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  • Ah, I thought that's what made it great, the low-fi sound.

    The Challengers' version is clearer.
    [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuA-fqKCiAE"]The Tornados - Telstar - YouTube[/nomedia]

    I've seen the Human Centipedes, and a bunch of Miike and Park films before (not Oldboy, though: Joint Security Area and I'm a Cyborg, but it's ok - they're not horror, but it's ok (bad pun)).

    I've been in my hometown the last week and my folks have a bad internet connection so downloading hasn't been possible. The University I'm a student at has it's own extreme French films collection, though, so maybe I'll view some soon. (:

    I watched Ichi the Killer in the library once; man, that was awkward, "don't mind me guys" :P
    Hey again. Just want you to know (Hate that line "Just want you to know" Sounds so cheesy no matter which context, haha.) that I will reply to your PM. I've just been to lazy lately.
    No particular reason, which is quite odd actually. I do very much go into semantics myself.

    I guess (there we go again!) that It's just the way I speak. You know, casual.
    Like you, I'm unsure if you've recieve my PM's. I guess I'll know when you reply... Or not, reply.
    highlighting the lower part of an image is usually symbolizing the unconscious (the source of consciousness) or evoking it. it's usually done by placing the horizon high in the frame. but color vs blachnwhite seems to have the same effect on me. looking at it a bit more, i see it as life (grass) and death (sky), but then death turns into time - or forgetfulness/loss (grey moving clouds) and live into presence. the hills seem to breath organically, one association was that i am looking at an animals bodyhair. the earth is seen not only as a bunch of living stuff, but as a singular living entity.
    don't know about genres.
    "music where they put beautiful women into the video"?
    like your profile pic...
    I got your message on bnet, but I was asleep all day keeping my 'puter on for music :(

    I'm trying to add you but can't figure out how to do it without having actually played you or knowing your character code.
    yep, after learning zerg I can just pick up protoss and play reasonably competitively at a diamond level in 4v4s by just using coli and blink stalkers. I'll talk to you the next time I see you on.
    Im really into him as a musician. It is like he poured himself into his music, and it came out in the form of guitar melodies. To me he symbolizes freedom.
    Hey, I've really been into Jimi lately; his songs are really speaking to my consciousness.

    Are you really into him? The band? Or just his "image"?
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