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  • I'm not sure about Arya. She's very black and white, and she hurts people who hurt her or her friends. There's not a lot of diplomacy or nuance there, although at least none of the gameplayers would survive; she'd just directly deal with problems. The problem is she can't handle gray well.

    He wasn't one of my favorite either, but pretty much all the people vying to be king now pretty much suck... except Daenyres. I agree with many of her social programs, and while she is starkly just, she also seems to care about the people in her kingdom. "Mother of Dragons" sums her up pretty well.

    Varys seems to think Tyrion has a large role to play, but right now he's kind of lost in his cups.

    I'm wondering when Bolton and Tywin will get sick of Frey and off him in turn.

    I want to see Tyrion squeeze Joffrey around the throat until his eyes pop out of his skull.

    And Ramsay is a sick fuck. Someone needs to put him down too, before he goes apeshit on a complete innocent.

    And... Arya. LOL. Her first kill; Daddy Hound is so proud.
    Yeah, exactly! You never know when something will get spoiled like that, you can't even search on similar items.

    That's another series I want to watch.

    Well, if I hadn't even known a Red Wedding existed, I'd have been a bawling mess last night, probably. instead it just left me with some dread... I knew something was coming... but I was ready for it. I'm sure for those who had no idea, it was mind-blowing.
    Well, not this forum. And it's for me, so that I won't have anything spoilered by accident. I've already had one or two unfortunate spoilers come up in the last week that I wasn't able to dodge, so...

    I mean, even Yahoo News is posting crap I have to dodge, in my news feed. :doh:
    Gawd, I'm so sick of watching GoT at this point, I keep hearing the theme music in my head when I'm trying to work!!

    Four more episodes to catch up before Sunday. I told you I started watching them about ten days ago, right? That's like 29 hours of GoT in ten days... and I have a full-time job and was busy on the weekends.

    The last time I did this was watching Breaking Bad this past winter -- about two weeks to watch 63 episodes or whatever it was. But they were shorter (42-45 min).
    Like I said, I just finished the Red Wedding. So I'm starting episode 30 tonight (and there's only 33 that have aired so far).

    Oh, and yeah, last I left him, Theon might be having a serious urination problem coming up here... maybe he and Varys can share tips!

    ^ pun intended *cough*
    Srsly, I was like, "Well, I guess I'm for Daenyres now fer shur." Everyone else left is a suckbag.

    Her bigger dragons are pretty badass.
    Just saw the Red Wedding episode.
    Fucking hell.

    Let's just kill everyone in political power in Westeros and start over.

    Go, go, Daenyres!
    Please do not mention any spoilers. I know OF the Red Wedding, but I don't know who dies. I'm on S3E3 right now, so I should find out by the weekend, I suppose.

    Arya is one of my favorite characters. Yeah, I'll be pretty upset if she dies.
    No def not, Theon Greyjoy turns out, um, very well.

    I'm sure -- just like Eddard Stark and every other character on this feel-good extravaganza!

    Kinda doesn't matter. There are some spoilers that aren't that surprising. (I won't be surprised if someone kills Joffrey for example, it's just a matter of time... that little creep.) Theon having further issues in regards to his manhood isn't very shocking either, it would just be transferring his social and emotional woes into the physical.
    Yeah, we've got our own branch of redneck-ism there and even a southern-like twang (with a few differences and not as severe as down south). my parents were imports to the area, so I only can hear it in my voice a little bit when I'm tired.

    haven't watched justified. I can't keep up with the shows nowadays.
    love the avatar (Fox and the Hound), personally I'm more of a Lion King kind of kid myself

    alas, I acknowledge the profound sadness and coming of age in both.
    Happiness is a good life goal; I think it is something a lot of people can strive for because it's vague enough to encompass any possible lifestyle / paradigms of thinking, and also almost impossible to be viewed as negative.

    After that, I guess, you can go wherever you want. It is perhaps true that I historically found happiness in abstract thought for its own sake. That may still be true, but I suspect I am in the midst of a transitional period.

    Knowledge, consciousness, spatial, bodily, or emotional awareness... they are all parts of a single greater whole. Putting one above the other would, to me, be a grave mistake, although my ideas at current tend to fixate on will, motion, and consciousness.
    I just wanted to let you know you're supposed to post your visitor message reply to the other person's wall.
    Actually haven't seem 'em. Just typed in "multiple attackers gif" in google. Maybe I'll check it out.
    HAHAHAHAH thanks :D

    dood. Ip man (1 and 2) WAS THE SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIt.

    There's a 3rd one too I think
    Pardon the lapse in response, your sudden jump from responding to my shout box (thus sending me a notification) to responding on your own made me think that you hadn't replied at all.

    I... completely disagree with your assessment of the merits of abstract thought, but perhaps that is merely due to just how much I think abstractly. It's pretty much the one defining point of my thought patterns.

