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  • Maybe it wasn't them, but I got SP wannabe from somewhere about two years ago.
    It's really been too long since I have read it, I don't really remember any distinct behavior patterns that I could ascribe functions to.

    I would only bear such a hostile, unpredictable environment in the name of science and social studiesssss!


    I'm really sorry, it's half done!
    (Alright, I shall begin composing this reply, I'll use pm, it has nigh infinite room to ramble) :x
    D'awwwww, Garmgarf has a cute side?

    And here's me thinking that we Irish were bred to be frigid!

    (Curiously paradoxical sentence hm?)

    I will make a reply so soon as I have a computer, after all, philosophy is one of those topics that is quite easy to waffle about!
    Hey! Where did you get this Melkor tattoo from?

    On your left side baby toe?

    How curious.


    I'll try to make a reply today!
    I daresay I've let you down on the philosophy response, right?>>

    I'm terribly sorry.

    *Kisses your feet*
    Yes yes, it is the person's right or left, as opposed to yours. And yes, I am also aware it aligns with the actual brainquad locations, it is a very interesting phenomenon. There are actually many other manifestations of the functions that move in the direction of the brainquad, for example tilting your head to that side. I should maybe make an updated thread some time, because we have refined these techniques quite a bit since I wrote that.
    The amount of information you get from reading people is well over the amount of information you get from simply knowing a person's type. It can tell you how well developed they are, where they rank in comparison to other types like them, and how they "play", using their functions in day to day encounters.

    It's really awesome being friends with an entire group of people who does this.
    Gear Four is people pools, you will eventually start seeing extremely similar patterns of behavior on different people on the same type and gender, and you subconsciously think of that person when you see this pattern on someone else. So essentially Gear four is your collection of all personality types that you have visually absorbed their patterns of behavior. Gear Five is the most nuanced and most difficult to use. Whenever you encounter a certain personality type, you start subconsciously shifting your behavior, whether you are aware of it or not. You might start conserving energy using less of your lower functions, or you might start spending more energy trying to be more adaptable. Gear five notes these changes in energy and behavior and uses them to not only understand what personality type that person is, but how they are using their functions on you, and how they might be shifting their functions in real type.
    I have written a couple threads on visual typing techniques.

    This one

    And this one...

    This is actually a part of the book and theory I have been helping develop. We call it "The five gears of people reading."
    What I wrote in those threads are mainly gears one and two, three and above are the most complex and take the most practice and experience. Gear one is broad energy fields (thing of it as basically MBTI dichotomies: is the person an I or E? an S or N?). Gear two is Anatomy, how the functions actually manifest on a person's face, eye movements and expression and what have you. Gear Three is Familiarity, after awhile of doing this you start to see familiar patterns in types, they have a "Flavor" or sorts, such as the Deep frustration of the Ni dom, and the unflappable nature of the Ti dom.
    Life is life. One of my webcomic projects is in tatters, one is being planned and will probably wind up being my Script Frenzy project, if smaller things keep waylaying it, and one is laid out and ready to be drawn and have words stuffed into the cracks left by the art.

    I mean created as a cohesive whole, in which words and art combine to create more than either could alone. And I''m planning to get the first few final layout/rough artworks done tomorrow. In conjuncction with NaNo and a whole bunch of other stuff...

    Meh. It's life. xD How's yours going?
    I'm sorry kiddo.

    I've been very busy as of late, and replies from you tend to be of such a quality that they require time and dedication to respond to.

    Therefore, I have been a lazy INTP and not got round to the large scale of devotion yet.:(
    Yeah-- I'm not that far into it yet (just reading before bedtime atm, because of RL events), but it's good so far. I'm only a couple chapters in. It's a sci fi classic.

    Another attractive feature of RPGs: I can play them with one hand. So I can play and eat, or play and cook, or whatever, at the same time. :D I can deny wasting my time if my mom sees me (not that that's a problem anymore).

    (I thought I hit the bloody conversation button. grrr.)
    Yeah, I read! And there is a reason why all my favorite games are RPGs or strategies like Fire Emblem. I play them for the stories! (Heck, I played Tales of Symphonia eight times to get all the endings.) :D But yeah, I read a lot; the only book I ever failed to finish was LotR. I got to Helm's Deep and just quit after that battle wound up being longer than some entre books I've read. Right now, I'm reading Dune. At 19. My god, how dare I take so long to get to that one.
    baaaaaaad sagewolf.
    Yep. My sister was born in Eire, and my brother has it from my stepdad (his dad: I'mmy parents' only kid together). So yeah, I'm the only non-citizen.

    I don't necessarily enjoy driving that much. It was fun while it was novel,but nowit's just a mode of transport. A required one-- to get anywhere around here, you need to drive because he highway's the only way to get there. No car would mean no books! (And food an stuff, of course, but let's get our priorities straight first.)

