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  • Lol.

    I didn't have a problem
    with you. You were nice
    to me. Very much so.
    I totally know why
    I know who you are.
    Luzi. I videochatted
    with you a couple of
    times in the infj tiny
    chat room. That's
    why I recognize you.
    I'm pretty sure I was
    just "b" in there. Unless
    I had moved on to
    Martia by that time.
    And you have to have more
    than just a profile to see it.
    I'm sorry that you went
    through all of that trouble.
    Aren't you being a bit presumptuous??

    Why would you say you are unworthy of
    my attention?

    Not at all.
    But I am going to
    assume I should
    be flattered you
    think of me as her?
    You need to get out more.

    Preferably to study the architecture of large unstable builings that have neglected to erect safety features, with an equally unstable friend.
    Lol, that sounds like fun :)
    It actually looks like you put a decent amount of effort into the construction of your costume.
    I always come up with these really cool costume ideas for Halloween and such, but I never follow through, or like you, I'll procrastinate, and then it'll be like half done.(So I usually end up just making up something completely different at the last minute)
    Interesting costume =D
    Was it a spur of the moment sorta thing, or does it have a purpose?
    I'm in Australia... from what I know, there's no age limit here, well, unless you're a senior citizen maybe. I just want to do exactly what I want at all times, with no commitment to anyone or anything, whilst being handsomely remunerated financially - is that too much to ask?! Good luck with your career man.
    Well I applaud you for going ahead with it, certainly has my respect, because if it's anything like here you've got to make a certain commitment of x years. It's still something I might do down the track.
    Well I thought about it a long time myself, went very close to joining, hence my interest. I don't think I could cope with the bureaucracy and the "we" culture though. In saying that, the edgy and intense way of military life is very very appealing.
    Not. I'm totally legal in my country ! And that's where I am, we can have as much mindsex as we want.
    Nice mix up you get yourself into there, sorry about that. Anyway, yeah I'm a girl.

    And i'm Seventeen too, wooooooh, let's enjoy some more mindsex eventually.
    Thanks man, that is a FREAKING awesome Castle Crashers costume, and you're awesome for wearing it.
    ....I have never been on the IRC chat in my life. Who did you talk to that impersonated me??
    Bwahahaa! May the world tremble at my deep understanding of the Stargate universe!

    (May I note to the random readers of this page that my previous message is dated BEFORE the SG:U series premiered. /ego :P)
    Are you going to start posting again by chance?
    Soo.... Lakewood. Arvada. Very close places... If we were looking at a map, one might say 'adjacent territories'. :p Are you tempted at all to get coffee, ever?
    That IS an interesting thought. Perhaps the 9th cheveron is a "Special Code" chevron, used in accessing special interest or secret locations, or connecting to other types of hardware that use the Stargate network. Supergates, and the like? (Not that there's any practical application for that other than the time they destroyed the Ori ship with the resulting wormhole vortex, but leaving open the possibility of other types of Stargate hardware LIKE a Supergate.)

    Which gave me another thought... Perhaps it's used to connect to space gates that don't HAVE a particular planet, and just represent locations of interest found in deep space, possibly between the galaxies?

    But, anyway, thanks for the warm welcome, it means a lot to me. :)

    Sane peope rarely see themselves as being insane, just as insane people are sure of their sanity.

    Thus,when I say I am certain you are sane, you must take into account the fact that most people consider me insane.

    The only *logical*conclusion, is that we are highly sane,and 'they' are a bunch of madmen.
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