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  • No worries Glaerhaidh, feel similarly. I prefer when conversations here are non-committal anyway for similar reasons of time management so don't worry if the time doesn't present itself.
    Thanks! I'll give these a listen some time later. Apologies it seems I've delivered the fabled triple post on your thread, feel free to respond as little or as much as you like.
    Hey Blar, thank you for thinking to write to me before leaving here, I do appreciate it and it's always nice to be valued as a member of the community.

    I can relate to aspects of your last blog post. Esp. around seasonal depression and procrastination. But it does sound like there's been a lot of positive evolution in your life during your time here. Wishing you all good things for the next chapter :D
    I'm not really familiar with those and the Army Men series(lol) might be the only strategy games I've enjoyed. Most games I've played have been steeped in action, or imagination(mmorpg, open world adventure, platformers). Can I ask what it is about strategy and rpg that you like?

    I'll check it out, I'm definitely visual-oriented though.
    I noticed a subtle detail in the scorn trailer, the player holds the weapon in the center of the screen like oldschool fps games (quake, doom). Gives an idea of what the gameplay might be like, puzzles are for sure I think.

    What other type of games do you enjoy playing? What are you playing now?
    Have you played Half-Life and Portal as well? Supposedly the narration will be like those two (gameplay based) so I'm definitely excited for it. The game looks hyperreal with its hi-res textures, if actual gameplay holds up to the trailer I think having a 120/144hz monitor is critical.

    Alien is on my to-play list but yeah Dead Space did 'horror' well. I was creeped out most by the menu which didn't pause the game, and the save stations which forced you to turn your back on open hallways.
    He's doing fine, we're moving back to the countryside in a few weeks. We're looking forward to the peace and quiet. Citylife too crowdy for a couple of introverts. It will be closer to nature and easier to go mountain hiking again.

    How/ what are you doing these days? Did I see you mention programming somewhere?
    I was positive that external client functionality was broken years ago when microsoft acquired Skype and broke the APIs. The internet has really failed to confirm it positively or negatively, everything seems to be ancient data.

    This one here, on the Roman byways, they have very long day phases though.

    I am getting bored with mafia tbh, searching for light roleplaying opportunities instead, whith more nuanced and less stringent human interaction than mafia. (Have found an irc network dedicated to rp'ing, may give it some further study in the future)
    IDK the actual numbers, but I do know it is Mafias game to lose. I get lost when it comes to EV play, but some people make it the gold standard. The reason I picked the setup I did is because it is considered to be a very balanced setup.
    There is a reason that I have not used a Mugen on this site until now and that is because I have not played Mafia here. Mugen is my guy for my avatars at almost all sites I play mafia. I have a bunch stockpiled.
    I meant concrete in the way that there is a certain permanentness to it so naturally people are going to take this into consideration given our evolution. It then becomes a question of whether our evolutionary progress stays on par with our architecture capabilities. Shouldn't come at a surprise that I think evolution works slower than the rate we are populating the earth.
    You make a good point about heuristics though, in that it is very much the way the human species works in many different way like learning and building things. I do think though that my perfectionism is showing not being satisfied with that entirely. Its where stuff like "do it right the first time" come into play and my incessant nature to want things to be great the first time. Its a struggle of ego with me because I know people don't learn everything all at once, but I feel careful planning goes a long way, "and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" sort of thing. I'm sure you can at least appreciate the sentiment that thinking through an issue to the best of ones ability is a worthwhile endeavor.

    But I digress, you've already said as the old get out the new take their place and I understand no one is going to see someone else's vision the same way as the originator.
    OK, I want to touch on something. You say you are amazed that it works at all.. I understand that but I think it works because its concrete (I don't know if you get what I mean by that, but I don't know how else to put it). It works because it works exactly the same way that a kid uses legos to build a tower. So while its really quite uncreative to build a solid block of... er.. blocks, it can only go so high before it falls over do to too much fondling.
    I can tell you have a lot to say about this. What made you want to write the initial message on my wall?
    I feel like we are kinda going about this issue two different ways. What I see is roads, stop signs, stop lights, road construction and the like doesn't make a whole lot of sense sometimes, while you are viewing the more, shall we say, advantageous jobs within the survey architecture department.

