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  • Thanks!

    And no, they're either relatives or strangers.

    I probably shouldn't be here as I did make a commitment to stay away for a while... :phear:
    anyway, sorry that had to get broken up into multiple messages...Thank you for your well-wishes! :) Let me know when y'all are planning a meetup.

    ... i think i'm going to crash, I should have been in bed an hour ago, zzz.
    What happened with my company: We are all salaried, we cannot get overtime pay. Usually if we work extra, we take back the time at a different part of the week. We were finishing a 12-18 months project, and our team got forced to pick up extra duties at the last minute (including testing our own software, which is really a strategic no-no in a programming environment); I ended up pulling 31 hours during my 3-day weekend over labor day, just so we could make deadline. Then I ended up just not coming to work for most of the next week and thus took back what time I could.

    early in my time there, I didn't realize I could not get paid for extra hours and was charging overtime and made over $2000 over the next few months... and then when Accounting found out, they forced me to pay it back to them. I probably should have fought that (it was their fault for paying me), I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to get paid,by contract but I was much younger and unsure of myself.
    That sounds sort of like near Reading (or more likely between Reading and Philly).

    Wow, very nice for you! I did take engineering physics while in college (I was a Mathematics major for two years but switched after I realized my heart wasn't really in it), that was actually fun... we would start calculating angular velocity on the fly of cars driving down the road, lol.

    Yes, TypologyC is where I mod. :) And yes, I'm sort of like the resident postnut, despite not really posting much there in the last number of months (usually I just do mod stuff), I think I'm 5K posts above the 2nd place person.
    Ah gee... well sometimes if I don't get a lot of interaction, I wander elsewhere... (I moderate on another forum and participate regularly on 3-4 others, so I stay pretty busy.)

    Meanwhile, I had a very very awful crunch time at work where I was working weekends without pay for almost a month, that really left me braindead. And then there have just been family things to work through, and then I actually just moved last week from an apartment into a room in someone's house, so I'm still unpacking. It's absolutely crazy...!

    How has school been going for you? And where is home for you normally? Down closer to MD?
    :o Thank you very much Cryptonia.

    Hopefully it's something I can learn to fully implement someday.
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