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  • Ah, its intended effect then. ^_^ That's cool. Sorry to confuse.

    I've done the next diy comic, left the labyrinth for the moment though. :p

    (How did you add soundtracks, haha? :D)

    Sorry if it offended somehow, I only intended it as a non sequitur. Like: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WpMzz5ZXCQ&feature=fvwrel[/ame] An irrelevant side-gag, nothing to do with the main feature.

    We've become confused somewhere, you havn't done anything that could upset me. I hope I havn't done anything to upset you. Feel free to post any time.
    It's almost as awkward as that time...


    Lol, don't worry, it was only because I'd already brought it up a few times before, and had already recommended something related to it, so I was guarding against my own tendency to over-write, not to imply anything about yourself.
    I meant nothing pernicious by it, I've just had a tendency to ramble in the past. ^_^
    Not sure if you were feigning interest or not, but I just found: http://en.bookfi.org/book/1027958 It's a series of interviews and essays on cut-up by Burroughs and Gysin. Opens with an informative interview on the kind of things I was talking about.
    Well, the novels that he pioneered the technique with were 'Soft Machine' (yeah, the band named themselves after it), 'The Ticket that Exploded' and 'Nova Express' (all Sci-Fi), some of his interview commentary is good though.

    Kind've said 'rhyming events' on the spot, was thinking about it at work though. I was thinking of it as a metaphor for certain examples of cut-up. Like, months ago, before I climbed Kilimanjaro, I started ascending a hill in the morning. I was thinking at the time that I was tired already and not ready for Kilimanjaro. Then I could hear the sound of many ships fog-horns blurting over one another, it created a cacophony that sounded like a broken orchestra tuning. Tuning is associated with pre-performance, I was tired pre-travel to Africa, at the bottom of a hill, in the morning: all of these signs rhyme with each as they're saying similar things, the meaning becomes more pronounced by their overlap.
    Sorry, just realised I'd already written you about Burroughs before. #repeatinghimselfunnecessarily.

    I love the poetic rhyming though. Love. Love. Love. It's a really cool metaphor for a lot of these things, like just as you can rhyme words, can you rhyme events? And as you say subconsciousness seems to be the result.
    Haha, very nice.

    It's quite remarkable, that through all of the media players I have tried for Windows over the years, Helium remains the second best. It is an absolutely fantastic player. Foobar is still better, of course, and I would wager to say that no media player could be made which is better. Pure perfection.
    At uni they should go through the basics of mathematics in the first couple years. All you probably need to know is up to solving differential equations. Laplace transformations, etc.
    I suggest going through the quantitative methods course first so the other ones make sense. All one needs is a high school level of understanding to begin the quantitative methods course.

    Yes, if you choose a career in economics and or finance, it will be somewhat heavy on the mathematics. Still less than say hard science or engineering degrees.
    If you give me your email address I can send you two courses in econometrics and a couple courses in finance. You can see whether or not you would like studying those types of subjects. Mainly because if you decide on studying economics or finance at university you will be studying something similar.
    Neo-classical synthesis, neo-Keynesian. post-Keynesian, etc. all heavily rely on use of observational data, statistical modelling and mathematical modelling. All resulting in theories of the economy which do not represent the economy.

    The Austrian school primarily deals with qualitative models which are logically deduced and observational evidence. The Austrian School holds the correct methodology and just so happens has better models which represent how the market operates.
    Lol. Dogmatic. Yeah, I liked the idea of him assimilating the castle, felt topical. How about Nanook, Jachian, Nil, to name a few recent names on your profile. Though you don't have to, either way. :P
    Did you originally intend dog as an anagram for God, lol? Either way, next one's done. :p
    Still deciding if I should add it to the thread or not, I suspect it's going to die soon. :D

    Here is the original chorus that was translated:
    Plenty jamming in de session
    Plenty rum to ease de tension
    Twenty man ah hundred woman
    Oh gosh!
    De vibe cyar done, yeah.
    oh well... it may be a bit difficult to explain, depending on where your from. Whats your nationality?

