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  • i see it as a mistake now and that is really embarrassing. i do embarrassing things but i try to fix them. sometimes i can't.
    That excerpt from Søren Kierkegaard was interesting. I think we are both INFP. You are right that the way he is that he puts Christianity terms as a bad example. It does not help think of people as in the negative. The scale is not linear. People can be happy without tragedy. People can have a clear unconscious.
    I really admire your patience with those two. I've had to throw my hands up twice now because it's like talking to a pair of sand dunes. Thank you for being a voice of reason.
    looks really cool, thanks, i think i'll give eden a try first

    hmmm, i don't actually read that much science fiction, p k dick would have been my main recommend (the man who japed and the three stigmata of palmer eldritch in addition to the ones i listed in cb) apart from obvious stuff that you'll know already like huxley and orwell

    the age of unreason by greg keyes was interesting, sort of alternate history science fiction, if i think of (remember!) others i'll post here :)
    That's great. I don't remember the quality of the voice acting(i saw angels egg very long ago), but the soundtrack and the people spearing coelacanth shadows swimming across buildings...that...I remember all too well :D
    Yeah I like how it is loaded with ambiguous religious allusions, and the lack of dialogue urges the viewer to notice little seemingly meaningless details like sudden amplification of sounds or changes in color templates etc. this interactive experience makes the film feel very personal
    here's the complete ost btw(tracks 1,6, 12, 14 are the best imo, especially 14)
    it could be pessimism/optimism but that varies with type. it's more a tendency toward equilibrium and gravitation toward either a healthy or a unhealthy mindset.

    i agree about the I/E. the idea is to explore how the contents of I/E vary with type, irrespective of the bias that some functions are inherently extraverted and some introverted.

    just throwing this out there anyway. sorry to disappoint with my lackluster polish.
    i don't know, that's an issue

    i started with ENTP. light is critic, dark is bully. ENFP light is enthusiast, dark is defeatist. going further inside the mind it should be possible to map them all.

    maybe INTP light is the firm resistence to popular delusion, and dark is kneejerk opposition to any popular mode of thought.

    the extra I/E subtypes aren't fleshed out at all. it was added when i convinced myself that the 8 functions or whatever they refer to are better understood without conceptual coo-mingling of I/E. for example i say Ne is challengig and Si is conservative, and that's enough to capture their essence. no need to mention I/E to explain this core psychic duality. anyway now i'm trying to imagine what the I/E proper subtypes could be.
    i made a diagram of my new understanding of self reflective ai
    i am going to code it in python and give it some data to learn
    green is thalamus, blue is the cortex, cortex changes the inputs and outputs.

    i need help with getting started, i need some data and start code to modify in blocks/modals

    i think that was the first i heard from polish disco scene

    i prefer minor tonality in this kinda music but that track had one element of interest despite being major

    however, my first impression of polish disco scene isn't very favorable

    i know some romanian euro disco which is very phat
    you can always add more to its abilities with memory but finite structure means it may encounter such situations where its generation is not new but to be creative in new ways means its understanding becomes more irreducible thus with multiple agents unpredictable.
    java does not work on my computer, i tried to fix it but gave up so got pycharm instead. if you know the setting of JCreator i might fix it but id rather do python.
    Yeah Arcturus are great. Huun huur tu seemed pretty good, they also reminded me of Wardruna, a Nowegain folk band who also have quite interesting spiritual beliefs centered around ancient runes. They also stick to completely traditional instruments.
    Also this is from a post I made to Polaris in one of the music threads to give you an idea of how diverse ulver are:
    Do you know Ulver?
    They've gone through massive genre changes and are one of my favorite bands.
    Correct, I am. But I didn't necessarily mean you because it seems we already like a lot of similar music so the gap between new music wouldn't be so great to cover compared to someone, perhaps from a younger generation who would be musically less experienced.

    Thoughts on this?
    Sorry this is part 2 of my post as I went over the character limit.

    As for this younger generation you speak of, how old do you see me as and what are the distinctions?
    I can spew all the music I like around but I think what you'll find is that the person has to be ready to listen and have a willingness to accept new music in order to appreciate it they way you or I or anybody else would. In terms of time spent and the musical journeys you've traveled in order to find the music you listen to, if this makes sense? Otherwise I feel throwing suggestions out feels out of context.
    Thank you for your compliments and the electro black metal. I am currently giving it a second listen as I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time. My only qualm with it that comes to mind is the way the synths and guitars mix; as the synths are very clean sounding then to be mixed with guitars that lack in sound quality in comparison. I am well aware that the quality is to add to the atmosphere of the music, even though originally this wasn't the case. I just feel this is a slight clash rather than complimentary. Perhaps if it was either, recorded to a similar quality to the guitars, or they used more distorted synths then it may mesh more fluidly. This aside the music itself is well written with progressing distinct themes which seems to encapsulate a certain epicness to it, stemming any boredom I may otherwise find. Overall very appeasing.
    "Epicness died with the modern age."

    Why do you discriminate based on pure age? How unlogical of you!
    I'ts in autumn now, will probably finish soon.
    Will post update and upload save before the end of the weekend.

    Made one or two stupid mistakes though, like channeling into the farms when building a bridge. Otherwise, food stockpiles have improved, with lots of meat and some fish worked into prepared meals.
    Also busy upgrading defenses and digging deeper for lava, after installing devices that can block off the underworld.
    Thought you may find this interesting:

    Ancient DNA shows earliest European genomes weathered the Ice Age
    In the past 3 weeks I have been collecting many perspectives and discussing my ideas with people irl. Its been two months now are you not too busy to discuss stuff? :)

    Rectifying All Perspectives into an Uber Model

    Singularity Climax: Revelations of the Internet
    I am forming a new belief system for myself. I am asking other people how I can improve it.

    Quantum Theists
    Well, I owe you a response, but my thoughts moved on from that conversation a long while ago!

    I recall at the time that I started writing a critique of Habermassian consensus, then canned it. Putting too much energy into discussions that don't come to fruitition is beyond me now.

    Bottom line is that we have the founding principles on which the forum is built, and firstmost of those is that it is not a democracy, let alone a 'transparent' one.

    The philosophical and practical discussions of transparency in governance is an interesting one though - some time in the future I might get inspired to share my views.

    Oh - look out for Cog. He's a tricky one. :phear:
    Are you awake? Which country are you in?
    I read The Voids story, I think its kind of unsettling to me. I would like to discuss its flaws.
    What is your observation of the memes transference on the internet. I try to bring truth and order to the chaos.
    Any Traits to declare?

    Every Trait must have a Drawback, you choose the Drawback for your first Trait and I choose the second Drawback if you want a second Trait, you don't have to have any Traits at all (and thus no Drawbacks) if you so desire but be sure to tell me so I know.
    If I'm incomplete in responding to your posts and there is something you'd really like a response on, please let me know. I'm afraid I'm a bit shotgun in my thoughts and not too methodical - yet still produce too much waffle. I really appreciate your arguments.
    This issue is bigger than me. I was intending to only bring it up. The end of the thread was the result of trying to answer redbaron and was not a direction I had intended to go.

    Anyways, I am less concerned with myself than I am with helping resolve some issues. I would rather get down and dirty, learn something and come out of it a better person than walking the same road all the time.
    Yes, yes, I did, and do intend to respond to it. There are just so many things I am always thinking about so I forget a lot of them.
    I see you listen to power metal. Can you recommend me any good band / albums, particularly with symphonic leanings?
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