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  1. eagor

    What's your oldest memories

    I think my earliest memory was when I was 3 and watched my dad go onto his carrier, my little brother was next to me in the stroller and I was very upset he was leaving again. edit: almost forgot to mention that my older brother actually remembers the day he was born, him and my mom talked it...
  2. eagor

    Are all INTP's smart

    i like to keep stickers in my pocket for this exact reason, then when someone states the obvious i give them one and say "very good, you're ahead of the class" or variants thereof.
  3. eagor

    Finding a interesting job?

    nice, may i ask what you did in the navy?
  4. eagor

    Finding a interesting job?

    this right here is why im joining the navy, not saying you should follow my footsteps since the armed forces aren't for everyone. but for me i want to get on an aircraft carrier, work on some aspect of the ship whether it's the computer systems, aircraft, powerplant etc and on top of that i'll...
  5. eagor

    INTPs...do you lift weights?

    which one? was it your left glute?
  6. eagor

    Nemi by Lise

    i like it, kinda reminds me of jthm except nny was male and wildly unstable edit: upon further reading i'd like to stress the word kinda
  7. eagor

    INTPs...do you lift weights?

    i actually started recently, not to get physically fit in of itself but as a way to buffer the impact bootcamp will have on my body. way i see it i'll have enough trouble dealing with the new environment without also having to whip my flabby ass into shape, and as they say "an ounce of...
  8. eagor

    Is suicide selfish?

    suicide is a strange beast of a concept (as is everything related to life/death) but here are my thoughts on it for those interested. hope that was clear, or at least well put togethor, your thoughts?
  9. eagor

    What Gender Are You Internally?

    so you've tried your hand at being a drag queen too, i hate how itchy bras can get...though i can't say i don't miss the silk panties.
  10. eagor

    What Gender Are You Internally?

    i answered 50/50 on the basis that when i dream my gender isn't ever static and is subject to change mid scene. but otherwise irl i do sometimes wonder what it is to be woman though that's mostly out of curiosity, in the end i have a penis and i like vagina.
  11. eagor

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

    "the dictionary is the only place where success comes before work" ~ someone here's a similar quate that i always liked though idk who said it and can't be bothered to look it up, but yeah what bronto said
  12. eagor

    ever misspell a word

    only to look it up and realize you didn't, i do it all the time which is why i downloaded wordweb to speed up the process of spellchecking. does this happen to you? and if so how does it make you feel...
  13. eagor

    most complex/difficult books you have read

    DAMN :facepalm: , i'm such an idiot what's the difference?
  14. eagor

    most complex/difficult books you have read

    yeah but all that extra fiber made me crap every 30 min
  15. eagor

    most complex/difficult books you have read

    i had that problem until i tried taking breaks between books, i used the lost tribe of the sith for this and i ended up finishing both series within a week. then when i went back to reread the hitch hikers guide i found it much easier to power through and didn't need to break up into the...
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