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  • Somehow I don't imagine many would think of the word innocent when they think of me even though they absolutely should. For I am as pure as the driven snow. Compared to me, newborn babies seem like hardened criminals.
    I didn't realize the thread reflected my personality that accurately.

    Don't feel pressured to do it right away, though.

    I'm just saying that 'cause I didn't, and I feel slightly guilty about it >_>
    It has been done

    Okay, so I feel a bit guilty for not started drawing yet, but I figured if I made the thread, that would help me actually get started. I made a commitment!
    So I was just stopping by to brag about my amazing ability to deduce that you are odd_apple on last.fm, when I saw that you and Auburn actually draw forum members!

    That's actually an interesting idea. Maybe we should have a thread dedicated to it.

    You know, I draw too (mainly animals), but I suck at it.

    Oh well

    *Floats on by*
    lol, yea, I'm on my third account now. i dunno why but i go through phases of completely losing interst in drawing, then sudden rebirths years later. I migrated my favorites from the last two to this new account because I felt like starting over.

    and yes, make one! ^^ or else... something bad will happen i dunno. i'll have to think about it.... oh yes! there's that one dare thread! hah! *grins to self and brainstorms*
    Thankies =3
    I actually have little natural talent, only loads of patience and Ctl+Z, heh. I erase like crazy until something finally looks right, save, then repeat. With enough tosses, in theory even a coin could draw the Mona Lisa if we convert heads/tails to binary, right?

    Indeed they were.

    I am rather fond of them.

    If I had to take four objects with me anywhere, it'd be a rubix cube, a pair of 3D's, my psp and a mobile.

    Can't live without them.
    What is "problem"? Surely, one type of problem is a problem for one but not for another.

    Are there 'universal'(or almost) problems in the action of 'half-assed' assertion?
    "Many problems" out of own suspicion? So the problems are stil directly involved with the self. Or is the external reaction, 'gospel truth', the source of the problem?

    If I assert X with weak logic but superior rhetoric and PersonY believes. What problems might occur?
    I mean the overall attitude of your several posts. But, judging from your last sentence, my concerns were probably misled.

    I pray for your continued "craziness".
    I don't exactly like judging people right at their faces, but I think you lower yourself more than you should.

    There's something nice about blatant assertion. There's also something nice about supposedly 'ridiculous' assertion based on impulse.
    I apologize for the burden I must be causing you but I'd like to ask one more question: what is "emphathis"?
    "channels"? A messenger?

    I am beginning to see 'you remind me of a friend' as a pattern (in the internet). IRL, it doesn't happen often to me but in the internet it becomes a bit pronounced. Do you try to relate every 'member of this forum' to another person?

    It's definitely interesting when someone tells you this because...because..similarity breed familiarity and familiarity is connection? Ahh, ignore my mumble. (and yet I wrote it, hah)
    If this is 'type-speak', then I am guessing your friend communicates with you via text, most likely the internet. A forum member?
    hm!!! I am very curious. Please, kindly display the treasure.

    What is "type-speak"?
    Formidable indeed, but have you ever heard of Afro Samurai? The Hebrew Hammer? Not to boast, but this frizzled (though luxurious) mass of mane is Sensei to them both.

    I feed it with 7-year-olds. :D
    I wish I had a camera, the Jew fro is in it's "massive" stage lately. Any larger and I do believe it may start absorbing things. >_>

    Last chance to duck out!
    I get that a lot... I'm starting to think people generally have a very poor opinion of me, case in point: merely changing my profile pic raised your esteem for me, so exactly how awfully low was it?

    Thanks, I'm glad somebody liked it : ) I'd like to make another video but cannot for the life of me come up with any more ideas *thinks really really super hard* Nope. Nothing : (
    I'm sure most people skip over them, but I guess as long as at least one person is checking them out, I'll keep posting them.
    He sent me a long, detailed explanation of how it works. It's interesting, want it?
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