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  • Makes me less threatening, no? I thought it odd that my words were mild but people got worked up over them, it had to be the avatar so I decided to try an experiment. So far seems to be working.
    Cooly, I'd have to listen closer. No promises, I don't mind giving out general advice because it might benefit a number of people but try to avoid spending the time on specific advice.

    On AA: it happened last year or late the year earlier. TimeAsylums got heavily involved in the thread and for some reason it got a lot of attention. Probably about then.
    Probably one of my strongest character traits is adaptability/flexibility. I like to try things and explore, for the purpose of learning.

    Have you considered the possibility that even the photos I've posted are just yet ANOTHER specifically chosen slant on myself? ;) I like to play at being warm, but I'm not quite as warm as I seem -- I don't know how to do it. I'm more aloof.

    My actual self is kind of non-descript. People say I exude openness, but much of the life of who I am happens inside, not outside; it takes effort to extravert it.

    Probably openness + freaky-weird/fun/unsettling 5w4 stuff (with the two types almost balanced) describes me best. I am constantly thinking and finding consistency/inconsistency in things, inside; but I remain open to new data and change.
    When I was a boy, I wished to play a game with the name coolydude (as opposed to cooldude). Losing my account, and unavaliablity transformed this into coolydudey60 (which I prefer), which has a really nice rhyme. That user exists on this forum, and was banned a while ago. I w let back on with this username.
    What is wrong with liking vagina-shaped eclipses as a female? @_@

    What I really wanted to say is that math is merely a formalized system projecting intuitively gathered information about how phenomenal reality works into the higher order of logic. This is the more general reason that 1+1 does not necessarily equal 2.
    Warning: explicit content (and context)

    Hahahahahaha..... There's no definitive evidence pointing to my sex though, and if I was a girl and liked vagina-shape eclipses, that would be weird.
    Making double threads, especially when there are recently active threads about the same topic because your posts in regular threads don't get the attention you think they deserve is not going to be looked at favorably. They are going to be closed or merged.

    Your two recent threads about evolution and time travel have several counterparts already, as you are well aware, yet choose to ignore it.
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