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  1. gilliatt

    important skills and values for outside world that are not taught in school

    In Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged", Dagny follows John Galt into the sunrise, this is symbolism. Point is, all through the story, Dagny has been in the dark, but now she is about to see the sunrise, the first light comes from the wings of Galt's plane. Symbolism needs to be very clear, defined. One...
  2. gilliatt

    Hello there

    I am an Objectivist. We have two choices in this world. Objectivism or Communism. Take your choice... I am an INTP, although do not like labels.
  3. gilliatt

    what is impossible to prove and know

    Motion, this circular motion, has no efficient cause. It seems that motion must have a 'reason why.' Why motion at all? Its excuse for being. Cannot find a beginning of motion, like time. 'Infinity'. Like an unending chain, neither beginning nor ending. Same with man, he beget a son, cannot go...
  4. gilliatt

    there is no such thing as meaning

    This thread sounds of Kant where he is out to destroy reason. Everyone knows that the world is in a terrible state and it cannot continue on its present course much longer. All I ever hear is meaningless generalities and shameful evasions from intellectual leaders. Philosophical publications...
  5. gilliatt

    what is impossible to prove and know

    I will try to say this. What is, in this world, came from what is not. It was a kind of filling a void. Genesis: The primary form of change. For it is more reasonable that what is should cause the coming-to-be of what is not, than that what is not should cause the being of what is. Now that...
  6. gilliatt

    important skills and values for outside world that are not taught in school

    The individual child, this idea, method, the child becomes the focus, the center of education. The teacher, a director, guides the child's own self-learning. Freedom for the child in education, so important. The Montessori Method, it is the simplicity of the method.
  7. gilliatt

    What is real

    The consideration that the things of this world simply are what they are what they are in themselves independent of what we think about them.
  8. gilliatt

    there is no such thing as meaning

    You have to recognize differences between knowledge as by the senses and that which comes through the intellect. Take, for example, the color red. As a form that is the source of that determinate feature that is present in any and all red objects, the redness of any particular red object can be...
  9. gilliatt

    Why do you think that in capitalism it is so important to erode the person?

    There is only one issue that is important: Is man free. Under Capitalism man is free, its up to the man, his choice. I find that the majority of the world, people were, is the past, slaves, peasants, and can't get over it!
  10. gilliatt

    what is existence?

    Existence: what is real in the world that one perceives. There is a difference between existence and man-made, there is the 'primacy of existence.' It means existence exists, that the universe exists independent of consciousness, that things are what they are, that they possess the specific...
  11. gilliatt

    universe cosciousness

    Existence and consciousness, you cannot escape it, these are the primaries for every action you take. Think of nothing existing, there is no consciousness in that case. Existence is Identity, Consciousness is Identification. Really, consciousness is like any other existence, it possesses...
  12. gilliatt

    Two Paths to Utopia

    In man's conscious: reason, mind, values, concepts, thought, judgment, volition, purpose, memory, independence, self-esteem. All these exist, they are not illusions, myths, superstitions. These are man's inner world, that inner world, very important. In "Atlas Shrugged", there is two variants...
  13. gilliatt

    Climate change and capitalism

    Climate is primarily a scientific problem, not a political problem. If say your neighbor damages the climate, we have courts, laws against that. You can hold him responsible for messing around with the environment. Laissez-faire capitalism, only a social system based on individual rights, it...
  14. gilliatt

    Hacking Covid

    Is this coronavirus man-made or a metaphysical given. A metaphysical given, it cannot be changed. Man-made did not have to exist, but once made, does exist. Nothing made by man had to be:::it was made by choice. The metaphysical given cannot be true or false, it simply is...
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