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  • I have been learning to monitor the energy in my body and brain. Been letting go of negative emotion by non-resistance. And being non-reactive. I don't act out when I feel threatened, but I feel the fear of no control of situations so I feel the internal self-control to balance my feelings. I feel more embodied but very intense sensations from uncertainty and obstinance and authority. People interactions are intense.
    What is it like having Ni?

    Do you understand other types best because you are INFJ?
    Would you know about how my type works (ENFP)?
    I can only look inward when I listen to music on my headphones (Fi)
    (Ne) is like a movie trailer but in you (Ni) it comes out not in. my guess? (the force awakens)
    My own cognition, in comparison to the people I deem Ne, seems much less actively creative but a slower process, whereby I will gradually and unconsciously assimilate theoretical elements and then get a flash where I have a holistic vision that's fallen into place with all the connexions made. I am less good at purely improvising than my possibly Ne counterparts for this reason.
    I've described my mind as "crystaline" as an analogy before, whereby theories take a long time to form cautiously, but once they are in place they are unlikely to change as I am quite sure of them. This for me is why INTJ and INFJ will have a more "dogmatic" quality to them than Ne users, in general. I would describe Ne users as more like water than rock, with ever changing ever adapting ideas and thoughts.
    I could see you as an Fi-Ne or an Ne-Fi. You definitely display the effusion of constantly connecting ideas that are seemingly unrelated on the surface, in your theoretical stances and humor. You do display core values and can quite strongly oppose things on an ethical basis, I see you quite frequently take moral stances and get personally cutting on certain issues. You appear to feel deeply and have high empathy.
    Are we doing likes? I thought we all tacitly agreed that we were too cool for likes. In any case, thanks, it made my day.
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    I thought it was a nice bit of writing (and thinking) I don't 100% agree but I do agree
    I will use the like system sparingly, I did feel a bit dirty afterwards lol
    The line was straight down my physical body head and chest. And this was the whole room. up the left side down the right side. the faultline of an earthquake. (I'm just a crack in this castle of glass song)

    I do not dance because I like to sit and observe. I don't have the moves in me. A rave or concert would be fun because the crowd is one mass moving together. I am just not natural at it alone or with a partner.
    Am I crazy? Verry few bible crazies in France I hear. Your picture in "you right now" thread: (Smoke weed everyday soundtrack(Snoopdog, Snoopdog)).
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    Idk what crazy is really AK, it all seems to be a matter of degree, possibly being unable to function socially more or less autonomously, being able to communicate, to comprehend, but even that is not sufficient criteria. It’s a term which escapes a clear cut definition (and I study philosophy so defining things clearly is something I pay a lot of attention to.)
    Yeah France is very atheist. Splitting the state from the church was a very big deal here. I’ve read the Bible a lot though, I enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your visions, that’s really interesting and inspiring and strange, feel free to tell me more anytime. Can you describe the “split down the middle”in more detail ? Was there like a line down the middle of your visual space?
    Also why don’t you dance
    3. Donald Trump is 70 years old. He is the final Trumped. The 7th trumpet in the book of Revelations. I saw on Agust 3, 2016. a Vission The woman clothed in the sun of Revelation 12 she was covered in pure gold liquid light. I Saw her she was real. I thought she was God she was so real. I saw her because I did what Jesus told me to do. Jesus said to love your enemy. I did what he said. I was crying and I fell asleep.
    2. Nightcore is loader in my earphones and I can do other things on my computer. I do not dance. 3 and 1/2 is in the book of revelations it is the middle of the 7 years. Dec 21, 2012 - Jun 3, 2016 is the Mayan calendar prediction of the Bible prophecy. The 7 years ends in 2019. ---- 1947 Israel became a nation the 70 weeks of Daneil is between 1947 and 2017 when I had my second psychotic break on Jun 3, 2017
    1. I had hallucinations, once on June 3, 2016. I was studying Bible prophecy and went to the hospital. I lost brain synchrony between left and right side. I saw the room and my body split down the middle. I read a news story that the 3 and 1/2 years happen that day. I have what is called Kundalini syndrome in newage circles. Anxiety. Simple Seizers. Frontal lobe burning. 2007-8 shutdown not to have to feel anything
    So you have chosen your favorite animals to be the ones who are eminently smarter than humans in some very specific regards.
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    What I really like about the octopus, is that it has developed high intelligence in a different evolutionary tree from us. The last ancestor we have in common with them is some worm-like thing. They are the closest thing we have to an alien form of intelligence on earth. They are so beautiful. I hope I meet one some day.
    be afraid. they're about the size of your thumb and CAN KILL YOU
    I am obsessed I read whole books about them and watch loads of documentaries they are the best creature ever with parrots and crows (and humans I guess...)
    I also want to understand myself because I am a complex puzzle. My therapist is supposed to be helping me do this. It's her job.
    I do think of me a lot. But if I did not I would not be able to evaluate important things. Not that Fe does not but as may be, I want to be special. I want to be appreciated. I had psychosis and was sad because it seemed like it would not matter if I was gone. I like my ideas. I am very personal with individuals. I want to know how I work because life is hard. I guess you can understand others and that helps you.
    What is psychosis ?
    1. What it like to be me? I like to find the best explanations. Compact, Concise. Like my one word definitions for functions (Te - efficiency) But I know lots of facts that are node I connect with Ne. Example Jesus the name derives from Joshua who defeated Jericho. I like connecting things like that. Things you can't learn at church. I define Fi as Fi directed at self before others. Fe directed at others before self.
    I seem to have best relations with you on the forum. Been busy trying to know what functions are. And what intelligence is. I like to understand. But I am random ENFP. So random connect the dot to figure it out. Not step by step. I feel disadvantaged this way. My mind feels disorganized. But this leads to creativity. Things others don't see. I think you see better a complete picture. You get to conclusions.
    Good day fellow kitty. What is it like to be you AK ? You are very obsessed with your mind and it’s difference with other minds. My ENFP friend is also disorganized and creative, her strength and weakness. Anyway, I think intelligence is posing and solving problems. Then there is direct contact and understanding or intuition, which is weird, but everything is ultimately intuition I guess.
    Check out the Caribbean and African literature yo. I replied to ur pm but I think the system deleted it.
    hullo higsler ... sorta something from brainticket cottonwood hill album and book title idk... mayhap a bible in jamrock that's being used to roll joints. (what 4 request?)will you most morosely mooseless mods be a posting info of new forum for an absentee lurkrook an others? promise to listen to da answer and rejoin intpcult once o rid meself of a shite mobile thingey and buy one of those internet wands that look like uncomfortable dildoes for masochistic midgets. till whenever higs and enjoy your continued breathing (also thanks for info on verhuising)
    i dunno how to answer that

