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Recent content by B00Bz

  1. Why did you pick your name?

    Because I am uncreative and female
  2. Is trying drugs worth it

    If you are mentally stable and have good self-control yes, if not then no.
  3. Moved: Attractiveness ratting system effects on self-esteem

    Re: Attractiveness ratting system effects on self-esteem This.
  4. Obsessive Interests...List Yours!

    Food Politics Science
  5. Do you have, or have you ever had, a phobia?

  6. Do you ever get tired of being an NT

    Being an NT is an advantage in a lot of ways, NTs have superior reasoning abilities and are usually deeper thinkers than everyone else, but sometimes I get tired of it. Sometimes I just want to be a feeler, I want to be able to relate to everyone else instead of pretending to (even if I do a...
  7. I wonder if this should be in psychology, it's about memories so why not?

    I used to think I was a sensor because my memory of events is basically perfect on all senses and it's not quite there for written information but then I realized it was because I was extroverted and had add. I remember something from when I was less than a year old...obviously not perfectly...
  8. I'm streaming documentaries

    Awesome, love it if anything catches my interest I will tell you! Documentaries are my preferred form of entertainment.
  9. What is your excuse for not being vegan?

    I like food way to much for that. Also my trainer doesn't think that's a good idea at all.
  10. wtf hobbies u have?

    Drinking, rock climbing, thinking about politics.
  11. Any asexuals here?

    I am, but I am not aromantic, which sucks
  12. Critic or Promoter?

    This. However I think the critic is needed less often and being overly critical is more detrimental than promoting something that is not perfect overall.
  13. Narcissism

    I scored 8. Exhibitionist and exploitative were medium everything else was low
  14. Dumb INTP

    Ditto. This was my first thought when I read this thread.
  15. Typing by facial features

    Damn I wish this test would work.
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