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  • I don't want to be a pain in your ass. I don't. It's just that ENFJs are really cool people. I love them. You should love yourself for the person you are! In your worldview/pespective you may be an INTP, that's fine. It's just that I have a very objective perspective on MBTI, and I tell you with certainty that you are an ENFJ (In my perspective).

    An ENFJ understands people. That is their power. ENFJs can understand people. That's why I love them so much I think
    I've always tested as an INTP aswell. Besides, your worldview may be off (as anyone's worldview could). MBTI is to biased. You need to understand the phenomenon of Typology to accurately type oneself (detaching yourself from listed personality traits etc).

    Besides, I haven't seen you IRL. I have no 'clue' what type you are. But if it were a bet, I'd bet ENFJ.
    After some contemplation... no. Not that there aren't 'rules', but because you need to forget about the rules right now and chill.

    If you stuff anything up, it's an opportunity to learn by experience rather than obssessing. Only obvious trolls, idiots and spambots get banned without a chance.

    That said, listening and observing can go a long way to paving experience.

    How's that? Bet it drives you nuts :p
    I never get onto our @Proxy with anything harder than fond humour and rolled newspaper.

    You, young sir, need a severe laughing yoga class. :beatyou:
    I hope you can exercise a sense of humour. Proxy says some really douchebag things, but generaly succeeds in embarrassing nobody but himself. He actually isn't hostile, just an INTJ. (You know - an incurable mental condition that makes someone act like an ass?)

    But he's our ass. :o
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