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  • Wow! I sometimes wondered where life had taken you. Surprising, isn't it? The things we find ourselves doing....

    But if happiness is determined to find you, your number's up and that's it! Enjoy it ;)

    I hope you'll keep sharing your news, too. It's great to hear from you!
    Haha! Circling the drain!


    Well, it took me a good while of circling before it became an inevitability. But now, which side of the hole are we on? Hmm? Is this the universe of light or darkness? Did the event horizon crush us? Are we even alive?

    Noohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Not teh forumz again! :storks:

    Welcome back. You know... for whenever the force of gravity wins :D

    Wily, eh? I'll add that to my list of compliments ;)
    A bit of social drama, as usual. Cryptic typology wars; a dramatic exit here, tantalising entrance there; egos.... Cav has seen the best action :D

    But I've only been back for a few months, really. And mostly just watching. Something tempted me to start posting again... might have been the mass ingress of ENTPs.

    I think everyone from the early days must have a secret (or not so) book they're working on. Seems like everyone went away to write. Maybe we'll see the fruits of your pen one day - Noddy has shared his! (As always, no shame >;)
    Hmm... so you sneak back for a peek at the madhouse now and then?

    I thought I was gone from here, cured... But here I am, posting again!

    And we almost had EB back. Strange world.

    I wonder where the old folk are sometimes :D
    Point taken...I think it would be an intriguing experiment, at least. It would be interesting to see what people would do, given the chance to break off into smaller communities inside a community. Get working on the coding, and we'll see. :P
    I like the idea of it being invite-only...possibly by subforum moderators, or just members of the domain itself?
    However, the main problem I see with these domains is...what's to stop people who, upon entering a domain, would post solely on threads in there? If people just stopped posting in the subforum itself, it would make it hard for new members to make enough of a presence to be accepted into a domain (by invite or postcount, either way)...and we'd just become a closed-off little group of elitists. =/
    Hmm. It does sound intriguing...breaking people into more intimate circles while still keeping the forum open for everyone to converse in. Hum.
    What would stop people from enlisting in different domains? If they could be part of multiple ones (which I imagine most people would be...we're all curious about what's behind "keep out" doors), it would be like the subgroups...perhaps a little smaller, but not much.
    Also, if being part of multiple domains was not an option, I wonder if people would actually take advantage of the smaller atmosphere. Even those of us who long for the small-community feel of the old intpf might get turned off if there are only, say, three or four people who belong to our domain. Maybe a compromise could be reached...allowing people to be part of a certain number of domains, perhaps?
    Anyway, it's intriguing. Is this system something you just formed, or have you seen it in action somewhere?
    Bahhhh, I thought I answered you a long time ago. ><
    I'm not sure if I understand the difference between this "domain" and the forum subgroups we currently have..? Are you suggesting we should confine people to a certain topic?
    There's some glaring problems with it that I need to correct, but once I've made those corrections I'd love to get your input. I'll definitely need objective eyes. I'm kind of discouraged about it right now, but I'm in too deep to quit.
    I get that feeling with Fight Club, if that makes sense. I agree that it is likely not the intended ending, but was perhaps an avenue explored in the creation of it. I've never studied the creation of the film, and I've only seen it once, so it's just a hunch either way. The only thing I would suggest is that Norton is really just a passenger even to the end of the film. Brad guides all the actions that lead up to the final scene. And really what they are witnessing through the window is Brad's dream being realised, perhaps as much in the transformation of Norton's character as in the window display. Maybe the subliminal message is just to show, irregardless of Brad's death, that Norton has been transformed to an extent that he is unrecognisable to his initial self? I would've thought that message would be relevant to the filming scene though as it's too co-incidental, I think they were flashing porn images in the cinema as well, lol.

    Hi, I figured I'd comment here, regarding FC, as it isn't relevant to the thread in hindsight.

    I stand corrected! (Regarding you posting)

