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  • What's with the college students? Are you a teacher? And why do they give you evil eyes, are you funny looking? Hah. I actually ordered a British passport and am expecting it in the mail any day now. As soon as I get cash and a plan, I want to head over to Europe to stay. Right now I'm in Sydney...
    Well right now I'm on my way to work for the first time in two months, during which I was being a bum, staying up late and being a dreamer. Before that I went to Europe and now I miss it and wanna go back there. You?
    Well, we can lay out all of what each of us has designated as our own suffering, and then judge for each other whether or not we have the right to call it suffering.
    Then we could take it to a higher authority and request their wisdom on the matter, so then we may really know who suffers more, or what really constitutes suffering. Then we can make guidelines and rules so we can be sure we are right when we tell someone that they aren't suffering. This is very important business, we wouldn't want to get it wrong.
    I'm not sure I get you in this.
    suffering=discomfort, that is established. But then there's the level of discomfort. a small cut=3, a broken leg=5. If a person was used to have hir legs broken and never a small cut, would a small cut be more painful?
    Oh, wow! Sorry about the delay in writing back, I don't check this very often.

    Yes, it has significance, but I wouldn't call it particular. It was one of the neater images I found will googleing "the tree of knowledge."
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