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  • Yeah, it's definitely true that one is capable of adapting, learning, and growing, so that our deficiencies can potentially be overcome to the point that we are actually capable of fulfilling a great number of duties, occupations, or tasks. So while you plan on going on to law, with the expectation being that you need to improve your oral skills, my plan seems to be to try to go into teaching, while I would also need to improve my oral skills. Another option I've thought about lately was clinical psychology, but that involves improving oral skills, interpersonal skills, AND emotional skills. So I've just decided on sticking to a philosophy major, with the tentative goal of trying to become a professor. It's definitely a long shot, but I really can't think of much else I'm cut out for. =p
    Indeed. An undergraduate philosophy degree is most definitely great for taking the LSAT or GRE (for graduate admission). And congratulations on the entire Law venture! ---

    I just want to know, do you think you can honestly do law well? I know we INTPs tend to be very gifted at logical reasoning, analytical ability, and debating like there's no tomorrow, but are you socially comfortable enough to "speak clearly" and have great "oral comprehension"? In essence, great oral skills are a must for a lawyer, on top of being book smart and academically inclined. I personally would suffer when it comes to "oral expression," so that I'm thinking I may not go down the "law" route, but it's still a possibility for me, no doubt.

    Let me know what you think.
    I should recognize by your avatar that you are not prone to depression as I am. I thought you would respond to my post in some fashion.
    Your return return message came through, btw. I'm neglectful. Perhaps we could consider your pm system operational despite the fact it wants to express some anti-social statements of individuality and not obey the vB rules?

    Other than that, we have no answers >>
    If you can't reply to the pm, just let me know via visitor message. Rest assured we all silently panicking at the unravelling of the universe, behind the scenes :)
    Oh yes, answers. They deserted me some time ago. Do send them home if you notice the little imps scampering about in the shadows, their eyes all luminous with the radiant terror of truth, won't you?
    It paid 9.25 an hour and I had
    art major friends.

    What makes me smile?

    Watching cute puppies on youtube.
    I was double majoring in chemistry and genetics.
    And now I don't know what I'm doing but I do not
    want to be a surgeon any longer, so...

    Holding poses for extended amounts of time can
    be bothersome.

    I do enjoy interacting with INTPs.

    INFG, well, I'm not sure what the G stands

    Yes, I do.

    I really love to run and water-colour
    and read and write and think.

    What about you? I am returning all of
    your questions with the exception of
    the things that do not apply. (ie art






    University of Chicago.

    Art model. -- this just means
    I stand in cold studios while
    people paint/draw my body.

    Now hold on a minute.

    I never said I don't have a camera. I don't, but I never said I didn't. I have access to one but me and pictures don't get along
    Honestly honestly honestly, I don't have a picture of myself taken within the last 4 or 5 years. Not even sure where those are.

    Can you send me some baby seal meat?

    I wonder which strange mating ritual of this planet I just offended?

    *retreats, confused, to bathe in a tub of offal and smoke her pipe*
    That's right - I'm pre-slimed, but looks like you could do with some help.

    *throws bucket of hot pig-grease over Fallenman*

    Meh, you can have her. LoR is a slimy creature covered in the filth of her own devising. Not that I don't love that or anything...but I've got other things to do right now. :D
    Why thank you for the lover-ly attention, it's the most erotic proposition I've had in hours!

    Would you care to get a little dirty with myself and Cavallier?

    *bats eyelashes*
    When I was unpackaged, the manual somehow got lost.
    *hands flashlight and points to dark cave*
    I think it's somewhere in there.
    Cash flow problems? That's a shame....

    *eyes speculatively*

    Still... we do take payment in flesh and blood. Preferably blood...

    just ask Melkor.

    *throws some colourful paint on Fallenman's avvie*
    I have a question, or several.

    If your namesake speaks truth...

    How far did you fall, and how yet did you remain man afterwards?
    Indeed. But if someone enjoys philosophy enough, they'll probably accept the lack of actual career opportunities. The value is in the learning, I suppose. =p
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