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  1. Aviator8

    INTP and lying

    I had some things with family that lead to this but I have been lying since before I can remember and stealing things (that one is only since my mom starved me into submission where I started stealing food) anyways I lie and steal so naturally now that it would usually be nearly impossible for...
  2. Aviator8

    So I'm getting a job and leaving

    in other words you can change your free time to become enjoyable, but you cant change how your employer runs his business for your own preference.
  3. Aviator8

    So I'm getting a job and leaving

    well I think the Croatia one sounds better because the job is something you wold enjoy and as far as things to do while there might not seem like enough Intps can be famous for not needing to go out and do things-and on top of that you can always do random things like build a fusor in your...
  4. Aviator8

    So I'm getting a job and leaving

    how much choice do you really have in this-since you aren't sure about the Croatia one?
  5. Aviator8

    Human Chop Shop

    there are over 7 billion donor candidates...just make your selections....
  6. Aviator8

    Hiding behind hair

    Well I don’t have control and I’m willing to take the risk of letting the underlying situation worsen for the general background social appeasement. Headphones don’t work often because people force me to take them off (or reach over and take them off) but mostly I was looking for a way to hide...
  7. Aviator8

    Hiding behind hair

    Neither of those work for me...I’m not necessarily looking for hair solutions just really a way to hide my face. My hair and appearance is mostly controlled by other people.
  8. Aviator8

    Hiding behind hair

    Ok so I have often wanted be be a girl so I could hide behind my hair as a physical manifestation that I am shy/introverted and so that people walking up to me know this and don’t push me to talk to them. But how do I do this as a guy-obviously I can’t grow my hair out or I wouldn’t be...
  9. Aviator8


    On what grounds? Also if you create it and invite us you need to have the invite included in the post so we can actually join.
  10. Aviator8

    Does smoking help with stress and anxiety?

    Not when the people around you are anti smokers...other than that, vape, its way better, and yes it does until you build a resistance to it and need more to get the same hit. then you back off so you don't blow your money trying to get a hit again, and you keep the cycle sustained that way...
  11. Aviator8

    What 'hurts' you?

    Being a consumer, a functional member of society, another person molding themselves to its vision in order to succeed. It *does* hurt. And it feels sick. But what hurts more is to realize that you've just wasted your quiet voice trying to fit in, and now, not only did no one hear you, but...
  12. Aviator8

    What does it take to wake you up

    I don't have this problem...(not only because I sleep only once a week but because) I wake up suddenly. My eyes come open, and I sit up (then regret doing it*also regret sleeping[but if I don't sleep I hallucinate, and that's not desireable at ALL]*). If only I didn't need any sleep... (If you...
  13. Aviator8

    The origin of common sense

    In computer science, common sense is what computers DON"T have, that is, the ability to fill in the blanks. Computers can be programed to figure out what you mean, but when I say they don't have common sense, it means they don't infer. They cannot know a stick can push but not pull, and a rope...
  14. Aviator8

    Are INTPs less likely to derive joy from music?

    Ms-40 Ee-28 Mr-24 Sm-25 S-20 Reward-18 What's the point...I actually like music greatly, maybe because I have no measurable reward.
  15. Aviator8

    You know you're an Intp when...

    2232. It took you >2000 iterations to realize that not only could you have used bullet points, but you could change the forum format to allow you to copy past without changing every text formatting setting for the pasted text. I'm still too lazy however...
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