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Dimensional Transition

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  • so here's my newly minted account:


    some of the painting (poorly photographed, and partly done) is in there, as is some photos I've taken (poorly photographed as well...)

    I might put some ink stuff that I like better on at a later date.
    What art do I make? Right now...the crappy painting kind that isn't online. Before that, the alright ink drawings that aren't online. I'll take some pictures and make one of those deviant art accounts, probably worth it seeing as my family back home wants to see what I've made (argh.)
    As a concept, your third one really strikes me, as I'm a biology major and a monist (the philosophy that "mind" and "brain" are the same, there is no soul). It's title of "wisdom," combined with simple biological forms all squished together in the center there, just seems to be a depiction of that philosophy. Mind? what mind? Wisdom? what wisdom? It's all in the brain, the neurons and glia cells and synapses.

    As to your fourth one, I can tell it's much older, but your style is still apparent and use of color, some of the same exactness in representing the biological form (mostly in the arms and hands, as the troll head...thing...is more fantastical), and you clearly like working with imagery which is uncanny. The background is nice in the way that it is aesthetically interesting, yet not distracting from the focus, and ties in with the focus in overlapping with it (the red paint splotches) and also becoming part of the narrative (blood?) if one exists.
    The second one! Nice use of color, especially the green, purple, orangish-yellow combination. A lot of "psychedelic" art makes use of high-saturation triads of color (purple, yellow/orange, green), because of the supposed similarity of the experience of viewing those colors together and the psychedelic experience. I wouldn't know, exactly, but I could see it making sense. The emphasis on the biology and anatomy of your person in this one (the cross-sectional nasal passages, saliva glands..) is interesting. Random, but the inside of the head-cavity made me think of a cathedral. Sort of a "and this is your brain on drugs" kind of picture. Composition-wise, the almost-symmetry is nice here, as it relates to biology and all (near perfect...never exact).
    Ah, you have good clean lines in those (unlike my painting thus far ...), and I really like the concepts(?), at least just what I've gotten from them. And the color usage, especially in the 2nd one where it is the strongest.

    The first I think might have been even better without the 3-dimensional spheres in the background, or having them made more like the atom/planet, flatter circle in the hand of the grotesque man, for a repetition of the theme and a more unified look that would keep the focus where I think you want it to be, in the foreground.

    On a more whimsical note, the yellow ground in back reminds me of how you've represented brains, and therefore leads me to think they are all standing on a brain, not a planet. And because of the teal color of the gunk in the man's throat, and the teal color of the little circle/atom/planet, I keep thinking he must eat those.
    Thanks! I'm in a painting class right now, and it will be good to add a contemporary artist to my list of "influences" for the next assignment, which is actually in the tryptic form I see Bavari has used in some of his works.
    Yea, I think the hi scores are rolled back occasionally because of updates or w/e.

    By the way, your av is epic...and purple
    I just realized when you said happy birthday you pretty much wrote at it my exact time of birth ..weird. 0_0
    Quite soundly.
    With a satisfied smile on my face and an evil cackle in my throat while I dream of all the lives I will bring misery too.


    {Charizard says hi}
    Taking the lords name in vain!
    Your punishment must be increased!

    Make it a pokemon yaoi fanfiction.

    (Oh God. How do I sleep at night?)
    Oh don't worry. Should you fail to participate swiftly I will hastily find some Yaoi fanfiction for you to read. >:}
    It's called "message history' mister Dylan. You click 'view conversation' and scroll down.
    Shame on you of all people for forgetting the past!;)
    Totally forgot about that request.
    Planning a 'Read me something!' thread, so keep your eyes open and your tongue free!
    It's not. Go to view conversation. The click the boxes
    next to the two posts about that stuff that are weird
    and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and
    look to the left. You will see the option 'delete' selected
    just click the "go" link next to it after you've selected
    the two visitor messages.
    Sorry dude, I got deployed, and getting to the forum isn't so big priority any more. I visit when I can, though. In between missions and Dragon Age, my time is all gobbled up.
    good call on jack torrance. a decent book by stephen king but a phenomenal movie by stanley kubrick. peace.
    When it comes to cannabis: You get what you pay for. Never feel bad about spending too much. Quality is worth the price for medicinal grade. The "racing" and "paranoia" is usually caused by bad cannabanoids-these are prevalent in "mexican" or "ditch" weed. Buy from a reputable dispensary. The buds should be dense and you should be able to see the "crystals" frosting the buds. If it looks like it was chipped off a brick and you got alot of seeds you're not gonna have a good high.
    Haha, not sure if I should, I'm always knocking her attempts at a British accent.
    Just curious to see if she can trace your accent, as she's desperate to lose her own, it might inspire her!
    Not sure, though I'd love to hear some Yeats. ^~^ Normal voice of course!

    Let me think about it.
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