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Beat Mango
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  • Well, the usual, really. Haven't been around the forum much, mostly I'm trying to find my way out of the corporate world, looking forward to living with my boyfriend and trying to figure out life, the universe and everything.

    How about, how's the quest for normalcy coming? And the girlfriend?
    The main problem with the MBTI, is not the test itself, but the people who take it. People rely on it too much and are never fully able to discover themselves because they reject everything about themselves that is not compatible with their type.

    I hope everything I said made sense. I tend to ramble.
    Mostly for alcohol and cocaine.

    I do believe in the MBTI. I don't believe in the people who believe in it though lol. The MBTI is just a general framework of your personality. It's a good place to start to understanding yourself. A human being is extremely complex and a test will never ever be able to describe you completely. Besides that, the test is flawed because the outcome is based on how you view yourself and most people have a flawed view of themselves.
    Nothing much. Just going to school and working. Things have been going pretty smooth. I went to rehab last year and came out a totally new man.

    How have you been? Still playin' the guitar?
    :) Yeeeey.
    I'll be there from 16th till the 26th, still haven't received the full trip itinerary, but I expect I won't have to do a whole lot over the weekend, it would be lovely to meet you.
    Dudes too, I guess :)
    Ooooh, now that was cheap. Very cheap, you wicked monkey.

    I was merely expressing jealousy at your ability to perform groupwork.
    I wish I didn't hate dong what I'm told, that would be a fun thread.
    Oh well...
    I didn't think it was necessary to admit. I thought everyone knew already :confused:
    Do I need to make a public spectacle out of it?
    Oh child, we both know you secretly love the attention, so shut up and wash behind your ears more often.
    Howdy :)

    Not bored, just been busy, went to Africa for a few days, then came back and had a few amazing days in the real world, so I gues I just kinda forgot to stop by. I still like my INTPness, though.

    Did I miss much around here?

    What's up with you? How's the whole extroverted girlfriend thing working out?
    Mmmmm - cake.

    I never took you or a a clown though. Oh well, live and learn.
    Does this mean you're giving up on that sugar free diet nonsense and joining me for some cake?
    Would saying: "That video must be the dumbest thing I've seen in years" be considered blocking?
    Hey, where were you? I was waiting :(

    We didn't really set a place though, I just kind of figured you'd appear in my head :confused:
    Oh, being beaten to a pulp and spat out - isn't love wonderful :D

    My world is full of wonders and flying people - I have yet to conclude whether they are imagined :)

    just thought I'd stop by and check how are things going. Are worlds colliding yet?

    Heh, who could ever think that a statement like that is negative? People are strange, aren't they?
    But strange is good, the stranger the better, maybe she'll end up convincing you that there's something to this whole outside world thing.

    Let me know if you start feeling like a part of reality or something, that would be quite entertaining
    Glad to hear your excursion was so lucrative, but I'm even more glad to see you back here, in the real world :D
    Well hi, nice to see you again.

    Did you have fun wandering the outer world?

    I suppose this is the only place in the universe where I could be considered popular, makes me feel kind of proud and kind of violated the same time.
    Yes, if by bombshell you mean a reason for a large portion of the universe to have a bloodlust towards you and for me to be entirely devoted to you.

    I wasn't actually making contact!
    Fuck this place has been pissing me off recently. What happened intpforum, I used to love you so...
    "That ain't funny it's just fuckin rude."

    Aww, I’m soo sorry, oh wait, I'm not.
    Harden up mate.
    Your half hearted comment was truly spectacular.

    I can only bow at the brilliance of your mediocrity.


    bleh. I'm too doped up now to be depressed. So.... *Tacklehug*
    loved it loved it loved it!!! Can't wait to go back. Loved the people, found it reassuringly old fashioned in a good way - like the UK in the late 70s before Thatcher and before everything became harsh and corporate. But also had a real 'new' feeling - feeling of potential and possibility. Blue Mountains were like the oldest place on the planet - so profound and I want to see more of the bush/desert. I nearly drowned in the Pacific at Manly lol but managed to keep cool and outswim the undertow.
    I downloaded it from some torrent website. Can't remember which though. There is probably plenty of other poker books out there to download. Just type the name of the book you want, then "torrent" after, and you'll likely find what you'r looking for.
    trust you? after you got me into the hospital with that little game of yours? ;)
    regardless though, thank you :] it means a lot ^.^
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