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Recent content by Esurient Fere

  1. Esurient Fere

    Where do you go from here?

    For the older users of this site. What do you think are the important things to focus on in life during the beginning of adulthood (24-35). this is a broad question, I'm looking for something to the effect of guide posts. For a small example a fantastic piece of advice I saw on here years ago...
  2. Esurient Fere

    The Internet is Biased

    No, I meant what I said. If you had a desktop you had access to the internet and likely spent a significant amount of time on it. Probably around the mid 00's would be were I'd draw the line of a lot of use. A lot of use is relative to the context, it would not be considered a lot of use now...
  3. Esurient Fere

    The Internet is Biased

    @EndogenousRebel I disagree. Rumors function the same online and offline. It's just a matter of scale, and rumors weren't harmless little things. If you repeat something enough people will believe it. Or, if you say something with enough confidence you can convince someone it's true. This...
  4. Esurient Fere

    What happened to intpforum?

    What a train wreck. Length of OP =/= quality. In fact, most of them ramble a lot. Average length of word? The irony of the second paragraph where you look down on people measuring "financial dick size" *Kisses finger tips* I must have missed that lesson in English where conjunctions = more...
  5. Esurient Fere

    The Internet is Biased

    How is this any different from non-internet bias? People near each other are influenced by their own localized bias. The internet hasn't created new problems, it has just showcased and exacerbated old ones.
  6. Esurient Fere


    Well shit. My life has changed pretty drastically. Basic highlights: No longer working in the oil field. Living hand to mouth On that Zoloft grind (haven't actually seen a Psych, got some from my SO, it's night and day.) God Damn the level of anxiety is fucking insane Relationship is...
  7. Esurient Fere

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    It's probably a type thing because hell yeah. http://www.allure.com/story/what-a-long-hot-bath-says-abou
  8. Esurient Fere

    Now the rest of the world is beginning to understand

    This turned out rather interesting :kodama1:
  9. Esurient Fere

    The Zodiac

    Ah, great thread :) I don't ever really get what I expect and I appreciate that. Aquaman is a great constellation! My personal favourite horoscope was: "Whatever you're thinking of doing. DON'T" My friend wrote the horoscopes for our high school paper. Yellow:
  10. Esurient Fere

    The Zodiac

    I wonder if the zodiac is really people noticing that the environment you're born in affects your personality. Maybe people born during a time period do share a collection of traits. I propose some one launches a huge study with thousands of people spanning decades to figure this out. They could...
  11. Esurient Fere

    Now the rest of the world is beginning to understand

    That got heated pretty fast. SJW's are as bad as racists and bigots. Republican/conservatives and Democrats/liberals both have their good and bad. Unfortunately the bad is usually the loudest and most obnoxious. I'll just stick to writing erotica. It's what benjamin franklin would have wanted...
  12. Esurient Fere

    Now the rest of the world is beginning to understand

    But this is seriously a disturbing issue.
  13. Esurient Fere

    Little things and USB 3.0

    I've been training in the middle east almost nonstop for a month and a half now. Only a month and a half to go. So I took sometime to buy this: https://www.sandisk.com/home/usb-flash/ultra-fit-usb Flash drive have become ridiculous and it warms the very bottom of my heart, but only on the...
  14. Esurient Fere

    Look out world cause some of us are dangerous

    I know a little bit. That makes me dangerous, can't be sure who to though :viking01:
  15. Esurient Fere

    INTPs’ & ISTPs’ “One Thing”

    Well. My first thought is underdeveloped people don't have the skills to present their ideas appropriately. I appreciate being challenged in my ideas. I don't appreciate being mistreated. And according to my MBTI (INTP) I'm the least likely to have my feelings hurt. I can still differentiate...
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