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Recent content by Ex-User (8886)

  1. What is the hardest video game you have beaten?

    WoW, because it required cooperation with people XD
  2. I hate to be INTP

    personally, I'm curious about all new people here not true, all T dominant are equally prone to depression, ISTJs are probably the most anti-social and Ne-dominant are the weirdest. So it's not so bad to be INTP. It's only a matter of your limited perspective. everyone here has some mental...
  3. Choose one

    Here's the result. I've met my schizophrenic INFP cousin yesterday and I asked him the same question. He is not very talkative and said only "I don't know" but said he wrote some stories lastly and he can show me. I was surprised because he didn't write anything for a few years and he's 21 now...
  4. INTP Perceptions of ISTP and Relations of Benefit

    first thing, are you istj? in mbti sense you can't know what others think (unless you're some kind of mystical spirit walker INFP) notice that it was about ISTPs (Ti-Se). they're usually ignoring my ideas and plans thinking of it like some abstract not existing matter than was made up be me...
  5. INTP Perceptions of ISTP and Relations of Benefit

    nope, it's kindred I like them, have many friends of that type, usually I think they're limited and they think I'm weird. You ask about relationships with ISTJs then. I need to engage every time, they will never write to me or phone me. It's similar with my INFJ sister, who always call me and...
  6. Choose one

    Why not? Feelings are very important and it's impossible to live without them. Therefore I can't imagine why you would reject them in any situation.
  7. Choose one

    It's not about failing, it's about putting an effort into something. To get something you always need to give up something. It can be pain, time, money or whatever, but you don't need to fail to succeed. Anyway to fail is always matter of perspective, everything can be failure or success, it's...
  8. Choose one

    That's the idea :D I'm not convinced in punk, because I never listened to it, but maybe I'll find some niche. Something like Burzum or Burial is what I wish to do - create it's own style and do everything by myself. xD what actually did you think about me, when you were reading? never...
  9. Words that piss you off

    most slang words, I prefer to express myself eloquently
  10. Choose one

    I need to choose one activity besides my work to do in my spare time. I want to create something, do anything to not be a workaholic robot. I know basics and have talent in 4 activities. I want you to help me choose, what has the best potential. I played classical guitar in music school for 4...
  11. A niggling social problem

    your fault, learn to communicate better btw, I have similar problem, people rarely understand me
  12. Fun Thought at 3:25 AM in the morning

    What age are you?
  13. Here's a dangerous idea!

    Actually you can't be rational if you d don't have healthy emotions. What's more important, lack of emotions are even worse. Antonio damasio explains it in his book about Cartesian mistake
  14. How do you deal with negative emotions?

    I usually post on INTJforum how I feel and these ppl solve problems for me xD My own method only works in very deep sadness or depression, so I don't practice it often. for everyday life I feel okay with my negative emotions; you may be surprised, but I like to be sad or angry. those feeling...
  15. Maths and You

    I find math boring, it's just some abstract concepts, physics is much more interesting, because you actually can see or imagine math.
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