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  • I want to read/reply on your Anima thread sooo bad but I'm bogged down in a mountain of procrastinated work and despondency...
    I don't really understand what not having understanding of and reverence for one's internal emotions would look like, but I would concede to you for now.

    Your seeming fixation with anima is interesting.
    Did you... did you really...
    Just become hypocrite prime and public enemy number one, two, and three!?
    Thanks again Auburn. The information you have given me explains a lot of the suspicions I had of my type. I also identify with this more "serious" search for truth vs INTPs' playful whimsicality, which probably explains why I feel like an outsider looking in on this forum nowadays. People don't seem to have a drive to determine whether they are actually INTP. In fact, you all seem more concerned with things outside of typology.
    So...somehow, I reasoned myself into making a video. Would you be interested in telling me what you think my type is?

    Could I share the link with you through dropbox? If so, then I would need you to PM me an email address.
    No worries. I have alot on too - seems I finally have a contract on my land and we have so much preparation for moving also.

    But! When the mood strikes me I'll keep working away at that project - thanks for your help.
    Thank you, this is all very interesting to me -- although, I wonder if me saying that I am "open to the possibility" of being Si-dom invalidates your conclusion :D

    Joking aside, I think Si is the function I have the poorest understanding of. It also doesn't help that most profiles of Si users seem to me to be caricatures more than anything else. Inferior Ne could explain some of my grip experiences though... You've given me a lot to reflect on.

    I would also agree with your tentative conclusion of TeFi judging axis.

    "There seem to be a lot more SiTe on this forum than people think. o.o"

    We are legion :cthulhu:
    Not to be a nag, but I hope you aren't planning on leaving me hanging with just the diagnosis of a "hardcore case of Si" :p

    There's another video up if that helps.
    Mrew mrehhh. >_<
    It was one of those ones were I typed it all out day one, my mobile browser chewed it up and I rage quit. ;-;
    I will reply soon!

    I agree.

    I have a lot on my plate right and I've had a rough year. Somehow recently though I've felt lighter. I think hard times sit heavy on my brow. ;) Today not so much.
    I have a video up and am interested in hearing your thoughts on what I would type as according to your system.
    Yurp. It's compounded by the fact that I started shooting a silly little puppetry-esque thing were I give toys bizarre voices and it has also awakened an acknowledgement of how tough camera work is. Things that seem to just happen in a film actually take a lotta thought to make work on a small scale. D:

    Indeed, but I can learn both methods at least and apply them to tougher animation bits while trying to maintain my current 'style'.

    Murrr Ghibli. <3

    I shall attempt the above and get back to you. XD
    lol, you'd be surprised how many Movies use the same tricks. D= it is a little disenchanting to get *behind the scenes* of it all. nowadays i can notice their tricks and it distracts from the movie's fun.

    err, but ya, i totally get the thing about lacking the detail of hand drawing. still getting used to that part myself. the sterile method comes with advantages (speed/control) but disadvantages.

    Some studios such as Studio Ghibli still do it the old fashioned way due to the nuance it preserves. But you gotta have hardcore artists to make it work seamlessly from frame to frame!
    Though judging from my extensive youtube studies, most animators are terribly lazy, and this is only noticeable to other animators and thus totally fine. For example quite a few popular animators mirror faces, flip images in a single frame to denote turning, depict movement through dreaded speed lines, etc. So perhaps I am being a little too concerned with my first work. XD
    But yerss yerss, it is rather a lot of work with photoshop when you have to do every little thing from scratch, particularly when recolouring or accidentally erasing a beloved corner and not noticing until it's too late. XD

    I haven't tried turning and such much yet, only on a single plane/perspective, which is fine because skull kid does tend to shake his head in an owl like fashion. Thus I would like a slightly more reliable way of attempting it.

    It has slightly ruined my perception of everything though... I just see everything as frames, every little intro and outro, every cartoon and cgi, every film and sometimes even the odd scene from reality.
    Mrhrm. Though I suppose I'm not really that great an artist so the quality might not be so great... I don't actually have access to illustrator or after affects but as they say 'The net is vast and infinite' so I suppose I could 'acquire' them soon. *Cough*

    That does sound nice, however I would be concerned about how the end result, since I'm about average on paper and even less purdy on pc. I take it that it'd be more trouble that it's worth to try and import an image to illustrator then try to define edges?

    When it comes from paper it has a nice textured look to it, whereas when I try to paint anything that isn't a background from scratch it tends to seem a little too... stark and less subtly shaded?
    Not sure what you might call it, I didn't follow a tutorial or read up it on. XD
    All I know is it looks kinda purdy but has taken a week to produce about ten seconds of footage. Albeit the most detailed and recurring footage in the animation. :P

    I guess it might be considered 'traditional'
    but a watered down version I imagine.
    And it's about Majoras mask and not at all serious. XD

    So yes, any advice, warnings or trepidations are welcome!
    Well essentially I started letsplaying with a few friends and uploading the results.
    This meant I got semi-proficient with photoshop (for thumbnails) and adobe premiere (for editing footage) and wondered about what I could do with that power.

    Originally I tried using a friends very expensive drawing tablet, but found it rather difficult. Everything was jaggy. Likewise I find anything I draw with a mouse icky. ;-;
    I eventually settled for drawing a quite detailed version on paper, photographing the image then colouring it in photoshop.
    For animation I either manipulate the image gradually by layers and export it to adobe frame by frame, or cut out blank sheets of paper and draw different details on them to cover up and photograph the original (as I did for a blinking animation).
    *Dangles a biscuit on a string*

    Lor said you did animation and wot I should bribe you for tips since I've started my first animation. ^_^
    I have a 3ds! :D
    I got it when Lor was over. :3 You should friend me. Friend me soooo hard. (Tea Gardener)
    No pokemons yet tho.>>

    But you didn't pay me any loveeee. :((((((
    You fancy fucker :D
    I'm just using Blender because it's free, was the investment worth it?

    Moreover what are you modelling?
    Awesome sites there, fractal one especially...

    (in lieu of a pm, which will come after my thoughts are sorted!)
    interesting ye are...

    Only interesting thing I can say about myself is that I've read (most) of his works thus far

    i look forward to reading such a book
    Happy new year to you too! The real one, the Chinese lunar new year. Thank dog the old one is gone....

    I expect you to have done great things by now. *glances at watch*
    You mean the one that begins with "It may be that a non-anthropomorphized ..."? I've lost track which is the last post. Do you have the minute time so I know which one to remove?
    Yeah yeah - both potato starch drenched in fat. A primary food group. Why split hairs? These silly cultures that need extra classifications :p
    I'll have remember what I wrote. I often look back at my posts and think, "Did I really write that?"
    From your wiki "Love conquers all! <3". No, it doesn't. For example, love can't cure Alzheimers or rape trauma: the former is a terminal illness, and the latter needs psychotherapy.

    Do you know what functions are associated with talking to yourself? I have a hunch it's Ne but Te could be it.
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