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  • You are winning.

    I can't decide if this website is making me worse or better.

    My constant stream of defeats might have created a psychological block known as 'learned helplessness'.

    .......Not that I'm attributing your superiority to anything external, so that I might make adjustments ...no ..... your superiority over me is probably absolute. I can accept that.
    Something to consider is the squeaky wheel.

    Sometimes I get distracted and go somewhere else. Sometimes things are not clear and I just wait until things clear up instead of asking.

    "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
    Yes, I am way too non-committal.... I should be shot in the head.

    In other news, INTJs are known for having a preference to master their strategy in quiet seclusion rather than more conventional approaches of teamwork and group learning. Can't test my strategy if I don't have one! Besides, that game looks to be mostly tactical?
    "I will refrain from addressing the issue until I understand more for myself..."

    I don't think you have to do this. I tend to relate everything to everything else, so it should work out okay. Sometimes the same concept is the answer to several different inquiries, and when those circumstances occur, it often makes it easier to learn that concept because multiple perspectives have been incorporated.
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