    But I think you are right to some degree, that different specific jobs tackling these constructions might just start to land into a more "architect" type jobs where it would be advantageous to be more rounded in their outlook into how to construct. As it is now though, I just see a whole lot of construction that doesn't make sense: stuff getting fixed that doesn't need it, not fixing stuff that does. Granted with time this will get better, but I am not super hopeful about changes happening any time soon.
    I was reading through the banns. Have to wonder why I've never been banned because I post more than anyone when I'm here.
    You are fun but I am not good at pure calculation.
    If i was then we would have lots of fun.
    Role playing requires less math here than some video games.
    I can't really handle items but I can handle people.
    I kept your picture you put in my learning set theory thread.
    You remind me of them:

    Top percentile may be a bit generous now I think about it... Top 2-3% is probably more accurate... Blizzard was pretty poor at transparency back then so it only gave you vague numbers.

    The walls are weaker IIRC. The African Kingdoms expansion is a success in my book, though it still doesn't do much to improve the poor servers. The balance is much better, finally introducing stuff that can properly compete with OP archers. I do recommend.

    SC:FAF looks interesting too, I'll look into it as my next RTS project.
    The game's free if you're interested: click me
    I haven't played in a while, but I was top 10 or so (not that big a boast in a community of around 150).

    As hopefully you can glean from video, players can start at different positions. In this video, we start asymmetrically. This keeps builds from getting too calibrated. Players also start with any one of five commander chassis, which they can further customise for different tactical edges (they're not overly powerful however, it's not a moba). Finally, your commander gets a free 'pocket' factory at start, and can choose from one of twelve. They can later build others, but the location and type of this factory can vary a lot.
    There is sufficient depth for the experienced caster to not understand what happened, even though my methods were pretty straight forward.
    I think the one above all I would recommend is zero-k. It's a TA clone with only a small community, but the devs have done a great job on so many fronts. It's still sort of in beta (has been for years). It's got a powerful UI with a multitude of customisable features, a quick but strategic pace, elegantly simple flat tech tree (big units are available at the very start, but are only emergently practical as the game-state progresses), diverse range of maps, complex 'race' meta (all factories are affordable by anyone, but it's not free), and some pretty impressive physicsy nonsense (some weapons rely on velocity for damage, some goofball strategies have you manually pushing mines off terraformed ramps using gravity cannons). It also supports very large teams (16 vs 16 for instance) though rarely are there that many players online at once.
    Heh, more difficult to answer than you'd expect.

    I tend to play at a level that's competitive, but that doesn't require memorised build-orders. I found StarCraft: Wings of Liberty very fun for a while, because I was tuning my own style. I had a complex tech thing happening that got me into the top percentile or so, and nobody knew what to do. I had very refined unit placements that helped provide stability, but the style lent itself to giving flexibility in the mid to late game, so I felt that there was actual strategic depth there. The style become non-viable after the expansion however... And I failed to find anything else I really wanted to do in the game.

    AgeII has a decent interaction happening of late, since they nerfed walls which opened up the midgame. It's still pretty predictable though, even if the newest expansion is relatively unexplored.
    Same. I think this also gives more of a reason to keep the big picture in sight. A scholarly, disinterested book on such matters would be nice. Too much noise and misinformation out there.
    It seems like you have a grasp on the primary issues. Being a student of civilization. Society rises and falls, it's a common and unfortunate pattern in history. Many others get caught up in the geopolitical problems that cover the important questions. What might those questions be though? What should we focus on?
    Big edit... Misunderstood what you were saying.

    No, I meant that making an effort to back things up > making wild claims and expecting them to be taken as an irrefutable argument.
    Pretend you're human? w00t, how fun! I'll climb inside my Imagination Box!!


    Well, maybe I'll knit while cooking the grandchildren in my toasty oven. (Actually, I don't even knit. I did make potholders as a kid though.) But Yes.... One More Conspiracy. I'm starting to wonder what is true anymore; we're running out of bushes for conspirators to lurk behind...
    You delete posts of yours on occasion, don't you?

    I keep thinking I read something by you, then a few minutes later, it's... *POOF* ... gone.

    I think you're trying to make me think I've gone senile. :D
    Hey Blar,

    Sorry -- quick question.

    I think I saw in a thread that you collect MTG cards. My family run a removals business I help out with and recently I acquired from it what I'm confident is this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MTG-1996-Pro-Tour-Collector-Set-/281809088376?hash=item419d216f78

    Box is a little scuffed around edges, but all the cards are there and look unused. Is this item likely to gain in value? Can only judge by the other ebay sellers what a fair price is for it.
    I just noticed you edited your post in the thread. Just to clarify I wasn't critiquing you or upset by anything you said, just saw responding as an opportunity to clarify what I thought about certain aspects of the friendship.
    aw i love red and blue(blue>red imo tho). havent seen white(i heard its the weakest in the trilogy), what did you think of it?

    how can you come and know the thread is stupid then?

    there is only one pssible motive for such a thing. no big deal though.

    it was a substantial topic, not some trolling spam crap.
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