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  • He was pretty much peak delusional. Just about everything else about him was normal though, but dead serious about being VP. I really wonder why it lasted so long. I've had some delusions while high, but I was aware of it immediately afterward.

    Don't think I've encountered DID irl. Most of the mood & schizo spectrum, avoidant, schizotypal, and borderline for sure. And addicts.
    Bipolar is one that the general public doesn't understand and tends to underestimate its impact, I assume because they associate it with depression, which is also underestimated because they conflate it with mere sadness. Untreated mania can be absolutely disabling. I know someone who honestly believed they were Donald Trump's running mate for 2 months straight, wrote and gave speeches, etc. Personality disorders (not just personality skews, but full blown disorders) are also underestimated.

    Schizo-spectrum is the opposite. Mention that prefix and people freak the fuck out for no reason.
    Generally, I think a lot of psych Dx are overblown, meanwhile people act as if some of the more serious ones don't even exist.

    The diagnosis would change to low level autistic spectrum according to the DSM V, but a re-evaluation might also show it to be nothing in some cases because there was a pretty decent variance among aspergers folks under the old system anyway. I'd think the latter would be more frequent if one were under the care of folks using old Dx labels and got evaluated by someone on the more competent end of the doctor spectrum.
    I've thought about it but I don't think there would be much in there that hasn't been better said elsewhere. And I have some friends still in the politics game who might not like a tel all confessional piece by a guy who got out.
    Eh not really. I went in pretty cynical. I thought my guy had a good shot of winning and wanted to ride coat tails. I mostly left because I was paid terribly but also because I realized I'm not a soulless lizard person driven purely by ambition. It was kind of fun though to do just for a little bit. There was a lot of drinking and I even spied on an opponent.

    It also became clear that the tide was turning and moderate establishment folks were getting run out of town. I definitely wasn't in the right tribe to hang with the crazies.

    Happy to talk about it more if you have other questions.
    Yep I worked in a somewhat small race for a career Yes Man who got creamed by the batshit crazy underdog (sound familiar?). What do you want to know?
    Easy with the foreplay, love. We don't want to make Mr./Mrs. Cheese suspicious.
    I think I love you. By the way, did you know what a tiger with down syndrome looks like? Here you go!
    I didn't want to assume. Especially since Madonna is like 18,000 years old at this point, or something. Maybe that's the problem. She has neglected her hands in her anti-aging regime. You should write her.
    I've decided that the lady in your signature's finger is freakishly short. She should have at least 8% more finger.
    Sounds intriguing. I guess it's the kind of stuff that needs a massive effort of a book for proper transmission. I have all sorts of hypotheses, of varying quality and intensity. What i'd like to know for a start is whether you believe that your observation suggests a developmental hierarchy rather than a complementary pool of variations within a population. And if not - how is it to be explained?

    It's morphing, but smoothly. There have been no further major shifts, but each day is a lesson. Right now i'm amazed by the ever-increasing darkness and almost palpable profundity of thoughts. And exploring the faith aspect further, along with some more mundane emotional hygiene considerations which too are practically novel to me.
    I think there are far worse junk culprits around here, including myself.

    That's good.

    Well, when you said it was RL buddies (somehow the FB group connotations steered me in another direction) i saw that it was indeed kind of strange of them to be so formal. It's almost as if the depression weakens their integrity and communicative ability or something? They seek salvation in tightly identifying with the cliché of depression. That's how i read it...
    It was a bit of a different time around here, too, 4-5 years back, if I recall correctly...

    A forum's community and atmosphere tend to ebb and flow.
    I had an account here maybe like 4, 5 years ago, but barely posted at all and have absolutely zero recollection of what my username was, lol. I haven't been here in a long, long time so it's pretty much like being new... in a familiar place. :p I've noticed quite a few people, too, who I know from elsewhere, like Fukyo, so that makes it less unfamiliar, too.

    Considering the forum I've spent the most time at is an INFJ forum, the atmosphere can be a bit different, lol. However, I'm open-minded and value variety, so I enjoy it. I've been browsing around, but it's a wee bit of time to make up for, to say the least.

    Sometimes I ramble, my apologies.

    Thanks for the welcome. : ]
    it seems that thousands of people must know who I am. i never browsed the archives much before but i remember some things from 2010-11. Pod'lair and Layra. Now that I have finally reached some level of maturity I feel I can better help people now. It seems almost all my posts were not recognized when I was asking for help to improve my ideas. I was very lonely here until recently.
    Oh crap, I think I may be behind on episodes.

    You better not have spoilt anything you cruel malcontent!
    The Red Witch knows how to put humpty dumpty back together, Tim-Tams and all.

    (That's my bet, and I stick with it. But Ollie ain't getting any!)
    CHEESE!!! (gasp) ...oh, it's what you deserve, you foul tim-tam temptress!

    .... i want my tim-tams. :(
    Well if you care for the source, the artist is Vitaly Alexius and it's from his webcomic. He specializes in fantastic and apocalyptic elements. You've probably seen some of his work floating around the web before.

    Though I'm curious what you mean by 'stuff like that'
    Nice post to Alice on her relationship dilemma. Sounds similar to what I would have pointed out if I had posted. You strike me as INFJ. Simply a vibe I'm getting.
    Hey Cheese, nice to hear from you. What have you been up to?? :p

    I'd probably phrase it a little differently now, I feel the post gets to some of the core aspects of how I experience it though. I really like the bird of prey image, because like a hunt it's a search after a very specific scent that starts vague and becomes more layered as you go. You could have narrow or broad interests, but it's only really deeply 'engaged' when you're on its track and it engages with everything through it.

    I feel the functions are all processes with different optimal conditions, but whether it's a case of all of them working towards 'fulfillment' [epiphany of the self] by different means *shrugs* :p What parallel did you see in Ti?

    I've always felt you had a strong Ne vibe. :D Could still be a well-developed secondary though I guess.
    *waits in anticipation*

    No seriously, no pressure. But you have sparked my curiosity.

    I can probably come up with something after procrastinating over this for some time :D
    I mostly agree. As for people with, "automatic access" I think I understand what you mean. I'm somewhat susceptible to certain combinations of traits that some people just naturally have, and those people can very quickly capture my attention.

    I suppose I choose to give such people access, for whatever reason and yes it does seem like it has to do with the fact that they're long-term compatible as close companions if not necessarily lovers.

    Took me days of procrastinating before I posted in the thread anyway, since I'm reluctant to even get into the concept of discussing love at all. Glad you can relate :p
    4EVER, bro.

    If you haven't made any additional posts, we're even closer now!
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