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  • I strongly believe a lot if not all INTPs could benefit from taking it down a notch.
    My INFJ helped me with that :rolleyes::D
    While types are types (not sure I accept 100% static yet)
    and thinkers will always be thinkers and the same for feelers,
    There still can be too much of a dominance and cause problems.
    The internet is only helping Ti become neurotic etc if they weren't before.
    "There are people that hate to think.
    People that think they think.
    and People that actually think"

    Does OCD count as thinking? I'd say no.
    Intuition? No again.
    Anxiety/that negative you? Still no.
    Analyzing? Possibly a no as well, because it can be automatic.

    With everything going on in our heads, such as OCD,
    we can think we're thinking, but we're actually not.
    (I realized I had started slacking at some point in the past)

    Real thought takes, quiet mind, conscious effort and patience(ugh).
    Which is incredibly difficult to do with OCD-O.

    Too much thinking(and ever increasing info) without solving
    and or getting it out of our head/on paper
    or negative emotion+thinking and then thinking back on that,
    are some of the causes of OCD xD

    So, i'm ecstatic I recently found out i'm an F, lol.
    (still managed to develop 80%T~ though over the years,
    I've had OCD since 6/7/8 and supressed Fi)
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    At risk of being annoying, I hope you don't mind me saying that I feel some kind of INFJ aura coming from you.
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