    Yeah, differently... within the small pool considered weird by the other 90% of humanity,sure. :D
    My mom's an American citizen, and so are both my siblings. My stepdad's an Irish citizen (as are my siblings as well-- they're dual). But it was the job thing that prompted me to stay here.
    And yes,I do have a car. My very own car. Jalopy. Whatever. It gets me to work and food and stuff.

    I envy that agreement. Sounds so great. :rolleyes:
    (I take it this is right?)

    I'm not an Irish citizen, no. I'm an American citizen, so that's why I've been left in the states. They stayed for two months and set up all the utilities in the house and introduced me to nice neighbours who could help if, say, I happened to hypothetically break the right indicator on my car or something NOTTHATIHAVE... So yeah. It's not like they abandoned me or anything. It's actually really nice to be [strike]away from all the frigging noise[/strike] out on my own and responsible for myself. I'll be here working for a year, and then I'll do the college rounds again. This time I'm applying to American colleges too, because at least with them I can get federal aid or scholarships. Cost of living's lower here too (although considering Dublin, that doesn't say much.) ;)

    Thanks for the compliment on the points-- you didn't do so badly yourself. I'm not sure about being more mature, though. It's only been a week. Another one goes by and...

    if we considered factors in the individuals life, such as parents,experiences good and traumatic, and then choose what we felt was a good moral status, (lets say in this case one that is beneficial to others), could we not develop a logical,quantitaive means of measuring morals?

    Could we not say, add points or the like for specific occurences or memories, with extreme
    relelvance to the individual to avoid large mistakes.(i.e culture and the like. For example, in places were bigamy and racism is rife, larger points would be added for non racist occurences or traits.)



    humans are too complex..

    They lie, and sometimes, they lie so deeply they can't tell if they're lying themselves, so tricksy is the mind....

    I'll take a breather, and see what you think ma'am.
    An 'm'?

    What the hell am I talking about!?



    Got a question for ya Mister philospher...

    If morals are created by experience and upbringing and the like...

    then this suggests that each and every moral status is unique..


    In any group of mammals, variation is wide-spread and unspecific...

    If we take this type of mental variation in the same light, can we begin to label specific morals as being more beneficial?

    And what do I mean by beneficial?

    A 'good' moral?

    Is a good moral good for the person, or good for other people?


    I've always considered morals to be rather.....hrm..

    well, rather equal to one another...

    Which negates each individuals status entirely..
    i think we need maybe to rethink exactly who exactly is in charge. obviously "freedom" does have to have a limit as rape.

    "freedom for everybody . . . with the only limit of the equal freedom for others; which does not mean . . . that we recognise, and wish to respect, the 'freedom' to exploit, to oppress, to command, which is oppression and certainly not freedom."

    this is what i said before, i think
    i think despite the Media's obsession, there is still a lot of Self-Sufficiency in the lesser developed countries

    i think the Government exaggerates such issues through the Media to make the people believe that those in charge and the wealthy actually care, like creating artificial tolerance and artificial humanitarianism to silence the real Humanitarians and Dissidents
    but i am starting Guerilla Art, it will start with drawings and statements on paper around high school and hopefully when i am let loose into the real world (or at least university - if i go to university) i am going to start fully fledged Street Art

    but i am in a very transitional phase right now, i am currently questioning ALL that i have previously thought or been taught (although i have always been totally stubborn to attempts to indoctrinate me)

    i have noticed because of this my morals are incredibly loose
    i didn't realise that was right wing

    i believe in the ideal that everyone should be able to do what they want unless they want to stop others doing what they want or try to indoctrinate (not cool)

    I wouldn't be so sure, but whatever you say.:P

    You still owe me a m sir.
    It tends to be that way doesn't it?

    Biased buggers.

    Or are you refering to the state of the republics economy?

    I assure you, our British overlords overseas are no better off.XD

    I hope to get a job, and then start writing almost immediately after getting it.

    My novel should be done by then.

    If I happen to b a lucky ass bastard and maKe any amount of money on that little adventure, I'll lend you some.

    I just happen to analyse people well, I think anyway.

    it's not really a talent, more of habit.

    And I include myself in people.

    So by comparison, I don't truly think I'm *that intelligent*

    I'd rank myself as being about....erm... in the top 65% of the population.

    maybe 60% at best.
    So I have something to be thankful for.


    I did averagely well in school, but I was disruptive and lazy.
    I think I got ten Gcse's..An A, eight B's ,and a C.
    They didn't beleive I deserved to go back.

    Also, one of my step-brothers was attendng the school, they claimed I'd be a bad influence on him,as well as gaining him a bad reputation with teachers.


    But thanks for opening up old scars.

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