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  • Where is your avatar sourced from? It seems strangely familiar, though probably only due to its aesthetic resonance to innumerable JRPG protagonists.
    Hi you. Investigation shows that you are not on any lists nor have any suspect IPs etc., so it looks like pure chance. Occasionally the machine self-moderates randomly just to annoy everyone.
    Hello you terrifying man. (: My posts are being moderated - why is that and what can I do to fix it?
    Hi Melkor

    It is very likely due to the recent server upgrade our hosts performed. See this thread elsewhere.

    See if it works over the next week, having settled down; if not they can be asked to make some php variables writable.

    I have a genuine problem, by which I mean one outside the boundaries of psychology.

    I can't upload avatars. At first I thought it was the one image, but it turns out that even my current avatar informs me it is an 'invalid file' when I try to re-upload it.

    Nor does reducing the quality or size avail me.

    Is this is a personal problem with my laptop or a forum error?

    God knows!
    I don't know if you're responsible for organizing.

    But if you are, good job!
    This was on the first message here, by me:

    'Above are the Lords of Hell --- Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Leviathan, Mammon, Sakutarou and Satan by Jyuri.

    Not necessarily in that order.'
    Those breasts on your wallpaper biddies seem impossibly large. Also, the pants...where is this school located exactly?
    Super mod? *amazed look* I honestly had no idea. I just thought you were this very clever guy

    (I'm not sucking up, in anyway.)

    Right, now I'm off to post the same thing on Decaf's page.
    No problem Claverhouse. Hope everything is well.

    Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday :)
    Pardon the random accusation but you strike me as INTJ. It's due to the amount of allusions, the symbolic birds and the perhaps esoteric jokes. Oh well, type doesn't seem important to you anyways, correct?

    Are you fond of 'meta-humor'?
    Oh, hello. I had not even realized you had posted a response to my question, seeing as how it was posted on your profile and I received no notifications. But whatever. By now, I don't really care anymore. I have severely conflicting ideas, beliefs, values, and morals. Yep... don't really know what that has to do with anything, but I felt like I should say it.

    Few people intrigue me so much as you do. Take that how you will. I have my reasons.
    We don't really do emotion at all well, so that may not be the best persuasion. Particularly for adding smilies, which is akin to threading very tiny needles with rather thick thread as far as pleasure goes. however it will be looked into. In the meantime, I assume you've browsed the extended smiley list ?
    Is it possible to get a basic sad face emoticon embedded into the code here? I have been disheartened more than a few times while on this forum, and, to express my dissatisfaction, I obviously reached for such a thing, only to find it is not there. How could an emotion so essential and basic to the human quintessence be entirely overlooked?
    About his political leanings, as he stated before: He'd sooner eat a sand pie than vote for Obama, but doesn't believe healthcare is socialism. I agree with at least one of those statements, but I voted for Obama, as he was the better of two evils, and the independents don't stand a chance in hell.
    Ragnar's cousin Claverhouse is much more polite...don't tell Ragnar I said this. I hope he doesn't see this..
    Why thanks...

    Actually, tis more complicated: I am permitted by my trusting cousin in his prolonged absence to use his log-in for server work that only the founding admin can do.
    OMG didn't know ragnar and claverhouse were the same person :< I send loves your way.
    *blinks* I'm an absolute royalist, seriously: means that one chooses right or left policy as appropriate, just as Kings do. Kaiser Wilhelm II was a dangerous socialist leftie compared to Bush II...

    Rabid Guardian-reading liberal!

    Hey, but I thought you were more socialist-leaning.
    Pssst, you posted that on your own profile.

    Actually, it was adoration, perhaps your subconscious failsafe deleted it before you could get to it?

    I mean, who the hell wants to be admired!?
    Well, I certainly didn't delete. I can accept honest criticism as well as any Renaissance Italian.

    'If it takes a thousand years....'
    Well, were you a baby demon, the gratification would cause you to explode.

    Thirsty little devils, demons...
    Above are the Lords of Hell --- Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Leviathan, Mammon, Sakutarou and Satan by Jyuri.

    Not necessarily in that order.
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