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Bad Itch
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  • you are always welcome back!

    You're one of the few people who just pretty much immediately cracks me up with your posts. I never quite know what to expect.

    What's the animator's name who you swiped your avatar from again? I was looking for the clips and now cannot find them.
    After some deliberation and introspection and some balm, I think it's safe to say that there is no Good Itch in the end; Moderate Itch at best but even that is probably stretching it. Who likes CANDY?!
    hey Mister :)
    Just wanted to tell you thank you for your last posts. It's good to be able to share the tough moments with others. I think it helps me a lot to see things clearer to share my story with you. Now I will just move on and go to US. NY is waiting for me :). All the best ! Sandra alias Papillonne
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