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  1. INTPs living in Los Angeles

    Well, it might be that rich people are overrepresented there and it would suck ther if you dont make the big bucks. But I've never been there which I feel I have to really experience it. Thanks for the reply architect and please expand on that if you want redbaron!
  2. INTPs living in Los Angeles

    My theory is this is the best/most advanced city in the world. Would you agree?
  3. Pros/Cons of Programming for an INTP

    pros: money cons: none
  4. which type struggles the most with life?

  5. Are you lonely?

    Elaborate if you want to.
  6. Why are ENFJ heartbreakers?

    lovely explanation.
  7. where do you meet women?

    ive come to ask you fellow intps this. i feel i should start going to clubs or something.
  8. Total loneliness

    When you're lonely join intpforum. Or meditate. Maybe try out socra maats pheromone perfumes even lol
  9. THD/TA video for Auburn (on ENTPs)

    http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/16Types/16Types.cfm I think this model might be useful here. THD may use his "critical parent" role a lot.
  10. Ask BAP

    What is/has been your profession? What are your personal thoughts of your choice of profession as well as for INTPs in general?
  11. Social status

    When do you care? Should you care? Do you care?
  12. Thinking of getting a cat.

    :cat: Please elaborate... That's interesting. Do you enjoy having a cat?
  13. Thinking of getting a cat.

    :cat: I'm living alone and it can get lonely, I just visited my parents and really enjoyed spending time with our 10 year old cat. Does anyone here have a cat?
  14. Do you use music as an emotional crutch?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcJ-o_fh1B4 Using this to block out some sound to get some peace unhealthy or not?
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