    im generally okay i think? Kinda stuck and not making progress towards goals but that's pretty standard for me.

    thanks for the vote of confidence. i am pleased u r pleased because i aim to please

    how are you specifically?
    Well, I was a mod and admin over at TypC probably for a total of 6-7 years, and I've been on staff at Pers Cafe for three years, including running the place for the last fifteen months.

    It has its good points and bad points. I like working on the exec stuff... policy issues, helping people, training staff, overseeing process. It can be a real drag dealing with problem members and sock puppets, though.
    ...so really people who ignore the context that makes some women voluntarily enter the business are the same people who ignore the context that pushes people into drug trafficking and so on. people are a product of material conditions, its that simple really.

    and it breaks my heart when im labelled as "sex worker exclusionary" by "feminists"....just watch this video i chanced upon a few days ago...it made me cry my eyes out,, and look at the comments theyre all people laughing and tagging their friends so they can laugh with them.. https://www.facebook.com/bandmanz/videos/1713747858650672/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED
    its because people dont see pornstars as human, this is what porn and the sex industry did, it turned them into objects...and then some liberal will come and tell you that you're being a prude,, just because you want humans to be seen as humans...
    thats not conspiracy at all, its profitable for the sex industry to invest in anything that would help people "rationalize" and accept our visual culture. if its any comfort to you, just remind yourself that
    -labour under capitalism is exploitative and coercive
    -coerced/exploitative sex is really rape

    you cant believe one without also fully believing the other

    so people who think prostitution can be a choice and not a product of material conditions and our distorted understanding of sexuality bc of our conditioning to normalize objectification, also dont really think that labour under capitalism is coercive and exploited. this is why the same people who think prostitution is a choice also think poverty is a choice(look at redbaron's latest comments on the nietzsche thread, they show that altho he initially said poverty is not a choice, he still believes in things like the war on drugs and bla bla which target the poor)...
    i think what really ticks me off about this place is when people conflate egoism, apathy, sociopathy and lack of compassion with being "logical" and "objective". like thats the attitude that really gets to me and so many people seem to have it...
    and yeah i know what you mean about feeling like a freak...not letting the gaslighting get to you is tough...my bf's been telling me lately that im turning into an asshole because i started discussing these issues with him and im being really unapologetic about it. and i was like stfu. but it got to me and i dont bring up these topics anymore. maybe if we had a platform to discuss these things and talk to other women with similar opinions/experiences then we wouldnt come off as crazy
    Yeah i think im going to take a break. This toxicity is a new thing...I don't really know what's the matter with me... I had too many epiphanies all at once about how repugnant the visual culture we're surrounded by is...and I've been full of anger since then haha.

    And yass the handmaids tale is really good
    Honestly I can't stand this forum anymore. It's weird that I used to like this place. I don't know why I couldn't see how malaligned I am with the majority of posters here. I don't wanna let go of the comfort of having a cozy thought dump full of relatable content though... Is infj forum a better alternative? or should I just abandon foruming altogether?
    i saw your post in the You Right Now thread;
    wow you've got quite the NiFe look. i'm curious to hear more about the parallels you've seen with family/friends.

    there are a few ways, yes. right now we're still in research&development, but one of the things that's helped the most is vid volunteers and bios like: http://cognitivetype.com/volunteer/

    ppl have volunteered their vid as a sample or case study of their types, and we have a growing database. the larger the database of samples we have, the stronger the empirical support becomes. we use aliases and omit personal detail, but still that's only for those comfortable with putting their face out in public. :)

    as for more introvert-friendly routes, writing down descriptions or bios of oneself or others confirmed by visuals, helps expand the profiles. because we're also in the process of rewriting profiles to more accurately represent the reality of people.
    Oh cool! I'm not going to get to visit Paris next summer. From Nice I'm heading to Italy instead of up to Paris.

    I'm in Colorado, USA. Have lived on the western and eastern half of the state.
    Thank you :) I enjoy your posts.

    What general part of France are you in, if I may ask? I'm going to Nice next summer and I'm very excited!
    Hi there! I hope you don't think I was trying to fight with you. I'm very interested in your perspective as a European and your comment really intrigued me. Have a good day!
    It was a conspiracy. Avatars of people smoking. Google images gave me a lot to choose from, and I suppose the Biebster is my way of expression my inner self while conforming to the in-group behaviour. ;)
    Hey.. Sorry to be a pain in yow ass.. But can you please ask one of the Mods, preferably hush, what is going on with my account over at INFJf, please.

    They are your kind, after all :P

    I can't post or send messages at all. Dunno if I've done something wrong, or .. what??
    Could just be a glitch, I changed my email address but wasn't sent a confirmation link.
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