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  • Ckm?

    Apologies for disturbing.

    I was just skimming through my ipod last night, when I realised I was quite lacking in one thing.


    I only have one song by a female artist, coincidentally, on a male dominated album (White stripes, Elephant), the rest are mostly exclusively male, and a rare few of the Pink Floyd tracks have snippits of women.
    I suspect that you, being a music guru, and also unlikely to suggest Lady Ga-ga or the like, could help.

    I might make a thread, and then you can post in that if you like.
    Votes for what I wonder?

    Your Joyce-centric dream sounds fascinating, really.

    The sort of perfect dream authors so greedily desire, or the unlikely kind that appear in novels.

    It puts me in mind of one I had in which I was C.S.Lewis, physically old, but mentally, so much sharper than myself.Curious, how did my mind become witty for the purpose of the dream? Or was it simply a clever illusion, a dream drug telling me I was oh-so snappy and intellectually sublime.

    Do you have any more to share?
    I'm glad you like it. I also just happened to link you 3 more albums you really need :D
    1. I liked your response to the stepbrother thread, which is what prompted me to peruse your profile
    2. download this http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7JMXC245
    it's st vincent's album 'marry me', idk if you have it already but I think its better than 'actor'
    I'd have to say Kid A, though In Rainbows is probably my most-listened-to album. Whatcha think of the M83 album?
    Yea.. I thought he was a couple things.. why did you think you were INFJ? Also, you listen to like everything that is awesome. I was looking at your M83 plays and you don't have any from the album Before the Dawn Heals Us. You should.
    It might have been Plato (left), or Aristotle (right), or both. Also, that Thom Yorke thread was like one of my first threads! It's pretty funny going back to it and wondering how I could possibly have thought he was an ISFP at that time. An overlap, you say? You don't happen to have a last.fm, do you?
    Hey! I feel like I should have said hi to you by now, but haven't.. so here I am!
    That's the point of the question mark :D. Thank you for the recommendations, good night!
    Portishead is awesome too! And of course I've heard of Sigur Ros, but I haven't listened to many of their songs yet. I have to be in a particular mood to listen to them, I think. I only know one Sufjan Stevens song, care to recommend his best?
    Ooh, that's terrible! I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale just to be sure, and I'm glad I did. Other bands, you ask? Erm, it really depends on what I'm in the mood to listen to, but right now it's something like: Radiohead, Incubus, The Shins, and Nine Inch Nails. Along with other songs from a bunch of different artists. How about you?
    I like a few of the songs off the new one, but it's just not the same... Blah. I like Origin of Symmetry as well. They've been one of my favorite bands for a while. I'm going to see them in concert in September and I'm so excited! I've seen a video on their website for Deadstar done live and it looks so epic.
    In work! It's good fun, not bad at all!


    annnddd, you're either very busy, got me on ignore, or giving me the cold shoulder.:x

    Ouch, very ouch, that dampens my good mood somewhat>.>
    Hey, you'll probably ignore this but bleh..

    Everything has been resolved.

    Went out with a girl who I've been romatically inclined to for ages, I'd been ignoring her texts arranging it for nearly a year:x

    Starting my new job today, quite terrified, but maybe I'll find some joy-

    Also,I've written something solely for you, to demonstrate my prefered craft, and I have a few music reviews on a file at Uni addressed to ya.

    Hows that for compassion?

    Hope you are well.
    You had a technical problem, yes?

    It may be that you accidentally unchecked the box during registration, or the admins have removed it from default since my time, possibly due to storage issues. There's a little white box you can check in your options, just scroll to 'private messaging'

    User cp>edit options> private messaging>'save sent messages by default'

    Once done all pm's will appear in your sentbox just as if they arrived in someone elses, useful if you're reading up on convo's past and need ref
    Online or not online? My, everday I am assailed with questions, and every week I am inflicted with apathy. Both make a very unhappy bunny!
    :D hrmmm, methinks I could get far with these threats of unelaborate and minute methods of e-communication.

