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  1. awolfnamedfox

    INTP shit you did as a child

    This is going to be totally scatterbrained and in no real order. When I was about six, I figured out the whole Santa Clause thing. I was looking out my parents' car window, watching snow fall, thinking to myself that if new years in China isn't on the same day as it is here, how could Santa make...
  2. awolfnamedfox

    Why did you pick your name?

    This should be fun. It all started when I was 17/18. Please don't think I am insane. I was part of a group that had... well, we more or less considered ourselves a wolf pack. We had this theory that "lycanthropy" was a mental state that anyone could be affected by. It was a mental...
  3. awolfnamedfox

    Can anyone type a few characters for me?

    I have a list. I have been stuck on these ones and I would love to hear what some others have to say about them. Sam from Moon Dib from Invader Zim Ash from Fantastic Mr Fox (and frankly, all the other characters) Any/all of the Teen Titans from the tv show Martian Manhunter Aquaman...
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