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  • Hi.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. (I have my reasons)

    1) Is there any punctuation for words you think might belong but don't quite belong? Ex. "I think I'm smart," but meaning in the way that you know you're smart but you can't know for sure so its technically "think."
    2)Have you been to the arena before? Do the mods not "go" there?
    ->Are you free to basically say anything insulting (I never really knew why some people got banned...)
    3) Do you know what "programming language" they use in here(can you make emoticons<-because you want to)?

    That's all for now.
    Thanks(?) for listening(actually reading, if you did)
    Back when I was playing professional I was clarinet actually, but when I switched to science I changed my instrument to amateur piano. My site reading is terrible still on the piano and so I can't improvise. But yes becoming a pianist has definitely helped my compositional sense - things that I had to think through are visceral now, it's in my bones.

    I used Sibelius ages ago, but I find it easier to sketch things out on paper. If I was doing something serious I'd save the program for the last bit. Maybe it's because I'm now an engineer? When at the computer its too awkward for me when composing now, but I loved the idea pre-engineering.
    Not really, despite having years of composition lessons. My first dream was to become a composer (I thought 'building up' (writing) a symphony would be heaven) but naturally performing came first. I have been thinking about noodling something for a video game but not enough time. You?
    Thanks for trying to keep my thread on topic. Being what it is I expected it to go off the rails. I just kind of threw it out there to see what would happen. I wasn't attempting to control the outcome only observe it. People always legitimize their double standards. I was just curious what those reasons might be.

    -I suppose I should read everything next time (and get the idea, refer to WLM)...
    -Is there any way to just read the whole thing? When I look at paragraphs of text I basically skip them.
    I'm up in Paris, but I'm originally from Lyon. What's your whereabouts ?
    Not at all, I noticed you around and think you seem like a decent addition to forum discussion :-)
    Nope, always tested INTP and not particularly close to J on that scale. People that know me IRL wouldn't doubt my Pness for a second. Some have tried to make a case for ENTP though INTP descriptions like this one are eerily accurate to me.
    Asking what topics I'm not ineterested in would be better :p. I am very interested in international monetary policy and commodities. A lot of history and failures in those topics. The only topics I really don't find terribly interesting are bonds and money markets.
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