    "*ahem* Mr. President, I suggest you relinquish all control to me, as you see, there are no less than twenty four single paragraph emails prepared in individual outboxes and all tracked and ready to leave for your personal email address...yes, I am quite serious."
    Thanks for your pm^^

    I really must say they cheer me up these days.


    Do you have any form of instant messaging? I might be a lot worse at direct communication, but it at least means that I can answer most of your questions today! That, or you will suffer about ten mini pm's:D
    Heh, what dreadful news. As for me, I had the most awful night, depression can keep one awake apparently! But I'm all doped up now, and too sickly sweet to be unhappy.:D You're the best.
    I had a terrible sleep, and a vivid nightmare in which a treacherous lover was having an msn conversation that was too blurry and high speeded for me to keep up with, though the parts I could were depressed and insulting.

    I woke up very distressed and spent the rest of the night attacking my worth.:<
    Oh! Have to hurriedly leave for bed! It's been fun;p I'll try not to dream of out-witting you through sick games until your cutsey demeanour is broken and you become a shadowy demon creeturr. :D I'll dream of Pikachu instead.:^^ Night!
    Oh cac. You just had to give an obvious answer I'd missed entirely! :$ How embarassing for me. To pay you back, I'm going to listen to all your requests, and then make lots of horribly polite comments about them and your musical tastes, until you feel so threatened you go hide somewhere dark and snuggly.>:3 mwahahahah.
    Why though? :x I don't mean to sound self-disgusted, but I'm not at all interesting, why should you be interested in *my* writing specifically? I PM'ed you by the by! You can't not reply when it's so short, and I'm so needy (and very much online:D)
    On the topic of writing... Are you that curious? Or will you even get round to reading it?;p

    If so, I will most definately consider it!

    Just let me pick out a half decent one, polish it, demean it greatly, transfer correctly and...present.
    Okay!:D I'm just glad you let me know that, I get fearfully paranoid when people don't seem to reply.

    Have a nice flight! Wave to me, I'm up near the top someplace!;p
    I truly miss that old game, and my amazing and originally named Squirt the Squirtle!

    I think I had every pokemon, plus mew, and had a host of level one-hundred death machines.

    Then my little sister deleted it and I realised that three years of my childhood had just vanished.


    I miss my purple see-through game boy colour with it's well worn edges and sand/mud/grass/twig filled crevices.
    About the way you typed Thom Yorke: First off, great job, but I am curious as to what method did you use? Did you read his functions off of his face like I do, or did you do it a different way?
    Well, I identify as INTP, but that's questionable.

    It could very well be wishful thinking on my part, coupled with a tendency to be less than honest while taking the test...
    I figure either I'm an INFP with intellectual interests, or an INTP with a pretty well-developed Fe. ( That would make sense, since I was raised by a high F parent who was always stressing how important it was to understand how other were feeling... )

    Anyways, yeah. I confuse myself. :)

    I was actually surprised by this forum, there seem to be quite a few of us who aren't perfectly sure where we stand when it comes to F and T.
    Hey. :)
    I just noticed your usertitle thing was 'INTP in disguise'... Am just wondering whether that meant anything in particular?
    It's somewhat coincidental, as somebody recently described me as an INFP disguised as an INTP. :phear:
    No I live in the city on Wellington Road which is very high up. How bad was it there, was your house flooded?
    ha ha, no, I love it... no intrusion at all. :)

    I hope you're okay, I wasn't really happy when I was 20, I was scared of a lot of things and didn't know what to do in situations with others much of the time. But it gets better, the more you learn and experience.

    Happy upcoming birthday! Yours is on Thanksgiving this year? That's sort of special.
    Damn, it really is a small world. I'd watch out for Melkor, he's got a thing for anyone who lives in Ireland so he may start stalking you.
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