    And sure, that definition of 'personality' is fine, but I tend to see behavioural patterns and interpersonal interactions as something which is, at the same time, both a consequence of some more abstract and innate idea welling from unconscious being, and as something which can and is, to a certain extent, socially and environmentally conditioned. Looking at personality as merely the effects rather than the causes, effects, unknown variables, AND how they all interact with each other, it is easy to see why one would think it is so easily changeable.
    We're just slightly more intelligent animals afterall. With, arguably,an overdeveloped capacity for abstract thought. This is NOT necessarily a good thing. And if not channeled, can result in all kinds of mental disorders, neuroses, psychoses, and so on.
    See, "more abstract" is something I strive to stay away from. Living in one's head alone is not always a good idea. And let's just say for now that "personality" is the way someone behaves, interacts, observable habits and movements.

    After all that training (and sorry to keep using that as an example, maybe next I'll use something like being on adderall or something) but I acted a LOT more like a meathead and ESTP from an outsiders percpective. Man I felt physically like a finely tuned machine. I was going out to bars and to the lake a LOT more, much more womanizing, partying. Something that is not the standard for me.
    Single, never planning and never wanted to get married and start a family. That's not something for me.

    I understand what you're saying, but I think (obviously I don't really know or what you felt so I of course can't be sure) that it is perhaps the case that what you were experiencing was a difference in physiological composition and perhaps neurological programming rather than anything so innate as 'personality'. But again, it depends on how one looks at the term. I perceive it as something very abstract, deep at the unconscious level, perhaps so much so that it basically remains hidden from everyone, including the individual. That is why all these trait-based typologies look at the manifestation of the core, because that is all they can look at. Of course, the further you are from the source, the more convoluted and unnecessarily complex things tend to become.
    On the note of "changing" personality, I don't think it's really possible, but it depends on how you define 'personality' and how deeply you go into it. I tend to look at it at base level, which is, as far as I can tell, certain propensities for different types of information that exists. A Jungian typology might define the different types of information within the confines of functions, and therefore view the functions as a sort of passive filter, with the ordering of the functions determining how different information is metabolised, and therefore how personality is manifested in that information. However, I get the feeling that most Jungian typology systems look at the manifestation of information, the outward expression of personality rather than personality itself, and I suspect this is what you refer to when you say your personality changed.
    I have to tell you, I believe I am about as introverted as they come. It seems that in real life, I purposely do certain things to avoid social contact as much as possible. There are, of course, certain times where I talk a lot, but it tends to be about rather, um, "introverted" topics, where the bulk of the people I know, sadly, are entirely incapable of keeping up a conversation I personally consider serious, or get antsy and bored if I'm just talking.

    I tend to be more prolific online, but I think the difference is that I'm not often talking to anyone in particular or writing for any real reason. It's kind of nice to be able to be at least somewhat social without having to directly interact with someone, and it is nice knowing I can end the conversation at any time and never have to talk to that person again.

    Over time, I made some friends with some of the people here, who actually represented several different types, but now that I think of it, most of whom were INFJ. There aren't really any INFJs around now that I feel I would resonate with in the same way. At any rate, I kind of feel like my typing is more circumstantial or perhaps even a particular blend and mishmash of functions and patterns of thoughts rather than fitting in neatly anywhere. There is also the potential problem of my core personality having significantly changed since I first arrived here. There are really too many variables, and my knowledge base in this subject is fairly weak, so I don't really like to speculate on it.

    They are all rigorous and dichotomous systems which promote thinking about people in rigorous and dichotomous ways. The key thing one should get out of typology is that people are different and think in different ways. Anything else is useless mental wankery at best, and entirely false systematizing of a complex reality at worst.

    I have to say, I most definitely found this place magical when I first arrived, for many months. I quite enjoyed the discussion and people even though it always kind of seemed like the things I said were coming from a slightly different perspective than the other self-professed INTPs. Guess that's why people were typing me as not an INTP. I also had fairly pervasive, though undiagnosed, social and mental "problems" at that first. Kinda still do, actually. Heh.

    No, believe me, I understand what it is you are saying, and I had a similar experience when I took the MBTI, got INTP, and came here. Over time, I grew more skeptical of the whole thing, and while it never stopped being true that I resonated a lot with every INTP description put in front of me, I always wondered how much of that resonation was due to Forer effect. By the time I got to other Jungian systems, I cared little for how type relates to and manifests itself in me, instead looking at how the types can function as certain archetypes of personality and how the different systems described different aspects of the singular whole of personality. I stopped caring before I got very far into it though.
    I have been called many things. It seems that people tend to think I am INTP or INFJ, with some on the fringe claiming either INTJ or ENTP, and perhaps one or two others. Luckily for me, I don't really care anymore, nor would I pay special attention to the group of four letters even if I did. Regardless of what system one is inclined to use with regards to Jungian typology, I find I resonate most with NiXe. MBTI give me INTP consistently, Socionics tests give me ILI consistently, and function tests give Ni and Ti as my most valued functions consistently, so take all of this as you will.
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