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Recent content by INTPINFP

  1. are there any words you just dont like?

    like omg WTF is wrong with u pple? Seriosly...
  2. Bad handwritting in school test

    I have so much information and ideas in my head I want to get them on paper as fast as possible, so I wont forget them when I have bigger and better information and ideas that popup.
  3. Dumbing down the masses

    Drugs (cigarretes, alcohol), junk food (msg, cancer, hydrogenated fats), the media (dumb movies), the news (annoying, annoying voices, personalities, and commercials, and general paranoia), the pharameceutical industry (did I say "side effects"?), the cell phone industry (radiation and cell...
  4. News voices are so annoying

    Don't you just hate them?
  5. INTP SubTypes

    Noone in the whole world has the same personality as me! >(
  6. So.. where do you belong?

    I belong wherever I want to be godamnit.
  7. Guide to typing in real time.

    Sheer bullshit.
  8. Exams and how INTPs cope with them.

    That example in the book is prime. Who remembers the name of every non-essential charachter in some romance novel for godsakes! Did Einstein spend his time memorizing the names of third-rate charachters?
  9. Pure INTP-ish Fuck-up-ery

    Is it my keyboard are the controls geniunely crappy and unresponsive/laggy? Since my OS has Japanese enabled I'll go ahead and download and see if its any better. How the hell do you get past the first level? (Can't jump over the flag...)
  10. Least favorite MBTI type?

    Now, which one would be on the top of your list, fellows?
  11. College2

    But cmon, you're saying I see things which aren't there, which, as we know, is quite out of the question.
  12. "Staging" Conversations

    Yeah, I do this when asking for a date. Doesn't really help the outcome though.
  13. College choice

    Community colleges average 1000$ a semester so that's not bad.
  14. Game Design

    Yes, I have a clear understanding what he is talking about, and so do the GTA devs. Problem is, it would be unfeasible to have every door fully functional, NPCs that act like a real person, and have maps as big as the world. Can you imagine how much lag that would cause? Having realistic...
  15. Game Design

    Sounds like a GTA clone to me. Being a game designer, I think I can say the main things that bug me about modern games: Graphics over gameplay: When you go up to that nice, shiny, bumpmapped, wet mapped, specular mapped, cell-shaded, depth mapped, lightmapped, SSOM, anti-aliased wall, and...
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