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  • Hah, I'm happily living in sin now, which means I have a drinking buddy most days :)
    How about you? Any pretty ladies in your life right now?
    Glad things turned out so well. I've not been to the forum for a while now (d'oh), so sorry for the late response.
    I've kind of settled into my new life in the UK - started working and found a favourite cocktail bar - so the essentials are covered. It's quite nice here, I'm glad I came.
    How about you, how are things after being back for a while?
    So, are you happy with your adventure all together?
    Also, what's the plan now?
    Oh yeah, I get that one a lot :D I might start answering with: "Oh you know - between the bear wrestling and ostrich riding, I barely get a moment to myself." People are silly :)
    Yeah, I know what you mean about the budget - I stopped working four months ago and my wallet is starting to look seriously sad right about now :D Oh well, luckily Serbia is the land of cheep booze, so I'll survive :)
    I hope the new trip goes well for you :)
    I was in the Dutch part of Belgium, and the language is way weirder than French :)

    Glad you're feeling better, though. Where to next?

    I'm back in Serbia now, will be here for a while, as I need to wait for the UK border agency to approve my settlement visa, which apparently takes ages :/ Oh well... I get some time to catch up with old friends and get bored out of my mind :/
    Yes, Europe can be neat that way. I'm in Belgium now, and the language is weird as hell :)
    As far as normalcy and belonging go, I'm not sure that you can ever really belong while you're trying to present yourself as something you're really not. Catch 22 at it's best :/
    What did you decide in the end?
    Oh, don't do it! Don't give up now :)
    I hope you're feeling better, though. I'm doing a bit of a trip through Europe now, so I'm in Krakow for a week or so, and will the head off to Belgium.
    I hope things improve for you.
    Hugs and ENFP kisses :)
    Not sure what to think about that, I'm not really sure I know many INFP's, at least not ones I've identified, then again, I'm really not very good at the whole typing thing. As far as I can tell, I rarely click with anyone, regardless of the type :)
    Btw, did you know that some of the guys from here who are into typing claim I'm an ENFP? :eek:
    How's life on the road?
    The blog looks cool, I'll have to give it a read in the next few days :) If you have any photo's you'd like to share, just flick me a PM, that's usually easiest :)

    Hope you're having fun :)
    I say if you like it, stick with it :)
    Send a few photos over as well, I've never been to the Philippines :)
    I may have limited knowledge of your romantic choices, and I may be a wicked old hag, but it seems to me that out of the two girls you told me about one was a kid who just wanted to party, and the other one has a long term relationship already. I may be missing something, but these do not look like girls who are out to share your deep and meaningful side.
    I don't think you're not fit for long term relationships, I think you're just very bad at picking the girls to have them with :D
    On the bright side though, you only need one or two good picks to last you a lifetime, so there's still hope :D
    Niiiice :) I knew the normalcy wouldn't last :)
    Enjoy the fjords, and let me know how the whole thing goes.
    It would be lovely to meet up at some point, I think there are relatively cheap flights from there to London, so if you get bored, or if you've just got time to spare, you could always come and visit us for a couple of days :)
    Wooohhoooooo! Congratulations:)
    I haven't been on the forum for a while, so I imagine you've already decided on the destination by now :) What is it?
    I moved to England, by the way. I'll be staying in Guildford, so if you find yourself anywhere near the London area, give me a shout :)
    Oh yeah, it was ugly. The good part is that I did read through and assimilate a lot of material very quickly that inspired some of my favorite ideas/theories that I am working on today. The bad side is that I was totally agoraphobic...like the real kind. Could not leave my house, abandoned all my friends, was frustrated by the dissonance between wanting to be a social person and not having the bandwidth to do it/preferring to learn but still craving the interaction and validation. I was also extremely depressed (obviously).

    I noticed you said you quit your job. Be careful -- that's what pushed me over the edge into complete isolation. Stock up on the apocalypse food and take advantage of time to learn new things and whatnot but do try and force yourself out of the house from time to time, even if just to go on a walk/run or interact with strangers periodically while out and about.
    Hihi, sounds like a good plan. Let me know when you know more :)
    Knew this would happen sooner or later :D
    Oh, everywhere :D Depends on your budget, and the kind of thing you want to do really.
    Some of my favorite cities are Krakow, Dubrovnik, Istanbul, Bath, Prague and Budapest.
    Barcelona , Paris and Venice are awesome if you go around February when there aren't that many people around.
    I knew you'd come around eventually :D
    If you end up in England at an point, be sure to let me know :)
    Still in Serbia, Friday will be my last day of work - yeeeeey! I'm moving to England in about a month.
    The career break sounds awesome. Any plans on what you may do during the time?
    I'm sorry I assumed you posted that to me because what I said was mean or something I wasn't too sure.

    Prost salute cheers my good man.
    ehh, you ever going to tell me why you posted that?

    I can't tell if you're above the concept of accountability due to your status and seniority, or if you internalized the meaning of the "be nice or leave" signs that are posted in your culture.

    Either way, telling somebody to fuck off with no explanation is usually grounds for one to commence confrontational efforts.
    Ya makin' funny of my valley girl tone that seeps into my typing? :beatyou:

    I am still exploring. I've had a lot of gigs where I worked with programmers but had never been confident enough to pick it up myself. When I wrote a few papers on object oriented programming andinformational realism toward the end of my philosophy degree I decided I wanted to actually learn. But yes, money would be nice. :D Regardless I am enjoying learning programming because it calms me down...solving problems is like picking at my skin. Little hits of dopamine.

