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  1. hopefulmonster

    The Singularity

    singularity DOES NOT=EMOTIONLESS. True ai is capable of simulating all the various processes going on in the human brain. A post singularity being would be able to do more then just emulate human emotions they could have even more advanced emotions. Much like how we "feel" more then the rest of...
  2. hopefulmonster

    The Singularity

    I repeat this to myself all the time. People look at our current level of technology and our satisfied but I'm not. Our current capabilities are just child's play maybe worse but we think we are all grown up. What I would give to have been born even 25 years from now. When I think about our...
  3. hopefulmonster

    INTP and astrology

    astrology lol
  4. hopefulmonster

    Introverts have higher levels of cortical arousal than extraverts.

    This explains why wall staring is one of my favorite past times.
  5. hopefulmonster

    Jurassic Kingdom

    We need jet packs
  6. hopefulmonster

    People with strongly-developed secondary functions

    Splinter skills!
  7. hopefulmonster

    Are you right-brained or left-brained3: done the right way...

    Re: Are You Right-Brained or Left-Brained 2: done the right way balanced visual
  8. hopefulmonster

    INTP and INTJ functions at work(differences explained)

    INTP: Ne: Is the INTPs auxiliary function and provides them with information. Ne acts by forming association between multiple data sets or more precisely it IS the associations between data. Ne is free-floating and lacks concreteness and stability which leads to the INTP often appearing...
  9. hopefulmonster

    The Singularity

    biological life is not fundementally different from machines. Both exploit physical law to efficiently acomplish a task. Living machines use organo-chemicals and classical machines use well everything else. Transhumanism represents our transcendence of biology but evolution will still persist.
  10. hopefulmonster

    Se Experiences

    Same here. I usually have to wait tillI have time to go over my day to "notice" something. As far as Se goes I am either Oblivious to everything or will notice 1-2 details that caught my eye and hyper focus on them to the exclusion of all else.
  11. hopefulmonster


    There is a theory that obama plans on keeping some of the lest..tasteful bush administration policies long enough to enforce his agenda and then will dissolve it asap. I would like to believe this is true but honestly even he is corruptible. I do believe he believes in intellectual honesty...
  12. hopefulmonster

    The Singularity

    I used to think I would choose 100% logic but now I don't think this could work unless A;the majority of transhumanists do so as well or B; you create your own little logical VR bubble and I am skeptical of option A working. Look at the trend in resource allocation in intelligent life. The...
  13. hopefulmonster

    Privacy issues and Paranoia

    I doubt you could just wing it...go to someone who specializes in it.
  14. hopefulmonster

    Privacy issues and Paranoia

    Not at all. You analyze your emotions/behavior and try to alter your behavior through conditioning and feedback
  15. hopefulmonster

    Privacy issues and Paranoia

    CBT has been shown to cause synaptic changes in anxiety related portions of the brain...again it has passed peer review with flying colours and outperforms drug therapy for anxiety disorders but it is ultimately your choice. I'm not sure what the side effects you are refering to are. Beyond a...
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