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Beat Mango
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  • That book's almost inaccessible to me. I think it's kind of hard to read. I like his other works, I think they are pretty important to the history of philosophy. That is, if you can ignore some of the things he says in his aphorisms about religion (ex. Christianity is for ugly people). It's utterly childish.
    Well you'll have to teach us all you learn, then ! Don't leave us in the dark ages with all of our endless questions !
    Life...good? Impossible! LoL. Nothin' new, just tryin to get through life lol.
    Why yes. You wrap your slender hands around the device, and it firms up for hours of enjoyment.
    It's a remote from the development labs at Panasonic. When it's not in use, it's limp, with a soft standby light. When it's touched for use, sensors within the remote cause it to become firm in your hand.

    Ohhh yeah.

    The joke was that I would say I am an INTP with a well developed F function, and ask if you believe it. You would (probably?) say no.

    I would then say I another MBTI type with an F function and would ask if you would believe it, and you would say no.

    Finally, I would say something that would be the punchline of the joke.

    I really liked the old routines that were on the Show Get Smart (where the quote is from), and I thought it would be fun to do it here as well. In fact, I might start up something like that in the Fun thread.

    Sorry it didn't go so well though :(
    [begin joke]

    Maxwell Smart: Because at this very moment, this warehouse is being surrounded by one hundred cops with Doberman pinschers. Would you believe it? A hundred cops with Doberman pinschers.
    Nicholas Dimente: I find that hard to believe.
    Maxwell Smart: Would you believe ten security guards and a bloodhound?
    Nicholas Dimente: I don't think so.
    Maxwell Smart: How about a Boy Scout with rabies?

    What personality type am I you say?

    Would you believe an INTP with a well developed F funciton?
    [end joke]
    Not bad, not bad. I found some time to be able to come on (things are winding down in terms of amount of work that needs doing). I'm just glad to see everyone online: I love the people here.
    Ignore the not as cultured comment. I sometimes forget that I work with a bunch of Marines who are overly focused on drinking and finding girls...their perception of the country is probably extremely different than how I'd interpret it. My bad. Bangkok looks interesting :)
    Ha that's cool. It's definately cheaper, not as cultured, but the scenery should be nice. I'm going to assume you'd be going to a resort? I know quite a few Marines who've gone there and had a blast. I want to go there eventually, but to study Muay Thai more in depth.
    Um... a small bird in swahili. Jokes are strictly forbidden. I'm only telling you because a "quick google search" would reveal it, anyway. It was my late parrot's name :p
    Your former avatar had what seemed to be cooked banana pieces. What are they called? They looked tasty :)
    I enjoy your posts very much also. Your words mean very much to me.

    I think that I should be honest though.

    I sometimes worry that my words give a wrong image of me... I'm very timid in offline world. I don't think I'm especially intelligent either. It's more that I have to fill up my internal world with interest and beauty because it's the only world I have.

    Almost all other people my age find at least some kind of home in social world. I think I'm so introverted (more even than anybody I've met) that I just have more time to read and think things which maybe makes me seem more intelligent than I really am.
    "Come on be honest - are you the Dalai Lama?! "

    heh, you're too kind. I didn't want to reply in the thread because I felt kind of embarrassed. But just to clarify, I'm more of a Taoist than a Buddhist :-)
    What is that most unsavory treat!? What happened to the delicate looking, tropical goodness?
    I don't know. the heads at this forum sent me an email that said you did. but maybe they were just talkin shit. this whole 'friend' thing is so odd to me. part of the reason I don't do facebook. If I talk to someone, I'm talking to them, right, why do they need added confirmation that I'm their friend?
    *pours milk into blender*
    *closes lid*
    *smiles as she hears the bananamango shout and scream in terror*
    *turns switch on*

    -watches with calm and cold satisfaction as everything creams into a whirl of delicious yellow milky foam-



    *cue victory music*
    Euw, why would anyone kiss a Toad like Toad?


    I feel like a bananamango shake tomorrow. Walfin is spot on!

    *goes after BM with chopper and blender*

    (although the blender's a little hard to bring along, what with that plug and all...)
    Get a room? Beware, Luciela might just make milkshake out of you :p.

    Banana Mango shake does taste nice. *salivates*

    I've not heard of anyone eating Toad meat before, but Banana Mango sauce frog legs sounds like a close approximation. Something for me to try someday :D.
    I don't know, if there was physical attraction maybe we could overcome it but I just don't go for Toads...
    I still like u...:(

    I just hate bananas! Can't we overcome this problem and just love eachother?
    uh oh. this function means i can't stalk you anymore, or anyone ! the recent visitors are all recorded!

    i'm sorry, i just got here.
    Sadly it isn't! :(

    I would love to have such a name though. Thank you btw. I like the notion of banana and mango. Sounds really delicious *smacks lips*
    Dude I've got to be honest with you. I HATE bananas. I can't eat it at all. There is this grass jelly drink that is really good, but I accidently bought the one with a hint of banana aroma in it. I puked right away! I can't even look at ur avatar right now :(

    I love mangos though...
    Things are well my friend - I've got a weekend where I actually have things planned for once. My brother thinks it's weird that one of those things involves going to the bookstore/library and reading Schopenhauer
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