    What do you do for work now?
    Most of my programmer friends who don't have CS degrees but make good money are Ruby or Javascript developers.

    Another friend in security said that entry-level computer forensics jobs make about 90K/year. He recommended this site.
    Zelle's book on Python is a good intro. The codecademy.com modules are a decent introduction and easy to use because they're interactive and you can play around with them almost like a boredom-killing mind puzzle. But if you have no background I recommend the Zelle book.

    Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science: John M. Zelle: 9781887902991: Amazon.com: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41niY3n8seL.@@AMEPARAM@@41niY3n8seL

    I've heard good things about this but not done it: http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/
    He has a course on C++ I was plodding through slowly but stopped to focus on applying Python to projects. One thing at a time.

    I'm still a n00b...working on making databases now in collaboration with one other person who is a bit more experienced than me.
    re: benzos/depression club thread

    My response was addressed to you (your response to Brontosaurie) but concerning Brontosaurie's suggestion that you tell your doctor you cannot/won't live without the meds (essentially threatening suicide). My intention was to express how poor of a strategy I thought this was.

    So yeah -- did not say that I believe you are suicidal; was trying to express empathy because I think it is ridiculous that they won't refill your script when you are clearly a responsible patient/not an addict/not suicidal and so many who seek these 'scripts actually are irresponsible with them.
    I've gotten into trouble my whole life for not responding right to small talk or having the wrong "tone" of voice even if I'm saying the "right" thing (flat, unenthusiastic). A part of my Fe strategy (preceding the crash) was to go all out in the opposite way, be really bubbly and hyper. It really is unsustainable though! I can emulate ENFxs all day but that doesn't mean I am not totally drained in doing so.

    My new strategy is to save the Fe for survival/day-to-day life and try to socialize with Ti and Ni people and events. Less groups, more one-on-one hangouts and collaborations that energize me. The time preceding the crashouts is always when I am spending lots of time in groups.
    Maybe trying to crack it is the problem. x__x
    Sometimes it seems that way. Oh, INTParadoxes...
    Yup, very friendly :)
    D'oh! Now all of the Internet will know his name, now all the perverts will be using his name in their sick fantasies. Oh well.
    Looks like we're moving to England for the 2nd year anniversary :D I'm quite excited, it should be great fun.
    From close observation of me and my friends who all seem to have giant p-nesses I think I've concluded that most of us think about moving/changing something for years, do nothing for years, and then everything happens in a couple of weeks, and your life changes beyond recognition :D
    Also, I suggest you start a band of software engineers who read books on stage :)
    Sorry, I forgot about the INTPf for a little while, damn my INTP-ish absentmindedness :D

    You did seem pretty friendly to me, I have to say :)
    As for me opening up, might have something to do with living with Steve for almost 2 years now, maybe I'm getting used to having people around :)
    What's new with you?
    Things are good.
    I've been accused of being an ENFP a while ago, and just yesterday a drunken friend told me I've been so much more open and approachable lately - what's up with that? :confused: So I suppose you could say that my INTPness is just trying to stay alive :kodama1:

    How about you? How's your P-ness doing? :rolleyes:
    Go alcoholic it is then :D
    I hope you manage to work something out, though. Your plan to move to Europe had potential, we have beer here too :)
    I hope you're feeling a bit better now.
    Do you have any plans for the future? Go normal or go mad? Or try to find a middle road?
    :) Come over and we'll feed you more beer and more cocktails :)
    Breakdown seems lovely, and experimenting with drugs is always good fun. Well... while you're doing it anyway.
    So, give me more details. How far has your break up taken you?
    Yay! Congratulations! :) What happened? What did you do?
    I am well. Still working from home. Barely working, to tell you the truth, since being at home prompted me to organize my work so well that 90% of it is now automated :) Hehe. Life is good.
    This is most unfortunate. How's your campaign of turning into Johhny Bravo going?
    Not particularly, no. Maybe if you decorate them with cute kittens or something :cat:
    There you go again with the "normal" thing *shakes head disapprovingly*
    Will you ever learn, child?
    I guess I deserved that :p.
    I normally spend a lot of time outside, walking or having coffee, seeing my friends or just generally being out. I read books, watch movies, and travel when ever I can afford it.
    Living with my boyfriend is working out tremendously well, so I'm afraid I might have to skip the whisking, as tempting as it seems.
    The job is still the same, except that I do it from home, which makes it a lot more bearable, but I still hate it from the bottom of my soul.
    How about you? Still in the government something-something?
    Your housemate seems.... charming. Any way you can poison him?
    Yeah, I haven't logged on much lately either.
    That was a very nice question, dear :)
    My life these days mostly consists of doing the stuff I normally do, while trying to organize a way to quit my boring, annoying job.
    And yours?
    I'm still in Serbia, and no, not married :D
    London may be a good option, but just thinking about it won't get you far. Move your arse, boy :)
    Paris may be more fun, precisely because of the language barrier, though it may be hard to support yourself in country whose language you don't speak.
    I agree - what's past is past, no point in trying to get back to what's gone/
    If you can pull it off, I think Europe would probably be a really good option, at least for a while.

    Do you have any concrete plans on how you would support yourself, or what you would do here, or is it just a general desire to get as far away from your current life as possible?
    Yup, I still do.
    And: "Told you so"
    What exactly happened?
    Also, are you still on your holy quest for grown-up normalcy?
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