    Okay, its the lyric of a popular trinidadian party song translated from trinidad patois into classical english. If your familiar with trinidadian english (tringlish) and the song, the english translation and that entire picture will put a permanent grin on your face.
    Exactly what are you referring to the text or the picture? Each comes from a different source and the context is cultural.
    3) yes i notice what i interpret as Ti around here, there are different brands though, i can digest most of it, with the occasional need to lift my spockish eyebrow or more often a feeling of being bored, only a few individuals overdo it in insane ways (motivated ignorance of perception). so far only two freaks on my ignore list. there is also a whole bunch of entp around, i think. they are nicer, when they believe or make believe that they are introverts. not like many of the entp i know from typeC
    2) it must happen at the same time/occasion, but that's why only one of them can be conscious, the other one has to freewheel instinctively. however Te and Fe have no issue with each other. they can't be used at the same time, but can be alternated at will. you can differentiate both of them consciously in your life, because they are unrelated to each other. it might lead to identity struggles, feeling multiple personality, the loving guy and the schizoid guy, but that can be dealt with. they serve roughly the same purpose, so they fit into your life, since your life is lived in such a way, that it requires this purpose to be met. that is to say, you are in relationship with objective reality, through judgement. why not alternate the style? it only requires some smart handling and negotiating of the differences. all of that was said in the context of a Pi dominant individual. i don't think a Je dominant individual could switch F against T, at will. too much identity crisis. guessing.
    1) i wouldn't call Ni and Se complementary, on a low level (prior to differentiation) they could be comprehended this way, but in differentiation they are very much opposed. for example, to have Ni you need some Se, watch old buildings (Se) see "timelessness" in them (Ni), however you can not possibly play football (being a differentiated expression) and have solid Ni focus (do satsang) at the same time (could only have flashes). so Se is the shadow of Ni, it's freewheeling in the back of the Ni doms mind, but won't be expressed consciously, as such. it's inspiration and slave. likewise Te and Fi. you can't have both on the level of differentiation or conscious expression, one of them is willingly used and navigated, the other one is freewheeling in correlation with that, a shadow. to give an example, when you commit to objectifying thinking (Te) you would become a robot, unless unconscious primitive Fi sneaks some subjective preference in.
    I keep putting off responding because I say, "I will respond when procrastinator no.2 is done so I can tag it to the post" and of course procrastinator no. 2 never happens.

    I've had a lot of time for Jung recently though. I've finished a collection of his material on dreams and "synchronicity: an acausal connecting principle", just starting on Koestler's "roots of coincidence" which is an expansion of the latter. Are you a wide reader of Jung or have you focused on 'Psychological types'? I'm inclined towards synchronicity and dream interpretation, as it seems to match my experiences, but he's an elusive one. (;

    I think any interest is something cool to make a career of. But I'm likely projecting, I don't find many jobs very fulfilling.
    3) albeit my difficulty with Ti dominant types is also about their weak (auxiliary) objective perception, which comes with a weird inflexibility about the meaning of words, taking them from dictionaries, instead of seing objects as something living, interacting with a sentence, enriching it into a fuzzy field, rather than making it "bad", which is what they would suggest: precise logical thinking needs solid dead objects, living objects require fuzzy flexible logic. but i think, my ability of differentiating (recognizing) Te vs Ti isn't half as good, as it is for Fe vs Fi. i think a person comes off at "projecting" a function (hard to put into words what that even means) before they are actually "using" that function, i mean before it's differentiation. so that would be true for most of all functions.
    2) Ni, which is my description of experience of how subjective things move, and my thinking maps that out, but mostly just describes it, so it looks extremely different from the dominant Te of estj, which is applied to the real world. in my development i have had a phase of high conflict with Te, that turned into an understanding of it, later into an adoption of it. my aversion was rooted in Fe values and it was directed at the Te-interpretation of individuals who apply Te without any psychological intelligence (=Ni). it's their content that is in conflict with/offensive to differentiated Fe values, not the principle of Te. i also had a phase of aversion about what i consider to be Ti, and i can't say i have overcome that aversion, i tend to hate how Ti can be detached from reality (perception) and not recognize how it's detached, how it can consider something true, when it's logical within a way of thinking, while it's obviously not true if compared to reality (perception),
    1) i actually don't think that i am any good at Ti at all, i think what i do is plain Te. yes, i think Fe and Te are more likely to go together, never at the same time/occasion, but they seem to be learning from each other, like an echo/hologram effect, adopting differentiation, and ultimately being joined together into a single intelligence, social wisdom and language, a cutting cognitive sword in the service of the heart. my thinking is just an objectifying thinking that adopts conceptual building blocks from every one else, but is limited about coming up with new WAYS of thinking (except by manipulating perceptive buildingblocks, that is: thinking about different images), it strives for framing everything in a way that is optimized for communication (contrary to Ti, which optimizes for performance/ weird special ability such as algebra or even poetry), but my thinking exists within my highly esoteric world of Ni,
    so you actually have a similar view (i mean two people can't possibly have the same view on anything at all), i wasn't sure, because there are so many ways one can be caught between those paradigms. may i ask, what kind of "INTP" you consider yourself to be? i usually consider myself to be Ni dominant, having relied mostly on something like Fe aux (real or faked) for the first 20 yrs of my life, while becoming a bit more confident about my thinking later, which causes people to perceive me as a thinking type (together with the fact, that i am not F dominant), but i still relate to people mostly through an Fe type of soft adaptation, i'm just fairly schizoid at the same type. sometimes i doubt whether i'm Ni or Si dominant, but that's a matter of definition, not of how i see myself. perception is such a vast territory and i actually don't care about differentiation S vs N, i mean i wish i had both, but i think i suck at S, at least the down to earth type of S from meme-planet MBTI
    3) so socioncis got it right, i didn't learn it from them though, my learning process confirms them. and M/Briggs had a false superficial understanding of functions, so they assigned them wrong to the 4lettr dichotomy. they believe that introverted functions don't show up to the observer. the believe that introverted perception looks within. what total nonsense. and jung totally contradicts those silly views. subjective perception perceives everything, just subjectively. i hate having to explain that. i can't deal with 10000 mbti fanboys at once, who won't listen and wo will argue with me. this can not be argued. one has to see it in reality or one won't see it. the functions in people have to be seen via visionlogic. most don't even have that level of theory of mind.
    2)... many individuals of any type don't even use their auxiliary functions to a visible degree, the behaviorally visible movement through life is directed by the dominant function, in the case of those four types by the subjectivity of the dominant function: perception. so to think of them as judgers is totally impossible, unless you don't know the territory and all your theory exists only in your mind, unless you don't really compare real individuals, to realize how J dominant individuals, especially those who make little use of their auxiliary function, which are most average or stupid individuals, are 100 times more J-ish in behaviour and attitude, than P-dominant types, who have a discriminative/differentiated intelligence, but an overall attitude that contradicts this discriminative ability and a lifestyle that also contradicts it.
    1) i was into mbti, however i never paid attention to test results and identified with function descriptions from a website about them, so for a while i didn't question that the functions i identified with were said to be those of IxxJ types, and for a while i very much hated socionics because i had begun to identify with the idea of being a Jish individual, since i have a discriminating rational mind and it seemed reasonable to think of that as a J trait, but then i observed enough individuals and it dawned on me, that this is bullocks, because the intuitive archetypes of individuals, that are captured by the four letter dichotomy, such as the artistic isfp or the agile istp or the healer infp or the visionary intp, they are all driven by subjective perception and i fit right into those four types, and many individuals of any type don't even use their auxiliary functions to a visible degree [char limitation]
    It doesn't snow in California? I guess that doesn't surprise me. :p Have you never traveled out of state?

