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brain enclosed in flesh

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  • So brain, what MBTI type do you think you are now. I'm just curious because I realized that I am an INFP and want to know how you came to realize you were not an INTP.
    hi! :)

    so you are returning? i have almost left here, pretty much...i spend more time at Personality Cafe, i feel like i don't fit here...

    or are you just suggesting we talk here? (lol, i have only just read your message today, that is how long i have been away without even checking)

    If I could, I'd nominate you for the award of "Best Avatar." The picture of Hemingway contemplating his existence while one of his many cats sips from his cup is pure INTP. Being a fan of both cats and Hemingway, I also apprecitate it on the surface.
    Judging from your posts, I think we can both relate to the challenges of living with MBTI-opposite significant others (my gf is an ESTJ). Keep up the interesting posts.
    Well I have always wanted to be popular and have heaps of friends, maybe it is an over-zealous Fe. And if I can't achieve that in real life, I will see about getting it online dammit!
    hello :)
    holiday good?

    i'm fine, off school - watching lots of movies and doing (school) art (school art = limited, rigid and crushing :(). i'm........content
    oh, and to alert you - FORUM UPGRADE!
    and, another crash - we lost 2 WEEKS of posts, pm's, theads etc
    and brought us all back to the 14th July, so...dammit
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