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    I'm from the USA.

    I'm familiar with the meme, but just didn't know the specific joke for this one. I see why though, it's from Trinidad, I would have never guessed it.
    Hey, what does your avatar translate to? I thought I'd know it, but I don't have any idea what it could be.
    Haha I only just rid myself of the terrible addiction, that is why I was curious. Tassador flew a carrier into a giant psychic brain, and saved the known galaxy from the zerg at the end of the first game. The quote just seemed to indicate an incredibly high standard you have set for others :D
    Yes, and Malamutes, and any kind of wolf-like Dog (I know they're all wolf variants, but some of them are just fluffier rats).

    You live somewhere warm hm? Aw, pity, it's freezing in Ireland, so I should be okay!
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