

    Well, there is a flaw in your argument that personality, and not enviroment, plays a part in crime.

    Unless you mean the immediate envrioment.

    If you think about it, you'll realise that personality is nothing but a result of enviroment.
    The only 'personality' we can attritbute to crime is that of those who are born mentally deficient.
    (First of all, I'm really sorry about the long wait, I've been busy. You know, fighting to get into uni, having my internetz stolen and suffering prolonged depression bouts kind of busy.-snuggles-
    Feel better yet?
    -Stabs mid snuggle-


    Yes....As Oscar wilde told me:
    'Only the shallow know themselves"

    I've always assumed he also meant 'And the deep should constantly delve" between the lines.


    I shall be honest.

    Criminals are merely victims of chance.

    Be that chance which twisted their inner workings before birth, and gave them a mind that does not fit the social jigsaw, or chance that forced their normally docile and conventional hand to foul deed.

    That is what I see them as, at least.
    And you?
    I see. you kept it simple.


    I suppose there is something fascinating about the inner tickings of the mind,and the cogs that go bad.

    For me, it was various things.
    The insights the classes granted me, my novel I've been working on, which explores various unique forms of madness and it'd criminal application in some cases...
    It has been said of me, in various tenses and with a great deal of variety in the subtlety employed, that I have a deviant/criminal/insane mind.
    And I'm inclined to agree.

    Though,I seem to be entirely recessive in it.
    I have violent thoughts,(doesn't everyone) make frequent and disturbing references to death, and pay great detail to unimportant and sometimes sickening things.
    So perhaps I seek to undrstand what I could have been?



    Also, I watched batman begins, and fell in love with the scare-crow and his criminal psycholgy.:)
    Pftt..no-one talks to me on the forums, I say nothing worth hearing.

    -tackles Jaico-


    Oh, and question, what is it about the criminal mind that fascinates you?
    Great so far eh?


    Are you one of the lucky INTP'S?

    I thought misery was the base of our personality.

    Hot chocolate.


    I love starbucks hot chocolate...It's all frothy and thick, more like cream than milk.

    er...maybe it is cream.


    Good luck and all that cac.
    Oh come on.


    So, what directon is your life going in, and until now, how has it been going?

    I need to stop typing *AFTER* I've been drinking...

    Next time I typo you must hit me..

    square in the face please.

    So we can both rule the world with our understanding of the legal system?

    I realy need to check my typo before posting don't I?

    Thats odd..

    I studied criminology and forensic psychology in small amunts during a course the last two years.

    They were wonderful, and I found myself applying them to my novels.

    I recently discovered that I gained entry to a criminology course at uni also.

    This a to be fate or treachery.:P
    Yes, I can understand that. But is it not sad that the human mind is so narrow that it can only understand through experience?
    Well, that is the case with most people.

    I find myself feeling empathy and pity for the worst of people, mass murderers, political tyrants, rapists, suicide bombers.

    I just see to have a way of considering diffeent viewpoints that rams a certain emotion into my cortex.

    It gets me a lot of dirty looks.
    Hrm....I like milkshakes...

    I find your signature fascinating.

    The words are quite wonderful, though I can't help feeling it's somewhat empty.

    After all, empathy isn't so simple as alternating face muscles.

    Though I assume physical contrast would breed empathy somehow.
    I SEE.
    I have no idea what he eleventh grade is.

    We don't have 'grades' in Ireland.

    But I'm guessing grade 11 is equivalent to my form 5...
    (we have seven years primary, five years (forms)secondary, then an optional extra two.... I'm assuming you took whatever was equivalent to that extra two years, which would make you ether eighteen or ninteen, depending on your age at the start of you school life.

    Just guessing though...

    Do you like milkshake?
    Whats up with you monochrome little freak?

    Just kidding.

    -elbow nudge-

    What brings you to this madhouse?
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