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  • Hey, are you a fan of dubstep artist Skream? I noticed one of his album covers features your av's photo (Skreamizm Vol 1).
    I'm glad my comments gave some pause for consideration regardless of which way your views take shape.

    As a matter of personal background, when I was younger, I leaned quite heavily toward the position many hard determinists hold now. While I don't think my views were wrong, I've come to think there are other facets to the issue I hadn't been considering before. Truth be told, I don't know exactly where I stand either apart from being some form of compatibilist, but it's at least been interesting to think about.
    RE:Really liked your personal anecdote in Pizza Hut. Great post

    Thank you, I wasn't sure anyone read it! And I just discovered a new thing here. I didn't know I had a visitor wall!
    Hm I imagine reading it in Danish would be a much more enjoyable experience. Lucky you :D

    And that's funny because I went into it looking for religious perspectives and was interested in his general philosophy on secondarily.
    I've been reading him as well. Though, more secondary stuff about his ideas, but also The Sickness Unto Death. His writing style bugs me, and I don't have time at the moment to struggle through it. What do you think of him?

    Also figured it went with my username, and I had a Camus avatar at one point.

    Probably going to change it pretty soon though.
    Heh.. hey thanks, great minds think alike ;). It's ok to be a little cocky, INTPs can have a tendency to be like that, usually inadvertently or in a cheeky way though. But that guy... I can't even take him seriously, heh. Unbelievable.
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