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  1. flow

    I just saw your post on my 'wall'. Thanks! :)

    I just saw your post on my 'wall'. Thanks! :)
  2. flow

    Is the moon the sperm to our egg (Earth)?

    All this talk on "where did our moon come from?" (sparked by Bill O'Reilly) has got me thinking about our moon. Do we actually know how it got to be where it is and how long its been there? The meaning of life may forever escape us, but the origin seems close..
  3. flow


    I've known about this site for a while now, but I've only recently started checking it daily and created my own account. They talk about stories from around the world as they happen, and it truly displays the speed of the internet. It's a remarkable community, and I suspect a large minority of...
  4. flow

    Is it just me or...

    Wow those videos are really well done! That looks like a ton of fun. I wish I was near some decent public transportation.. I'd love to do this on a high speed train. :P
  5. flow

    Is it just me or...

    Wait, so you show up originally wearing pants? Only to undress before boarding the train? I think it'd be a lot funnier if you just straight up weren't wearing pants.
  6. flow

    Initial D, is what I was talking about. Greatest anime ever.

    Initial D, is what I was talking about. Greatest anime ever.
  7. flow


    No, I didn't do any drugs until I was 18 (the very end of my senior year of high school I started drinking). I didn't smoke weed until college or do any psychedelics until then either. Don't fuck with drugs in high school. The kids that do are the kids that typically get destroyed by it. Wait...
  8. flow


    Not at all. It sent me through these emotional cycles. I took it with two of my best friends and we'd just have the most outrageous conversations that would take insanely ridiculous turns after a minute or so. Just very funky moods, but a lot of fun. And the lights.. my god. Anything that...
  9. flow

    iNtuition as a Decision-making Process

    I'm going to break my silence on this thread by saying that this feels incredibly false in regards to picking out a lunch item. It's not an emotional decision for the average INTP. Perhaps it would be for an INFJ... idk MBTI and its interpretations are rarely black and white. In regards to...
  10. flow


    lol don't apologize for posting, asshole! I seriously have been listening to Mogwai almost exclusively for a week now.
  11. flow

    "How could I ever live without that"

    I started wearing long underwear last winter. Man, my quality of life went up at least 5 points! And yeah, portable music is everything I've ever really needed outside of the basic necessities.
  12. flow


    When I took LSD I never felt out of control. I felt incredible.
  13. flow

    Thought Control

    I think that INTP's relatively constant state of Ti makes us very conscious of others motives and manipulations. This is why we're so sensitive to being mislead or lied to. I don't want it to seem like I'm out there manipulating people for my own sick twisted pleasure (at least not all of the...
  14. flow

    Take me to your dealer

    But that's unreasonable! :(
  15. flow

    i'm proud of the fact that i'm worse than i seem

    There are quite a few 'older' members in this forum... but we could certainly use one more. I hope you have lots of life experience and wisdom to bestow. :D
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