    You struck me as a creative type (still quite structured/ organised, which I imagine helps with computers, as well.) Have you ever experimented with computer music or anything like that? The difficult thing is working out what your passionate about, I think, if you know that then discipline and skills are worth striving for; most people here are intelligent enough, I think, just, procrastination. :p

    I have an idea for 'The Procrastinator no.2', I just keep telling myself, 'maybe tomorrow.' :smoker:
    The Polanski thing is something I did an essay on last semester. His autobiography is quite guarded and not very detailed so you can't say for definite, I suspect it's probably the case though. The apartment films bear some similarities with his later Holocaust film 'The Pianist'.

    And yeah, the trip was to mark the end of my undergraduate degree. I start a Masters in September so student life isn't quite over though. Last time I checked I recall you saying you were in High-School (I think?) do you know what you will be majoring in yet, if you're going to college? :)

    P.S. These were the summit pictures I took:
    Ren & Stimpy is a league of its own really. :P

    ER ended at the right time, it was a bit samey, but I do like that demented kind of sense of humour. With Microsoft Paint because of its amateurish look it really delivers that 'messed-up child drawing' kind of comedy. This is a more serious example of the feel, I guess: http://www.fantagraphics.com/images/stories/previews/mwghb-preview.pdf (< it's not over the top, imo, but it's quite funny.)
    Thanks. I actually did a small google search and that plus this thread might give me some useful tips.

    I think tomorrow I will try an experimental and very different folder structure from the one I have been used to. For efficiency!

    As for now, goodnight ESC.
    I was only really asking to see if there was some interesting thing you did that I might could add to my system. You know, like Lifehacks, but with folders. lol

    That iTunes trick is nonetheless pretty cool, but alas, I haven't used iTunes in nigh on two years now. And yeah, I have my torrent folders separated between downloading, seeding, and uploaded, too.
    Well, the other day I made the most amazing folder ever, ~temp. This is to be the end-all hub for every file/folder I get and don't feel like fixing right away. Of course, it is intended to be a temporary folder so I decided I would go through the contents at least once a week. And to make things better, I now even have a subfolder inside of ~temp, ~queue, which will hold every album I intend to listen to within the next few days. I put "Leprosy" by Death in there.

    I have no doubt it will evolve as my needs change and will make my life moving files much more simple and streamlined. ~temp particularly, before that folder I stuck tons of .txt's and music folders intended to be accessed within a few days in their respective folders and only found them months later.

    It's very interesting.
    Two weeks ago, I randomly made an folder named "~arc" intended to be an archive folder for wallpapers whose source image were of a higher resolution than the wallpaper itself. As it turns out, the idea of having folders appended with "~" made my life a lot easier for some reason, and I soon made a ~arc and ~delete in music.
    Random question: do you have any file organization or system that would be considered rather... idiosyncratic? That is, some special way you arrange or deal with folders/files that makes sense to you and helps with day to file operations and organization but which would probably make no sense to other people?
    I love Death (though I haven't added that album to my library yet), but I haven't ever listened to Arch Enemy or Sepultura. Actually, from what little I have heard from Arch Enemy, I don't think they're really my style. But I'll check Sepultura out, thanks.
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