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  • eek.... and yeah, I know what you mean. I think I've felt the same way about every summer vacation I've had over the past 5-6 years. I can't wait for the free time, and it sounds so good on paper.... but in practice, I always squander the time and find myself miserable after a month or two.

    I also have a little series of spiritual stories recently that have been bugging me quite a bit, but I think I'll leave you a PM with those, soonish. I was gonna put them in the thread, but after watching it for a day or two decided against it. I would like to hear any of your thoughts, or what you think Boyd would have to say about some of it, though.

    Otherwise, just moving along with school. It's a semester full of electives, so I ought to enjoy all my classes, at least. I guess my main concern this semester, though, is finding a job for when I graduate.. or else making some other kind of plans (to travel or something). I don't want to graduate without some kind of next step lined up.
    haha cool... I'll try to find you on there at some point, so we can play a bit. How have you been otherwise?
    your name, man! haha your name! I used my cmu email, which I don't wanna post out in public, if you wanna find me on there & play sometime.
    you won't see me posting anymore, although I still check the forum once or twice a day to pick up PMs from people, but please oh please tell me you play starcraft a bit too! :D

    (I'm not obsessed... I swear, hehe. I just saw you mention your brother in that one thread)
    I could send you the portfolio I just did, though it is less than stellar. I didn't need one to enter into university here, but we're notoriously lax when it comes to things like that....

    What do you mean by "my process"?
    Hey Fusion, did you actually go ahead with your plans to study architecture?

    I was pulling an all-nighter compiling a portfolio and suddenly thought of you.

    I figure someone oughta tell you, before you start confusing people: usually when people write here, they expect you to respond on their little visitor area, rather than your own :p.

    Glad to have you back, btw
    Thank you kid (and everybody else) for the warm welcome. It is really good to be back here with like-minded people. I hope everybody has been well while I've been gone. I also hope I'll be able to stick around longer this time around. :)

    I really just got too busy to read so many posts, digest them all, and reply. That's a failing on my part, and I hope to do better by you all! Thanks for worrying, but everything is pretty good on my end. How are you? Are things stabilizing a bit for you?
    It really is good to see you back. I believe you got summoned in the Come Back Club so I guess it's magical powers just took awhile. It was good to read that your life is progressing as life normally/hopefully does.
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