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  1. Cosmic

    5 Favorite Bands/Music Artists

    Iron Maiden Nightwish VNV Nation Infected Mushroom Tool
  2. Cosmic

    Have you experienced INTP loneliness & isolation?

    yes. i was an outcast as a kid for being overwhelming, eccentric, and insensitive (well-intentioned for the most part, but insensitive nonetheless). the lingering social anxiety, shyness, and hate for loneliness shaped me into a self-conscious individual who tried very hard to be polite...
  3. Cosmic

    Do you listen to music for the meaning, for the tune, or both

    ^this is why i love this forum
  4. Cosmic

    Do you listen to music for the meaning, for the tune, or both

    tunes and atmosphere for the most part, but lyrics can either make or break a song for me
  5. Cosmic

    How to be less serious (if you're INTP)

    mindfulness exercise and meditation helps, i've read
  6. Cosmic

    why are INTP's partial to drugs? i thought INTP's didn't like emotional manipulation. . .

    hi Words, the consensus among the profiles i've read would seem to suggest that manipulation by inanimate objects are indeed relevant. i should've stated it earlier, but the examples i illustrated regarding movies and music are ones that are presented often enough regarding the topic of INTP's...
  7. Cosmic

    why are INTP's partial to drugs? i thought INTP's didn't like emotional manipulation. . .

    based on INTP profiles, it seems that INTP's don't generally like our emotions to be manipulated. i myself can attest that i am picky with the music i choose to listen to at any given moment. it depends highly on how i'm feeling, and i'm not too open to change the way i'm feeling and accommodate...
  8. Cosmic

    Staying Up Late

    i stay up late because i always have stuff i need to or want to do before the day ends. and then if i have the ability to sleep in, there's no way in hell i won't as much as i'll tell myself otherwise. due to my habits, being free during the day is a luxury for me, and i get caught up in the...
  9. Cosmic

    Sleep Deprivation

    72 hours. i was cramming for finals, and it was honestly as easy as poppin' caffeine pills. then i took ephedrine to be ultra awake for my last final and i got lost three times getting there due to loopy absent-mindedness. and i looked cracked out when i got there half an hour later. =x aced it...
  10. Cosmic

    Rate What the Person Above You is Listening To

    7/10 partial to more melodic stuff, but the intense clashy ambiance is pretty sick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHTxCquyn14
  11. Cosmic

    What are you all reading?

    took a break from Crime and Punishment to start Dracula. took a break from Dracula to reread Demian in Spanish.
  12. Cosmic

    you obtain a time machine. what do?

    party with flappers and brag about it when i'm back
  13. Cosmic


    Sarah Jarosz is full of win.
  14. Cosmic

    What's on your mind right now?

    uhhh spacetime, relativity, radioactive decay, sequence, planck epoch. no links, but all things that can be entertaining to look up on wikipedia if you have hours to kill
  15. Cosmic

    What's on your mind right now?

    dear ego, fuck you. why am i such a pussy and wtf was possibly going on in my head that justify rejecting the opportunity to dance yesterday with he who continues to underhandedly give my thoughts and daydreams direction the moment i let my guard down. asghjdglkj gonna watch some cowboy bebop...
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