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  • lol :p I can't not care...because after a while I immediately start caring again (usually occurs when I get my grades) ;)
    why yes actually, it was a rather boring class so I decided to take things into my own hands and "spice it up" a bit... just got out the hospital x] oh and I blame you ;)

    [well, in reality, i've been overwhelmed with exams...but thats so much more boring than the alternative ^.^]
    Hmm? What was that? I thought you said something. I love cupcakes.They help keep my girlish figure. *nods* You don't mind if I have a few more do you?
    Yes cupcakes. :D
    What sort of tea are you bringing?
    Classic chocolate and vanilla frosting for the tasties?
    The Sting
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    Once upon a time in america
    Catch Me If You Can
    The Basketball Diaries
    You have probably seen most of them?
    "I just enjoy listening to the people talk so randomly and enthusiastically about intellectual topics." Yeah, I know. Kinda surreal. Wish there where more of those people/conversations. Would make it that more interesting to take a night out on town.
    I think there is a movie recommendation thread. The problem with those is that it gets kinda overwhelming with 50+ people giving a list of 10+ movies each. I prefer to get a few movie recommendations from only one or two persons preferably.. that I know have a similar taste like my own. But yeah, that is probably more of a problem with me than with such threads in itself.
    haha, waking life was not an easy watch. I found many ideas presented there highly interesting.. I however felt that the amount of ideas presented, especially considering how deep those subjects are, got quite overwhelming. I had to stop the movie several times to ponder some phrases that really caught my attention.
    Much of the music is by Piazzolla. Lovely. I play some of his music with a local group. Somehow Piazzolla and philosophy always seem to go hand in hand for me.
    impossible x]
    though i'm sure that not many people have the same perception of fun as you and your friends do :]
    I think I'll go try that next time I have the opportunity....:P
    The word "Done" on the bottom of the laptop advert is curiously bold. I'm also on a mac and my font doesn't look nearly as bold or semi bold when it displays the word done.

    Help me...
    There are some other INTP's who've done it, and they came out alright ;)

    I'm still deciding whether I'm doing the minimum 4 or go for the 6 years (instant pay / rank increase for that, less opportunity for signing bonus's but I think having an extra boon to the paycheck outweighs that.)

    My training is nearly two years long though, so yeah. If I do 6, it'd be a 'normal' term more or less, 4 is only 2 years of 'work'.

    What country are you in? I'm in the United States Air Force. There is an age limit to joining though, one can't wait too long :P
    I'd considered it right out of high school, I'm glad I didn't do it then, I don't think I'd of been able to handle it. However, now I've got a much better mind set for it and outlook on life.

    The thing is, yes, the bureaucracy will be annoying and stupid at times, and listening to people less intelligent than myself will be irritating, but the opportunity I'll have is far too much worth it.

    I get to be a cryptologic linguist, I'll learn a foreign language and utilize my skills deciphering foreign language.

    The thing is, as much as I like my choas and lack of structure, when I am in a structured environment, I'm a lot healthier, than if I'm allowed to sit idly the whole time.

    Opportunity and adventure is a massive appeal, being able to move around between bases and swap jobs fairly often while still gaining a larger paycheck and having all my education paid for....

    There's not much downfall, other than listening to rules. Which, we have to do anyway in society.
    i saw your avatar about a month ago.. and it was so familliar that it pissed me off that i couldnt put a name to where i had seen it before..
    then i browsed my satriani collection again.
    congrats on having good taste in music!
    What a bastard! Why would you use an advanced technique in a video called "Learning guitar for beginners"!?

    Thanks BM. I'm actually starting to sound a lot better. I feel I could be the next Lennon.
    Awesome site man. I have another question though.

    In this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En_nBy7PsmM&feature=channel, the dude is playing "House of the Rising Sun". On the notes that are sustained for more than one beat, it sounds like he's playing other notes with it. It sounds really nice, but I can't figure out what other notes they are. You probably know what he's doing. Can you tell me?
    Another question, how long did it take you to play a song? I've been doing this for two weeks now and it still takes me 2 seconds to change chords. I don't feel like I'm improving at all.
    It's just a field of interest - something I read on the side. To be perfectly honest, I learn about a lot of things researching what I want to say when making posts on this forum. Sometimes it takes me over an hour to make a post because I'll search the internet for something I want to say and end up following all kinds of leads, I'll have like 9 browsers open to various subjects etc.
    Thanks to your profile picture I have now seen that I am the 1,000,000th VISITOR and I have won a FREE LAPTOP! I will now proceed to claim it, thank you.
    lol your profile made me freak out. I was like "what? ads on the INTP forum ! Then I thought I had a virus.
    I didn't finish my BA. I got (sorta) kicked out of the school. I have a different BA (literature and linguistics).

    I'm currently contacting schools that will let me in a Masters program without finishing the BA.

    One in Chicago said yes and that I seemed like a decent candidate but it costs loads of money. I have an interview on Monday at a Catholic school to negotiate.

    Why do you ask ? I suck that bad ? Cause I'm really scared about the appointment on monday that I'll look bad and inexperienced.
    nevermind dude, I just had to lift the guitar up a little. Now my wrist is straight. :D
    Nope, no teacher. Just learnin' online like the rest of us poor people.

    One question. Is my left wrist supposed to hurt or am I doing it wrong? My fretting hand is quite bent when I'm playing. Is it supposed to be straight?
    Yea, I'm learning right now. The strumming is kind of hard for me. My fingers seem to be too fat too (Which is weird because I have really thin fingers). A big problem is that I have double jointed fingers and my hand is kind of weak. It's hard to change chords.

    How long have u been playin?
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