    If you've ever played Final Fantasy 8 it has this similar feeling to it that the writers changed the ending last minute, but because it's changed there is evidence of the previous ending left in the game. People have written tons hypothesising that one of the characters was actually the main villain's past self (time travelling is involved in the game). There's enough evidence in the game to make it plausible, but it's likely not the real ending.
    I don't want to self publish, I'm going to try it the old fashioned way even though it's a long shot. I've still got a long way to go to finish it. The second draft needs major changes. I suppose I'm just trying to find a constructive way of working out my issues with religion. It's been a learning experience.
    Okay. Overhwhelmed at work. I finally finished a first draft of my novel so I'm trying to get a second draft of it done. Other than that, nothing much has changed.
    The fact that I still don't know what you're talking about should probably tip you off. xD I mean I know there's a new post/recent activity thingy, I've just never used it.
    Who knows...I think a smaller forum community tends to force introverts out of their shells a bit more. Like, right now threads will keep moving just because new people are responding to the first post...but if there are less people then the ones who already posted are forced to actually reply to someone else in order to create new material. Or maybe we older members are just better. :D
    Uuhhh. Recent activity option, hurr durr?
    I think I'd like to find a hole, provided there's internet access down there...
    The forum is much less personable than it used to be. It's uncomfortable and stiff; people have the same old habit of posting mainly about their own experiences and habits, but it feels...shallow somehow. With so many members replying to the lighter threads (in the Lounge and INTP boards, for example), it's rare to see an actual conversation spark between posters...and that's sad, because you don't get a feel for who people are behind their avatars and usernames.
    I try not to be bitter about how much the forum has changed, but I do miss the days when Noddy prowled the forums like a perverted blue uncle and Melkor and Cog pursued their silly violent romance into the night...
    That's just my impression of things though, obviously. It makes me happy when a familiar face such as yourself decides to pop back up...I was beginning to think I was the only one left from early '08. :)
    Ugh. I know. I've been trying to get down to one of the night at the OMSI evenings but it just hasn't worked out. I've been working overnights a lot lately, job hunting, and trying to deal with venues and all that other wedding related stuff. Suffice to say it's been busy in my neck of the woods.
    Oh hey! I just noticed that you're a mod. <----that's a long story actually. How long have you been one?
    the forum certainly is an excellent time sink.
    ah yes, productivity.....
    damned thing, I suppose I should focus on it more as well.

    I remember the 'good ol' days' when I never felt the desire to troll, just because this place just felt special. Now I find it difficult just to be civil sometimes. I try though, that counts right?
    still lurking eh
    How have you been?
    Good genes?

    Where can I get some and how to inject them?

    Ah, filthy street urchin are you?

    Pity, pity!
    Ah, to better represent your stick-like frame and frail demeanour.

    I see, how clever.
    Do you suppose you could whip me up some form of untraceable toxin while you're at yer' chemistry?

    You're rather handsome for an INTP male ya' know.

    ^Thats not a declaration of interest by the way, moreover a poorly constructed compliment from madman to another.
    (I mean, I really only go in for the girls and girlish!)
    OH GOD. I want the dodgy looking door-stopper-device in your avatar!

    Wasting time on the little things consumes the majority of my life.

    It's weird that you^^^^, look EXACTLY like your old chemist avatar.

    Is this coincidence?
    Hehe. Damn. I get attacks of the literalisms at the most annoying times. Excellent.

    Wisp was high on my suspect list, but I just didn't get the blue-bird/Jay bit. Plus he is still here...

    I thought he was someone meant to have flown away :p

    I'll try not to jump in now I know... but you may have to add a little rapid-set to your mix if anyone is going to solve it soon ;p.
    Where are you Decaf!? I want closure over your member riddle!

    I'm such a J like that, you know. ;p
    You don't like Will Ferrell but you do like Stranger Than Fiction? Are you my long lost brother? ;)
    Speaking of which... it turns out our OMSI trip coincides with Super Bowl Sunday. I hope you won't mind missing the big game

    In response to whether or not I'm into sports I usually respond with the following: So, football...that's the one with the ball that goes into the hole right? With the sticks? Oh, wait! It's the one with the net and the black and white ball you kick? Don't tell me! Is there singing involved?

    I suppose you should be warned. :D
    "In fact when I try to make a point, it tends to cause tension even if its something I think they'd agree with."

    Hmmm...I've never really thought about it that way but I see your...point? :D (I couldn't help myself)

    We do have a "not intending to step on your toes" dance we do if we feel like an important personal point needs to be made but otherwise there's no real problems in that area. It usually ends with me saying something along the lines of, "I'm just saying it's something to keep in mind". He responds well to that...but then it's in his interest to do so ;)
    THE ROCKETEER. I remember. I'm hip. I'm cool. I'm with it. Thanks for creating a Portland Club, I feel great now. ASS HOLE (just kidding, you're a good person).
    your avatar is causing me HUGE nostalgia.
    only problem.. is that i forget that characters name, and what he is from.
    was something from my really early childhood..
    You who posted the links to Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, are now my hero.
    That is all.
    I'm working on my aggressiveness, I really am. It used to be so much worse than it is now, but it is not a part of me that I am very proud of.
    haha absolutely not. I'm here for America. I want to help this country, and I'm particularly intrigued with Oregon's unemployment situation and whatnot.. as I really want to move into that area. I AM interested in global issues, but I'd like to you know.. think globally, act locally. I have no idea how I'll ever find a job in Oregon though. Life is so complicated. I've finally got some goals, but they seem so out of reach.
    So reading the thread I am delighted that you brought up a few of my favorite movies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Shaun of the Dead and Army of Darkness.
    I also must say I have a luchadora mask from Mexico. Ahem

    Great idea though. I'm in the same boat as some of the members who posted. Broke student, which is a shame because I love traveling.
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