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  • Succinct, potent, distinctly subversive of conventional wisdom. The essence of beauty.
    Saint Vitus is pretty good. Is this track by any chance a musical sequel to Zombie Hunger off of their self-titled?

    Personally, when it comes to undead I am more partial to other beings: Wraiths, vampyres, liches. The few and the elite. Though there are times when certain advantages come from having large numbers.
    yeah, it does. I have a friend who is working towards A.I. and plans to use cognitive functions as central theme. Humans are, in a sense, only advanced computers.
    I chose Rationalization over Rationality because i wanted to emphasize on it being a process, "a way of thinking", more than a reference.
    Finding the irreducible root is precisely what I mean by finding the most accurate perspective. 3D modeling seems like a good idea.

    Conflict. What do you mean by "better"? Better as in more effective or better as in more efficient? Because if you mean efficiency, then I would have to disagree. Ti, not Te, is about efficiency and the want for efficiency. Ti wants the easiest way. This is why Ti-types tend to be seen as lazy. They are passive and not proactive because they are waiting for that easier way.
    Seeking to gain social or economic advantage is not immoral for me. The question is whether the desire is intrinsic or for a good cause. Cognitive Preferences do not necessarily become values. For example, A Ti-type might not care for individualism or truth. How about it? Based on our discussion of Te and Fe here, which one do you relate mostly with?

    I would also like to put forth the idea that all of ideas we have elaborated regarding the Te function can be precisely summed up in a mere 2 words: Shared Rationalization. If you find it too constricting, do object. I will then be motivated to justify my position more. I realize that the Te function is already summed in two words and those are "Extroverted" and "Thinking"; i believe i have only made it more intuitive, more harmonious with everyday experiences/context that are contained within the two words I chose.
    Your comprehension gives me confidence on the accuracy and precision of my concise definition.
    My definition of politics is "power-relation", which is broad, ranging from tribal political systems, feudal, dictatorships etc. Not necessarily contained within the context of electoral-democratic politics where popularity and fake smiles win votes. It's "Te" because it's indeed about maneuvering. Focused more on an awareness of how collective rationales work together instead of collective values(Fe). Systematical awareness in an academic sense, not in as an actual politician.

    They introduced testing, did they not? They popularized the idea, no? Why do people flock to MBTI and not Jung himself? It has it's uses.
    "You know as the Earth races around the Sun, the powers of this world, the religious powers, secular powers_once pretended the Earth wasn't moving at all. They were in the business of being powerful. Or at least pretending to be powerful. And the truth made them feel too small. The truth frightened them; it undermined their powers. So they suppressed it. Those people found the truth dangerous. You're sure you know what believing me entails?" Carl Sagan--Theoretical Physicist
    "The universe seems....to have been determined and ordered in accordance with number, by the forethought and the mind of the creator of all things, for the pattern was fixed, like a preliminary sketch, by the domination of number preexistent in the mind of the world-creating God."
    _Nicomachus Gerasa
    Arithmetic I, 6(ca. A.D. 100)
    "Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed". I Corinthians 15:51
    An invalid supporting point then. But just to clarify, what I really meant to say was the "Te"(collective understanding) of typology. Politics and the psychology involved in politics reminds me of "Te", which explains the turnout of my attempt at description. I have maybe come to the acknowledgement that MBTI is only slightly based on Jungian ideas. The level of deduction from one to the other, and the shift in definition of functions, are leaps that are too high perhaps.
    Apologies on my presumptuous use of "INTJ", I meant NiTe. And an additional point to support the NiTe idea is my realization of your meaning in regards to our previous 'fail' discussion before this very recent one. I think perhaps you were talking about the political-psychological tendencies (confusion) as a result of MBTI's non-conformity to the system and naming of types of the original conceptualizer, Jung. Naming the TiNe "INTJ" would avoid this social outcome of chaos and misunderstandings.
    Our possible communication problems reminded me of my interactions with INTJs. Mostly about differing assumptions and possibly style of discussion. I perceive you as continuously asserting ideas, which you think(?) are norm ideas which everyone holds(?), and you expect me to do something about them. Except, I have nothing to provide except to inform you that I disagree, and state the specifics of my own unique position. Is my interpretation correct? Could your official MBTI type actually be your socionics type? ;)
    Not intrusive at all. Perfectly legitimate inquiry. Isn't there a thread where one may indicate one is leaving for awhile? I thought there was and if I were more socially considerate I would have indicated such. But making a trip left me so preoccupied I neglected to do so. I'm guilty of low grade Fe.
    Yeah, definitely. The same quartet have covered the whole album I think. Only thing it misses is the drum track. Brann's percussion is one of my favourite things about the band.

    That's cool. I think the Hunter didn't sound as distinctive. It's a good album I just don't think people will remember it in 20 years time in the way they will Leviathan.

    Where does your interest in horror hail from? I've seen you post in reference to it a few times.
    Did you check the date on that post? October 27, 2007! I think it was the first post ever in the Lounge.

    Strangely, it got no replies.
    Justice and DJ Shadow are thoroughly awesome. I also just recently discovered Massive Attack's Mezzanine. Holy balls, what else have I been missing? :o
    Good points except there could be a show without Kramer and George would mark the most poignant loss. :slashnew:
    Hey thanks. That thread, though, seemed unusual for this forum in two respects - it admitted failure and and it asked for emotional counsel. This is like the Seinfeld bizarro episode. :storks:
    (Being another message about your avi)

    *blinded by the instant color of EyeSeeCold's avi*
    Right, but it's not about the absoluteness of the word itself that I focus my language upon, but about the relative meaning I'm associating behind it.
    I will not accept the wishes of those that want me to behave a certain way when they will not accept my own wishes. I then infer that they do not "deserve" that I behave ... because they then do not, as it pertains to me and my actions in this kind of circumstance.

    That might sound strange, but given the nature of philosophy is one of ultimately "unknowing", it then seems just as hypocritical to assert that "no one deserves anything". How on earth can you then ascertain that in an absolute manner?
    "say what I want" == "be allowed to speak my mind/concerns"

    What argument then? I don't mind arguments, I encourage them, as long as people respect the above and are receptive in some way to those concerns. Ignoring them or regarding them as inherently false or invalid is equivalent to not being allowed to speak my mind.
    I like being alienated. It's more important that I say what I want. If people can't at least appreciate that, they don't deserve any better from me.
    I don't know. I just feel the need to speak my mind, for better or worse for the forum, but hopefully for the better.
    Well that's understandable. I guess I didn't see your point because I don't see small talk as fake if the intention is to make a real connection.

    I see it more as searching for a common ground to have interesting relations and I think it can be enjoyable finding that initial spark of interest - meeting someone who you hadn't realised you were similar to, or they just had interesting ideas and views.

    I see your point now (I think) and how you meant it, our definitions of what is fake are definitely different. (not saying wrong, just different) Probably why I couldn't figure out what you meant at all :slashnew:
    Tis a hopeless discussion. Sorry about the passive-aggressive insult though. :)
    Well, for them the "j" stands for whether the dominant is a judging function no matter its attitude, they have letter codes for each types which makes sense as well, i.e. LII (Logical Intuitive Introvert MBTI-INTP), LIE (Logical Intuitive Extravert MBTI-ENTJ) or ILI (Intuitive Logical Introvert MBTI-INTJ) etc. I just started to get into it but so far it simply seems like an improved system to MBTI.
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