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Dimensional Transition

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  • I noticed actually. At first I thought you might be, but it passed quite quickly and I soon lost your accent altogether. You're right, it's untraceable at times. o.o
    I might send it to my Dutch friend if you don't mind, she's studying English, and some nonsense about a British accent. She's desperate to lose her American accent, probably why she visited my country.

    It's funny, I was discussing my long held back plans to revive the forums snapvine in a new form only days before you posted that thread. Seems like a good time to go through with them.
    You could help me kick start it up with some readings/Chatter, I would pay to sleep with your voice. ;,;
    Oh. Nevermind, I just downloaded it.

    Strange. You don't sound Dutch. Or at least, you don't sound like the English speaking ones I know. They sound a tad American.
    For a minute I thought you were Irish.!

    Oh. Your voice is beautiful by the way, you should read nonsense on the radio.:)
    You flatter me, good sir or madam (I could never discern your gender, not that I really looked into it).
    Your avatar is the middleagedmanlookingtotheright-liest of all.

    Okay, changed my mind. You're coming home with me. I need a slave to make me heart shaped things on demand.

    *Puts you in a sack and walks off humming to himself*
    I hope you like Villainous Irish castles!^~^
    Pretty sexy, but you could writhe some more you know.
    Alright, you can live, but I demand you make me a latte!
    Rather difficult to spell too! But distractions won't save you!
    Now choose, which organ do you least like!?
    Or you could beg for mercy? That's always nice to watch. :3
    Treacherous wyrm!

    You have changed it again! And you failed to respond to my praise!

    I shall knife you where you stand!
    Apologies, I never got back to you.
    Bad Melkor...

    It is much better I think, though not as pretty as I had hoped, at least it isn't watching me.0-0
    I'm not even sure if I like it, I'm just trying it out. And yea I miss Goaf's maninchair. It was...disturbing, in a good way though. Mine looks a little too feminine to be cool.
    Wow, a title gained through cheating is really important to you huh? Lol.

    /passive aggressiveness

    I just noticed it was gone, again. Eh. I'm honest with myself so I don't have to care.
    tee hee

    wasn't me though. Ragnar had to roll back some parts of the forums due to technical problems.
    the problem I had was people calling me man in chair. Drove me nuts :D and I am only 17 not 67 or something.
    I will explain better when I have more time good sir. But suffice to say, he is a dark lord from the lore of Tolkien! Whom I take a great interest in and admiration of.
    I may even relate to him somewhat.
    Thank you for taking an interest.
    Good that you compare to such madmen? Heh. I like your attitude. :3 Though I'll be pestering you for a painting now. :P
    Something more calm, more elegant. Gentle or uncomplex.

    Instead you put me more in mind of the madness of Picasso or Dali (who happens to be my favourite artist.:})
    Christ. I'd kill for half of your talent.
    Those are very unique, not what expected, such frightful colour.
    Though they are rather disturbing... o.o you must have a fascinating mind.
    Oh? I should very much like to see such paintings, if you'd care to share. Oh, thanks for the offer, but it seems to be a forum error. No images at all will upload for me, on various computers. Hrm... Who knows...
    Ugh, I was going to get an avatar to illustrate this, but sadly it won't allow me to upload.


    Eyes are only nice to look at if they're painted.

    I can't imagine a world without painted eyes.
    You want me to be comforted by a creepy alien being WATCHING my every move?
    *Retreats to a corner while shuddering madly*

    Make it stopppppp!
    Well, I dislike having to make eye contact at the best of times. It's so irritating when people demand your gaze, and after hours of complaining, you're forced to explain that, in actual fact, it's impossible to look someone in the eyes, because one can only focus on one eye at a time, and such a choice... Which one!?

    In the end, you have to gape at the bridge of their nose, which is just silly, and I can't keep it up for more than a few minutes. Most of my sentences are addressed to walls and ceilings...

    Now, add another four eyes... thats another four options, and three times as many reasons to be berated by your fellow man for insisting on minimal eye contact!
    I find your avatar to be horribly disturbing.

    Your profile picture on the other hand, is rather comforting. I wish peoples faced shattered so easily...:(
    !! It's funny cause I was thinking what if I had a touch screen(with fingers though).
    I knew it man. lol

    Get the fuck out of here.

    I'm just curious as to how you managed to beat my score in one day, and with 10k+ points at that. Call it my natural human instincts to use inductive reasoning, but I can't help but call BS.
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